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@may_seeee Good luck, hope it’s something simple.

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Sounds like calling the vet is the best idea. Not normal for a basenji for sure.

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@reddie It seems to be the way of the world these days, even affecting the Basenji forum lol. Basenjis are very strong willed and they do say owners resemble their dogs! So a clash of opinions is inevitable.

Basenjis are hard to explain, I had a border collie years ago but he was a lot more dog like than a basenji. Generally, Basenjis are a love hate thing, either people think you must be crazy to own one, or they wouldn’t own anything else. They are incredibly intelligent and will outsmart you even when you are aware they are outsmarting you lol. Hence the saying that to live with a basenjis, you need to be at least half as smart as the dog. Sometimes you read what they are going to do next, so you head it off. Only for the dog to figure out that you figured them out and change their tactics, only to outsmart you again lol. Some people get mad at that and others laugh and admire the intelligence.

My girl passed away last November, I have only one boy now and it’s tough to adjust. I considered at first getting a shelter dog. After much thought, I realized that it just wouldn’t be the same. Once you’ve “gone basenji” I think it’s hard to go back. For me it’s impossible. Even as they drive you crazy, they burrow deeper and deeper into your mind and heart. Good luck if you decide to join the crazy club lol!

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@elbrant I have seen it happen. Plus, some people are literally desperate to get rid of the dog if they have problems. Not everyone loves dogs as we do.

My breeder told me that she volunteered at an animal shelter and once had a guy return a dog after a few weeks. He said he didn’t realize it would poop so much and he didn’t want to deal with it. The mentality of some people is beyond me.

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@elbrant It’s unlikely, given that usually people post and you can say for sure a mix. However it is possible. Could be a byb sold to someone and it didn’t work out.

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@bumblebpete My three always had the ears straight, but that was from 8-10 weeks old. It’s possible then that he is full basenji.

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@jlrice1986 I would recommend getting a DNA test done. He looks predominantly basenji and there are health concerns which you need to know about if he is. Fanconi is one which you can test for. Reading through the forum will also help you a lot as they are a very unique breed. Challenging but incredibly rewarding.

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@2baroos “Know it alls like you have ruined these forums.
Your opinion is not the only one.
I for one am done with people like you who think you are the expert on everything.
Those poles must be uncomfortable”

#1 these forums are not ruined. They are a good place for people who have issues with their basenjis to begin to try and figure out / understand them. They are not idle chit chat for the nurturing of people feelings, they are about the dog.

#2 everyone has an opinion, rightly so. The people who post here can try the suggestions given and figure out what works for them. What works with one dog, does not necessarily work with another. So the more opinions given, the better chance of success. Again, it’s about the dog.

#3 I really don’t care what you are “done” with. Someone comes here for help and advice. People with good intentions try to help as best they can. If you don’t like it, then go elsewhere rather than attacking and criticizing others. This isn’t about you, it’s about helping basenjis.

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Basenji mix, the ears are too floppy for pure basenji. The stance, nails, tail all look very basenji. Congratulations lol you have yourself a real handful!

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The problem is that you can only sue for the price of livestock / treatment. Thus no lawyer will bother as it’s just not worth it to them. Change the law to make damages for emotional distress possible and bingo, dog food wouldn’t have this problem.

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The alpha dog does not squeal when nipped. You should be the alpha dog, not a litter mate. Making a noise like that shows excitement, which to an already unstable minded dog, only compounds the problem.

Being the alpha is a mindset. If you watch an alpha dog, they get what they want by intimidation 99% of the time. There is very little aggression but a lot of persuasion. This is why you don’t take things off a dog, you persuade them to drop whatever it is, then remove it.

Being the alpha is very much about mindset, posture, willpower, stubbornness, eye contact and voice tone.

When the dog nips, straighten up and assume a commanding posture / mindset. I usually say calmly but firmly “hey” in a particular tone. They know immediately that what they just did is not acceptable and that I am serious. I also hold my hand out (not closely too them) with the palm towards them. Also, never underestimate eye contact, the alpha uses it’s eyes a lot. Notice most dogs when you stare at them will stare back and then look away.

Always stay calm, never angry and always be fair.

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People will reply soon, if you have no luck then contact BRAT, they will help.

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If you don’t find someone here, contact Basenji Rescue And Transportation. They might be able to help.

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Helpful to know where you are, also are you in a rush? Reason for having to let him go? All info will help prospective members. There is also a specific section in the forum somewhere for this, dogs for sale / wanted or something I think.

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@michael-zizzo Obviously, she doesn’t like the crate. First question, is she getting plenty of walks, preferably before you crate her? Second question, has she ever had a bad experience in the crate? As in have you ever used it for “time out” etc.

The key to crate training is that the crate must be a positive place for them. Feed her in her crate, treats in there etc. my dog actually opens his crate gate when I go to feed him, like as though hurry up lol. Some dogs are easier than others.

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Very odd, because if I look at everything but the head, I would swear she is a basenji. Yet when I look at her head, I would swear she is not!

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Really hard to tell because he is a puppy. The ears, eyes and nose look like he could be part basenji, but it’s also possible he is not. A DNA test is a good idea, regardless though he is a very nice looking pup.

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Dog food advisor is a good site and you can sign up for alerts which will email you if there are any recalls.

I use Fromm, they had one recall a couple of years ago, which was the first in their history. It was for too much of a vitamin I think, however the recall stated it was only advisory and voluntary. When I spoke to the rep, they said it was only applicable if you fed the wet food exclusively. Both of mine had wet and dry, so did not cause any problems.

Fromm is a smaller family run company, which is also why I use them. I also supplement with steak, fish, eggs, chicken etc, from our human cooking. Be aware that if you switch to your own cooking / diet, you need to add vitamins to supplement.

I liked Orijen but my dogs didn’t like it and wouldn’t eat it. Personally I just like to stay away from the big company’s foods.

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