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    My beautiful Basenji has just had her 15th birthday. I am currently looking for a puppy can anyone recommend or know of any basenji puppies available in Yorkshire ?

    Thx you

  • Get in touch with Zande, apart from her world wide register of pups, she might have a few names of breeders that you may contact. It would be a good time to start looking as the pups are born around December, and you may like to put your name down. First name down, can get best dressed!

  • @redial is making a really good point. Since the season is over you may be faced with a choice of either waiting for a pup from next winter's births, or... if you are willing (and lucky) an adult that needs a good home. An adult that is no longer in a breeding program, perhaps.

  • Last I heard, the Breed Club secretaries had more people waiting or wanting pups than were available . You could get on a list for a Basenji next winter but I very much doubt you will find one still unsold. Go to the website of the BCGB, or the Northern Basenji Society as you are in the North and you will find email addresses of the secretaries. They will put you in touch with breeders who may be planning a litter for puppies to become ready to leave the nest in about a year's time.
    Its a long wait I know, but you have most probably missed the boat for now.
    You are welcome to post me privately.
    Good luck!

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