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Dog food advisor is a good site and you can sign up for alerts which will email you if there are any recalls.

I use Fromm, they had one recall a couple of years ago, which was the first in their history. It was for too much of a vitamin I think, however the recall stated it was only advisory and voluntary. When I spoke to the rep, they said it was only applicable if you fed the wet food exclusively. Both of mine had wet and dry, so did not cause any problems.

Fromm is a smaller family run company, which is also why I use them. I also supplement with steak, fish, eggs, chicken etc, from our human cooking. Be aware that if you switch to your own cooking / diet, you need to add vitamins to supplement.

I liked Orijen but my dogs didn’t like it and wouldn’t eat it. Personally I just like to stay away from the big company’s foods.

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Getting an older dog is a plus as you can evaluate character. Must be one that gets on well with cats as many basenjis believe cats are prey. You have a big advantage that you are home all the time. Basenjis want to be with you constantly. Fenced yards are good but not chain link as they can climb it, they are also escape artists and can burrow under / through fences. It depends on the individual dog though.

They do need walking 3-5 miles a day and in the winter / wet weather when you can’t, then they need mental stimulation to compensate.

Working with a good breeder will help you evaluate a suitable dog.

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I would get him checked with a blood panel just to rule out medical problems if you can. It does sound like there might be a dog in heat close by. Something has changed from the sound of it and it also sounds like you are doing everything right. Normally I would think lack of exercise but it doesn’t sound like that. Did the weather break? Mine will wake early if it’s a nice sunny day but you sometimes have to pry them out of bed when it’s raining lol.

If you are exercising him 3-5 miles of walks a day, he should be pretty tired and ready for nap time when he comes home. Is it possible he is bored?

Neutering is a good idea unless you intend to breed / show.

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@zande Every Basenji know that saloon doors are far superior to regular doors lol.

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@dmferrara So good to hear 🙂 yes they do have a zest for life, they are the energizer bunny of dogs lol.

My vet gave me some steroid pills to use if it gets really bad, don’t think they liked being dragged out of bed at midnight lol. First time I have ever had to use steroids as Benadryl always worked in the past, this time was a little worse though. Fingers crossed he has been fine since that.

Now if I could just get him to stop eating

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@sammm Basenjis are a long and winding road. My first was a challenge at first as I had no idea that a Basenji was different from a “normal” dog lol. After the first year, I found myself looking for information on the internet to find out why he was so different. At one point I seriously wondered if maybe he was just crazy or something. I was very surprised to find out he was actually just doing normal Basenji things and that they are all like that lol.

As with most things, when they are challenging and hard work, the final rewards are greater and more cherished. This year is the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, a great achievement that was not easy, required a lot of hardship and work, along with some luck. But because of those things, the achievement was greater and more rewarding.

Those who endure the difficulties and bond with their dogs, would in the end never change a thing. They are very rewarding, over time you will get back more fun, laughs, education, love and affection than you can put in.

The day comes all too soon when you will wish they were howling all night in the kitchen because they wanted to be with you or chewing the $20 bills from you wallet because they were bored. Enjoy the moment, that is the Basenji way.

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@dmferrara I don’t think you can ever over react, many times I have taken my dogs with minor problems for peace of mind. Granted the vet fees mount up but it can work both ways if you hold off and it gets more serious the fees are higher.

Usually when one has stomach problems they give them fluids to avoid dehydration and settle their stomach.

My latest B is very healthy but he does get allergies sometimes. I took him to the vets at midnight one time and they gave him a steroid shot. Poor guy couldn’t sleep before we took him with his face swollen. After the shot within 30 mins he was almost completely normal.

Hope all goes well and they figure it out.

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@b5004ever “Their replies can be, shall I say, a bit "basenji-ish"

Lmao, the thought of a bunch of people as quirky and willful as Basenjis should be enough to scare anyone away lol.

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I agree, you need to go to the vets ASAP. We can give advice here but we are not substitutes for medical treatment. Having diarrhea for two days is likely to cause dehydration and needs to be investigated by a vet.

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@mark It does sound a bit odd, none of mine have done this. Having said that, I could tell you a couple of hundred other odd things they have done lol. Basenjis are very quirky and that is one of the reasons they are both a challenge and a joy.

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