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@kembe I wouldn't trust supplements nor reviews in Amazon, many products have paid reviews. Asking the vet for medication would probably be better. Or maybe Cornell animal hospital.

I have had older dogs lose some bladder control, so maybe pee pads would help? They do doggy diapers but I suspect they wouldn't be much fun for the dog and may end up being ripped off on a basenji.

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Mine have always been the same, they live to snuffle on anything and will sneak it down so I watch them like a hawk.

One reason to be especially careful is because kids throw sugar free gum on the floor and a small amount can kill a dog.

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All three of mine would only bark when they hear an unusual noise, like an intruder outside or something falling over in another room. Very useful as you know something is up!

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Yup, that's a basenji! 😂

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@carlbick Basenjis are known as Congo terriers in Africa I believe. They are tenacious like terriers, so your vet could be part correct.

Need better pictures, standing, sitting, side view etc, but I would say at least part basenji, maybe even full basenji.The only thing that looked maybe a bit different is the front of her mouth but that might just be the picture.

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@zande We tried Denamarin and milk thistle supplements, which helped her liver so it looked good on the ultrasound. The problem was that neither brought her enzymes down.

Ursodiol did bring them down during her last year but the vet said that having high enzymes / liver values is basically like having toxins in the blood that degraded her brain. Over time they can cause the brain problems.

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@zande I don’t think it was the Denamarin, it was the high liver enzymes the vet said were most likely. I guess if the liver enzymes are high, it causes deterioration in the brain.

So while her liver looked good to the end because of the supplements, the high liver enzymes are somewhat toxic and deteriorated the brain function. The vets said it does that over time and we battled the high enzymes for five years in total. The ursodiol did bring them down at the end somewhat but we tried a few other things before that with no success. We were doing bloodwork every three months, then every six weeks at one point.

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@zande It supports the liver and every ultrasound came back with the liver looking good. However the high enzymes affected her brain, which I did not know could happen at the time. Ultimately she had a good liver to the end but her brain went.

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