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Best to get all lumps checked out by the vet, they are more qualified than us. Having said that, it’s probably just a lump like this which my dog has had for a couple of years. I asked the vet if they can get rid of it but they said better to leave alone. Fatty lumps are common as they age.

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“At the risk of sounding ignorant (given so many deleted posts) or heartless or both: does Declan exist?”

Yes he does, or at least did and still does as far as I know.

“How come no one asked a BRaT Rep. to weigh in?”

They were alerted and well aware of the situation, plus a rep did weigh in earlier in the thread.

“Has BRaT at least confirmed this fostering placement?”

They give little information, however they were aware of the situation and the persons defamation.

“Given the many "unfortunate" verbal volleys, how could BRat have allowed Declan, if he exists, to remain in this particular foster care for so long?”

You can have the best intentions, people will still abuse them. No doubt they will learn from the situation for future and amend their protocols. Sometimes you have to believe people even when they lie to you, until you know for sure they are a liar.

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@elbrant It’s obvious you just don’t understand art. All that work and artistic talent, yet just no appreciation!

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@newbsnjbby I bathe mine once or twice a year maximum. Oatmeal gentle shampoo, never any problems though.

We do wash paws and underbelly when necessary during the muddy seasons.

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@jerseygirl01 Could be anxiety, they are sensitive dogs. Nylabones are not safe for the dog despite what they advertise. I gave them to my girl who was a voracious chewer and found out years later that she had shattered many of her teeth. She had to have about eight teeth removed over three years.

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Intelligence, if you like intelligence they will not disappoint you.

Loyalty and bonding, they bond very closely to their owners once they get to know and trust them. You have to earn their trust and loyalty, but when you do it is worth that much more because it didn’t come easily.

Humor, they make you laugh if you have the “right” sense of humor. Some might not find it funny but others find them hilarious.

Grace and speed, they are very regal dogs who love to be admired for their majesty. They are really beautiful looking dogs.

If you have a strong but slightly dry /quirky sense of humor, if you enjoy a challenge, if you are intelligent and enjoy puzzles, then you may love the breed.

Many who want a dog look for loyalty and obedience, so they are disappointed when they get a basenji. They are like an odd tasting food, some will love the taste and rave about it, others will say that’s the most disgusting thing they have ever tasted lol.

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@fosse My red and white girl had two coats. One very coarse and red looking, almost hedgehog spike looking. Under that was another coat, very fine and light brown / creamy colored. She would shed the fine coat but it would come out in clumps rather than uniformly. It also changed as she got older, at times it looked like the had some sort of hair problem because it was so patchy, but it was normal. We bought a fine comb called a Furminator and it was very effective at removing the fine undercoat.

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“I guess "pea brain" isn't defamatory. Or would you be reporting yourself? 😉

Hurling insults isn't particularly adult or useful, and yes, forums have rules. Most of which get broken from time to time, and are rarely reported, because "don't sweat the small stuff" (and it's all small stuff).”

No “pea brain” is not defamation. It is insulting, which is why she called me that. Defaming and spreading lies about a charity is “small stuff” to you evidently.

“Don't talk down to other posters, lecture them or be rude and dismissive.”

Might be a good idea for you and Debra to re read the forum rules.

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Really, this thread reads like a return to kindergarten, kids running to tell the teacher. Seriously, folks, grow up. None of you are acting like adults here. If you don't like what you read, walk away. It's an internet forum. Get over it!”

Seriously, you need to read the forum rules.

While the forum owner is not responsible for the content of the posters, they are responsible for removing defamatory comments.Reporting someone for leaving defamatory comments is not childish nor “running to tell the teacher”.

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@westcoastflea1 “give it to the president, seriously, I don't care. I deleted them because it kind of dawned on me that if you want to go, we can go, but not appropriate on this forum”

It’s a good start after 11 days, didn’t take too long. Now maybe it will dawn on you that it’s not appropriate to lie and falsely defame a charity.

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