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Jean Martin in Tully NY is excellent, also look on the Basenji Rescue And Transportation site (B.R.A.T).

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@heidiace Sounds like your son is very smart and a basenji is the perfect match. The saying that in order to own a basenji you need to be at least half as smart as the dog is very true. Which is why people either love them or hate them.

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@yodelma As a rescue advocate you should be very glad that there are so many caring and responsible breeders. My first B came from a pet shop, developed diabetes and had a very hard life health wise. He died of cancer at eleven years. My second and third are from a reputable breeder and the eldest is now eleven with very few health issues. If there were more responsible breeders and owners, the shelters would not be full of suffering animals who are caged.

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Looks Basenji mix to me, a DNA test is a good idea especially as knowing the breeds help look for health problems later.

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Love the first picture, just so...Basenji lol!

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My first B started challenging at 16 months, we neutered him shortly after and it did seem to help a little. However it was only a small part of the solution not the whole solution. The closest thing to a magic solution is the excercise and mental stimulation. Basenjis are one of the most intelligent dogs and need more excercise and stimulation than most. I have generally found males to be much easier to work with and less aggressive than females. Correct discipline, structure, positive reinforcement, patience / stubbornness and enough excercise are the keys. Usually when people have problems with their dogs it is the humans which are the cause, not the dogs.

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I am biased and they all look so awesome to me! Great markings.

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Sounds like he is challenging you and he is about the right age for it. Two important questions, is he neutered? If not that may help. Second who walks him and for how long? He will probably need around 2-3 miles a day with structured walks. Other than that behaviorist yes.

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Yes you can be unlucky with anything, but doing everything you can to ensure a healthy dog should be the top priority.

My girl has had blood work every year just as routine after my firsts problems. She has no symptoms, we just caught it on the yearly two years ago she slightly elevated, last year she was more elevated.

We first started just Nutramax denamarin, three months later it made no difference to her readings.

We switched her to Dr Dobs detox diet and Nutramax denamarin, went back after three months and her levels went up!

So now we have her on regular food, denamarin in the morning, milk thistle in the afternoon and twice daily 1000mg of fish oil.

Due to go back in February and see if that works. If not we will probably have to ultrasound. All her other blood work is normal so that is a good thing.

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I had a male when we introduced a female puppy, they got on well. Then the male passed so we had a six year old female and introduced a nine month old male, they get along well.

My best advice would be to introduce them in summer on a nice day, during a long walk. Start by taking you dog for a mile or two, then have the new dog walk along with you for at least a couple more miles before heading home.

That way they will both be tired and used to walking together on neutral ground.

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