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@branch Sometimes they will tremble when they are stressed or excited. Especially as they get older and their senses are not as keen as they were. A thunder shirt might help. If he just does it randomly, then it could be a health problem.

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Be careful that they get all the nutrition they need, I believe you can add vitamins to ensure that. One thing to contemplate is that as they get older, they often need medications. So I find out what they are crazy about and then give it very sparingly, this comes in very useful in later life when you have to get medications down them.

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@zande Lol, I used to do something similar, I would tell her to put her tail up because she is a Royal Basenji lol.

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@rav805 It is important as they age, I take mine every year up to eight years old and every six months after that or as needed. That is what my vet recommends, it may be a bit overzealous but the vet can often spot problems before I can.

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My older girl was around 11 when her tail started getting a bit floppy. She could still curl it but she often had it just hanging down loosely, so I would guess it’s normal. You could certainly have the vet check it on her next checkup.

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@i-babygirl-i Frankly, I have never met a Basenji I didn’t like and I have never seen a picture of a Basenji that I didn’t like lol. They all look so awesome that you just have to admire them. Many good years ahead so enjoy.

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@basenji4me Sounds like you are doing all the right things, don’t rush and you will find good breeders. I have always liked dobermans but once you have a Basenji it’s hard to get away from them lol. You will find breeders on here and people will direct you to other groups no doubt. Fanconi, hips, eyes and thyroid are the main health concerns although there are others.

Good breeders also breed for temperament, pups can be anywhere from mild and easy going to somewhat feral lol. A well bred basenji is well worth waiting for.

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@debradownsouth “Not many basenji puppies hit rescue these days.”

Says a lot about how passionate basenji owners are! It’s a great thing, but bitter sweet when you are looking for one.

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@em4800 I wouldn’t worry about the price,that should not be a concern. The $500 or so that you save at the start is nothing compared to the vet fees if you have a sick dog. There are no guarantees in life but choosing well helps a lot. Also don’t discount an older dog or a pup that is returned, they are in many ways much better than getting a pup, my wife didn’t like the idea of a “used” dog with my third dog, yet he has been the easiest going of the three and had the nicest personality. That’s on top of the fact he came fully house broken, past the teething and chew / destroy everything stage. He was returned to the breeder because he was aggressive lol, he doesn’t have a mean bone in his body lol.

Trust me, after ten or twelve years as your faithful companion, when they get ill you will empty your bank account or run up your credit cards doing whatever is necessary to help them. $10,000 to $15,000 in their last five years is not unusual.

Responsible breeders use good stock and spend a lot of money on health tests and monitoring the pregnancy, at $1000-$1500 per pup they are not making much if anything.

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@antigone From what I have read, Basenjis can get Ebola but they are not affected by it. They are after all superior lol.

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