• I adopted Lillie from a large shelter in Long Island, NY - North Shore Animal League. I just went on their website to check out the doggies waiting to be adopted. Lo and behold, I came across "Kiwi". If you get a chance, check out their website, www.nsalamerica.org. Am I going crazy…isn't Kiwi a basenji? She is listed as a "cattle dog". Never even heard of that breed.
    What do you think? Kiwi actually looks like my Lillie (if she had more white on her face).

  • looks like basenji or mix to me.. i wish they had more pictures..

  • yes she does. I wish I knew for sre since we thinking of adopting another basenji. R u looking for another B to adopt i not I'll looking into her.

  • I think Kiwi looks like a basenji or at least a mix from the picture that they have posted. It is always hard to tell from one picture especially when the body isn't included.

    Here is a link to a cattle dog site, Kiwi doesn't resemble them.


  • Looks like a B to me but i think more of a B mix he looks like he has corse hair Maybe be has the size of a cattledog body and a basenji head 🙂

    My Aspen is a cattledog/ terrier mix he has the body of a cattledog {the colors} and the height and face of a terrier heres a pic so u can see the colors of the cattledog well one color anyways 😃 😃


  • Phoenix-Aspen is adorable! I had never heard of a cattle dog! I would love to get another basenji, not sure my husband would like that idea. I'm afraid to go back to North Shore Animal League because there is no way I can go there and not leave with another dog! I am curious about Kiwi. Luzmery-if you go and see Kiwi…update me. When I rescued Lillie she had only been at North Shore for 1 day. They did tell me she was a basenji. Never heard of that breed either. They showed me a book with different breeds so I can somewhat understand what I was getting into! Ha, Ha! Anyway, my heart melted when I saw Kiwi. I will continue to work on my husband, although it looks doubtful!

  • Luzmery-
    I couldn't take it, so I just called North Shore. Unfortunately they don't have a listing for all the reps of the dogs still there. The rep was unable to tell me what breed Kiwi is and if she has been adopted. I'm not sure when I can get to Long Island as I live on the "other island"-Staten Island. If you go, please, please let me know what happens.

  • I'll be honest with you, I don't think I'm strong enough to go to a shelter and leave without a dog. I will e-mail them and see if I get a responds. I don't understand how noone is able to give you any info.

  • I also e-mailed the shelter with my opinion that this was a basenji or basenji mix.

  • Geez this is one place I could never go - I would have a hard time leaving any behind - did you scroll down to see Tucker the 'labrador' - look at that face - doesn't look very labish to me.

    Without seeing the rest of the body I would wonder if Kiwi was part rat terrier if not basenji -

  • I thought Tucker looked rather like a "B"mix too….

  • I'm debating whether or not to go and check this cutie out. I know for sure I'm going to start crying. Just thinking and seeing the pics of these dogs and knowing their time is limited and that I can save a life. I'm depressing myself just by thinking it. I don't think I can go and see it.

  • I also thought that Tucker looked alittle like a basenji, especially the wrinkles.
    Since North Shore is a no-kill shelter, I am confident these "cuties" will be adopted. I only wish that I could adopt them! I know how hard it is to go and not leave with another dog. That is the reason why I am so hesitant to go there. Hey Luzmery–if you go, let me know - maybe I'll meet you there and we can cry together!:D

  • Definitely looks more like a Basenji than a cattle dog-cattle dogs have distinctive bodies. Very stocky and heavy boned. My Calli is part "cattle dog" or for want of a better description Australian Blue Heeler. Heeler's also have colour patterns that are not like Kiwi.

    Mind you-a lot of the dogs listed on their site don't look like the description they have provided. Tucker does look like at least part B also.

  • I received a call back and well they are not even located on site so the info they gave me is the same info on the computer..great help. I probably won't be able to get out there until the end of this month. We'll see. I'll keep you all posted

  • kiwi could be a basenji or a rat terrier, it is hard to tell without other pics and weights. she is a cutie though!!

  • IDK, but i saw tucker on there and he looks like a B mix as well…

  • O.k went to the shelter but did not see either kiwi or tucker. Maybe they are at the other shelter next town over (same name..north shore) but they close at 4:30. I'm going to send an email and find out where exactly and if they are still up for adoption. Anyway I hated going inside. I started crying and wanted just to run out. I'm not exaggerating. See the thing is that one of the patients that comes to my office told me that she used to work at a "no kill shelter" but what that means is no killing is done on site, they transfer them somewhere else. So just looking at those poor dogs, knowing they might not get adopted and I couldn't bring them home broke my heart.

  • Luzmery- I'm sorry! I didn't realize when I started this post that it would become a situation where you would become upset. Am I just naive? Or do I just want to believe that a "no kill" shelter, really means that. Transferring them to another shelter to do "whatever" is not the same as a "no kill" shelter. I so want to believe that this patient got the facts wrong. I don't know why I even bother looking at this website as it breaks my heart to see all these dogs waiting for homes. Again, I am so sorry if I upset you. 😞

  • No please Jodie you did not upset me. I am on basically a daily basis looking through pics of dogs in shelters. I didn't mean to make you feel bad. We went looking in hopes that she was a basenji and we could bring her home. I do wish the patient was wrong but that's the way it is. When we fond our Champ he was on the list to be put down and thanks to his foster mom, well you know the rest. We now have him. It's just so heart breaking not to be able to bring all those sweet dogs home. On the way home we just tried to think of Champ and how lucky we all were we found him. It's life what are you going to do….just makes you appreciate the luck that some dogs have had to be adopted.

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