• Recently rescued a dog injured along side the highway. She had surgery to repair two broken legs and is doing well. When I got this dog, I had no idea of the breed/mix. I noticed several interesting things about her - she didn't bark (in 3 weeks), had zero odor, looks strikingly like a deer from some angles, has a copper color. I mentioned this to someone and they said that sounds just like a Basenji. I had heard of a Basenji, but knew nothing about them, so I Googled it. This dog does look a lot like a Basenji, however she is bigger (18" at the shoulder, 35 lbs), and her tail doesn't curl much. So, I thought I'd post some pictures and get some expert opinion. The third pic is the best. Could this be a Basenji or Basenji mix?


  • She is very cute, but I don't really see Basenji, but could be a mix… and regardless welcome

  • Maybe a B mix, but definately not a purebred. Thank you for looking after her and getting her all healed up. I think people who hit animals and leave them there have no sympathy. Thank you for taking her in and taking care of her.

  • She's certainly not full blooded Basenji, but she is very likely a mix. But, no matter what her ancestry may be she is a cutie and I thank you for being so kind and taking care of her.

  • I see maybe a LITTLE Basenji…but she is for sure NOT purebred...adorable though! Thanks for rescuing her! She's lucky she has you!! 🙂 Any plans on keeping her??

  • She is so cute!!!!

    I think I see some Ridgeback at the pictures… not so much Basenji but she may have some basenji blood behind her
    Welcome at the forum!

  • That's what it is Ridgeback….I could see a breed in there but I couldn't idenfy it. Looks ridgeback to me too!

  • I would guess she is a podenco mix. Maybe with some stafford blood or something like that.
    Don't think she has either basenji or ridgeback blood.

  • Welcome to the forum - she certainly has some basenji characteristics but in my opinion isn't part Basenji.

    People like you who give homes to such injured dogs are wonderful. Whatever she is she looks very handsome.

  • Thanks for all the replies. Some of you mentioned ridgeback, and my vet thought there could be some too, but she's much smaller than that, so certainly a mix if that's the case. The barklessness, complete lack of odor, coloring, general shape and upright ears made me wonder. I agree though, especially as I've researched more, if there is any Basenji in her, it's mixed with something. Found several pictures of Basenji/shepherd mixes that look a lot like her too, and would account for the larger size, straighter tail, and the slight differences in snout, head and ears. Thinking about doing the DNA thing, even if its not perfect, to see if that sheds any light. The curiosity is killing me. 🙂

  • Are you planning on keeping her?

  • Haven't decided yet. My first intention was to find her a home after I rehab her, but she is starting to grow on me. 🙂

  • Oh my goodness, if she grows into those ears, she will be huge, thank you for saving her.

  • It looks like a Basenji mix to me. the B looks like he is a sweet guy. Thank you for taking care of him he will make a great member of your family from the looks of him.

  • First Basenji's

    Hey sarjasy! There was once a lady who responded to this forum who had basenjis and portuguese podengos. Here is a link just by google. SOOOOO many people on Petfinder etc say Basenji mix, but really if you look closely, the dogs resemble this unknown breed. Check out the long haired small version, could be a Schnauzer mix,,,, http://www.google.com/search?q=podengo+dog&hl=en&client=firefox-a&hs=0Xr&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&prmd=imvns&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=zwm3TpmLOeODsgKb0_XlAw&ved=0CDAQsAQ&biw=1360&bih=604&sei=%201gm3TujmK5GEsgKRr_mCBA

  • I just have to say I LOVE her ears! LOL!

    As the others have said, definitely not a full Basenji; possibly a mix. Does she have an underbite at all? I have seen a lot of Boxer mixes with similar heads and often they will inherit the underbite. The ear size is pretty close to an un-cropped Boxer's ears….and once in a blue moon you do find a Boxer whose ears nearly stand up naturally 🙂

    She almost resembles my Chloe, without the thicker coat. We have no idea what mix Chloe is; best guess is Basenji/Cattledog (aka red heeler) but a lot of people see "pit bull" in her. She has a slight underbite which makes me think Boxer is possible as well, but her thicker double coat (much like a shepherd or heeler) is a mystery. She does bark but has a wide range of other vocalizations; she'll chortle and warble to show excitement or happiness more often than she'll bark. Whatever she is I think she's perfect!

  • It looks a great little family, Woofless.

  • Wow, that looks like a B on steroids! I see a lot of B in her and like you said about the cattle dog, could be that too. The underbite might just be a result of the cross of both breeds, not necessarily because of a boxer(or other dogs with a pronounced underbite). A dog's bite can go 'out' anytime before 6mo to a year I believe. She is beautiful and your pack looks happy!

  • @krunzer:

    The underbite might just be a result of the cross of both breeds, not necessarily because of a boxer(or other dogs with a pronounced underbite).

    My second purebred Basenji was undershot, (one of the reasons she was sold as a pet) so it isn't necessarily because of whatever the cross was. She does indeed look like a Basenji, just a really big one! 🙂

  • My Basenji Billy is quite undershot; he's a purebred, his bottom jaw just didn't stop growing when it was supposed to. That's okay, I'm a bit of a sucker for a dog with an underbite anyway.:) He was my first rescue Basenji.

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