• My neighbor gave me her dog, we love her she is great I am all about trying to find out what my dogs are. My fiancé’s mom said oh wow she looks like a basenji mix. She was sold as a shepherd hound mix, which she is not a shepherd, she is not large. She is almost a year old. Has big ears, the tail is not fully curled it does however have a u shape. I am going to at some point purchase the wisdom panel. But what do you guys think?


  • Could be. Would like to see a side shot standing. How tall and what does she weigh? Also, what are her habits like? Does she bark or is she mostly silent? Does she clean herself like a cat? Many clues that might give you a better idea.

  • @caaaitlinann
    She is ADORABLE - a real cutie! As @eeeefarm stated some more information might give some more clues. There was recently a post “Marvin...Basenji”? - many of us thought he was definitely part basenji - when the DNA results came back - 0% basenji. So you never know!

  • 4_1619207135929_89FE69BA-3F22-43BC-8AD5-946E7782F032.jpeg 3_1619207135929_42DD2E72-CB74-48D3-9F0D-071DA9EFB2FE.jpeg 2_1619207135929_816EB0CF-E0AF-4BF3-90EE-668CB7D4CEF4.jpeg 1_1619207135928_E68810C2-3AC0-41D5-8647-5C57E5C70C13.jpeg 0_1619207135928_AA66D12C-BC82-4F4B-8664-457CE6D68B93.jpeg

    Here are a few side profiles she is not big, I will have to get a weight on her she has a vet apt with my vet in 2 weeks. But I will post before then when I get around to it! (:

  • Also she is quiet I have only heard her bark once in a month because we were walking and someone startled her. Also yes grooms herself like a cat.

  • DNA testing is the only way to know for sure. She favors my Roxy the Fauxsenji. 0_1619214289232_73dd070b-0078-4f8c-a06f-89484e612054-image.png

    The most important thing is she is yours and she is loved.

  • Looks like my dog except the color. My dog was around 30lb and now she is 20month old and about 37lb

  • Body looks a bit long, behaviour sounds promising. It would be interesting to see DNA results.

  • Yes I agree ! I am def going to do it !

  • @mrscastro
    Roxy is a KEEPER ! 😍❤️🥰🐾 ( love the “faux-senji moniker” ). Lol 😆

  • Coloring looks just like mine (not sure what he is, but 1_1619266978199_IMG_20210412_114826543.jpg 0_1619266978197_IMG_20210412_114545586.jpg has most of the behavior traits of a Basenji though)!

  • If you have a dog that is not a pure basenji, do not use the basenji word to describe it.

  • @kris
    He is so SWEET 🥰! What is his name?🐾❤

  • My guess (and it is just a guess) is possibly part Basenji (because of the overall body structure) and part Chihuahua (because of the toes, head, and ears).

  • @caaaitlinann Cool looking pup whatever she turns out to be!

    @MrsCastro Fauxsenji... AWESOME! 👊 🤣 👍

    @kris Another cutie!

    @senjisilly had mentioned in another thread...

    If you decide on a DNA test use Embark instead of Wisdom. I think Embark's breed data base is supposed to be more accurate. There is a Reddit group where people post DNA results on their dogs. Sometimes the results are hilarious. Occasionally someone will get results from both Embark and Wisdom with wildly different breeds listed. You can search by breed within the group, r/DoggyDNA.

    I thought that was useful info! 😉 👍

  • @kembe Thank you! His name is Ziggy. Love your bathing beauty ♥ 🛥 ❤

  • @jengosmonkey Thank you 🌸

  • She's lovely, but personally I don't see any Basenji in her, the head and ears suggest more a Pharaoh Hound but even that is slight. There is definitely some kind of hound in her structure, tuck and body shape. Love her anyway and don't put too much credence on what Embark tells you !

    I think they are guessing too, to a large extent !

  • @morsesa said in Is she a basenji ?:

    If you have a dog that is not a pure basenji, do not use the basenji word to describe it.

    Why? Basenji is one of the oldest breeds. It is fact that many more modern breeds used Basenji for their many amazing traits.

    Sometimes its wishful thinking, but OH WHAT HOPEFUL THOUGHT. I just lost my last Basenji two days ago. Ms. Bunmi loved and accepted Roxy into our pack. Roxy is a Fauxsenji. I know for sure she isn't Basenji and make no other claim. She barks...but she also chortles and burrs, this learned from the late Chica Bella.

    My friend, you will find some of the top breeders of all time on this list. None that I know would ever condemn a wishful thinker. Kind and respectful guidance is the way ahead for us all. We are not here to slap hands or pinch each other. We are here to share, learn and lovingly guide each other through whatever impacts our beloved Basenji or Basenji-ish family members.

    @caaaitlinann comes here with great hope and an extremely lovely pup. We love them all no matter how much or how little purebred they may be. Let us embrace this family with the support and respect they so deserve.


  • My apologies for typos as I type through tears.

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