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@dres_actually I agree with the other posts, absolute max should be monthly baths, I bath mine twice a year on average...(excluding skunk problems!). There are also various skin conditioners you can purchase but I suspect they will not be as good as reducing the baths.

If you have allergy’s or some other reason for needing bathe the dog, try some of the conditioning wipes you can purchase.

Also, we run a humidifier in the winter, otherwise everyone dries out and starts to get electrocuted from the static. So might be worth a try.

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@j-brad As I said in my previous post, we never got to chemo because of events overtaking us. But I do remember we discussed it with the vet at one point and I was surprised to find that there are lots of options for chemo, all the way from relatively inexpensive pills to very expensive therapy’s. So that option may still be open to you. I guess it depends on the biopsy results and the type of cancer.

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@j-brad The best thing you can probably do is try to cope with the feelings and stay on point with your vet. I believe that the test results will give you a clearer idea of your options as some cancers respond better than others. The vet will probably give you better advice than I can. I lost my first to cancer at 11, my second at 12, so at 10ish it is not surprising to see some problems.

Much would depend on the dog if it were me in the situation, I would consider is the dog strong and otherwise healthy, what is the cost, what is the probable outcome, what would the dog’s attitude be towards Chemo etc, you know your dog well, try to dig deep and thing as rationally as possible.

Having said all that, I have lost two and know just how deep it hurts to lose them, so I do appreciate how hard it is.

My first had a massive abdominal cancer, so was not realistically an option for chemo, plus he had other problems and was in pain from it, so euthanasia was the only choice.

My second had a cancer growth removed but never really came out of the anesthetic because she had a liver problem and seizures. I had already ruled out any major operations or chemo before that because of those, frankly if I could turn back the clock I would have just left it alone as trying to help just hastened her death.

In the right set of circumstances with an otherwise happy and healthy resilient dog, I would consider chemo if the vet recommends it or believes the prognosis to be good.

Good luck and fingers crossed.

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@theoriginaldev As others have said, an older dog would be better on neutral ground. A puppy will probably go really well. From my own experience, a bit of initial posturing from the older dog, then when they realize it’s playtime...the games will commence. Good luck!

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@elbrant Kind of sucks as the poor dog (according to her own FB posts) is not being cared for and given proper veterinary care. It is one of those things that sucks but life can be very unfair.

The only good that can come out of it, is if BRaT learn from it and improve their vetting process. Even that is sketchy because maybe the foster was fine when she originally took the dog. Reminds me of someone at work that I had to let go, someone asked me why I hired them and as I told them, they were fine when I hired them. A lot of mental illness around these days.

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@lory-h Sounds like he is bored and wants to play. Is he getting enough walks and mental stimulation? It is winter and they get bored easily if they don’t get enough walks. During winter we substitute playtime for walk time in the bad weather.

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@mrscastro That is what I thought. I know it’s hard for BRAT but she is IMO seriously not capable nor mentally stable enough to care for the dog. If you read her full post, she tells several confirmed lies and also confirms that she is experimenting on the dog again (if in fact she is not just pocketing the money).

Either way the dog is in danger. Would be nice if someone from BRAT could give us an update from their end.

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@elbrant For sure it’s a scam one way or another. I hope it’s just a pure scam and BRAT took the dogs back. My heart goes out to the poor dog, BRAT really does need to learn from the process and screen applicants thoroughly.

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@newbsnjbby All three of mine liked to “burrow” into the couch lol. Some are worse than others. My current boy will deliberately do this when he wants something or is annoyed with me. I have always figured it was an instinctual thing.

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