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The breed clubs will help you, I'm sure. The three clubs have Facebook pages and why not join them and post your enquiry there. Basenji Club of Great Britain, Basenji Owners and Breeders Association and Northern Basenji Society are the 3 UK clubs.

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I'm afraid that neutering isn't the answer to aggression - I know some assert this but it rarely has the desired effect. Training is the answer and I would advise you to consult a behaviourist who is knowledgeable about Basenjis. I do hope you can find the solution. You don't mention Lincoln's age.

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Welcome to the Forum, Look forward to seeing the lure chasing pics!

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Such a 'happy' story and results. You are very lucky to have had access to Dr Dodman personally and how well it has all worked out. Hugs to you both.

There are so many things that mean more than money!

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Welcome to you and Anubis!!? Great videos!

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Welcome to the forum to you all. It sounds a very interesting family - I hope you'll be able to post pictures.
I can't offer help about Fanconi but there are many here with plenty of helpful advice.

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This is all very interesting and I like CongoMama's suggestion that Johnny could be a brindle!

I'm sure they'll be lovely puppies any way and that you'll get much pleasure from them, Arlene. Congratulations.

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Wonderful video but frustrating to watch as You Tube always keeps stopping and starting on my computer.

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I hope your ankle is better soon so that you can watch Loki swimming again

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In my opinion the picture on the cover is a Basenji and certainly not the chi type shown in the film.

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