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@tanza Nobody called them a liar, the debate was whether two diametrically opposed versions of events could be possible without one side being a liar. I agree, the main thing is that the pup is rehomed.

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“To those in this forum that continue to call us liars, please know we have emails and pictures that could prove our statements.”

As far a I can see through the posts, nobody called you a liar? Not really interested in your emails and pictures, throwing dirt at this point discredits you and is pointless.

“We posted here to get sound, reasonable help from people experienced with Basenjis, help that we were otherwise not receiving. We needed to make an informed decision as soon as possible for the goodness of this beautiful pup that we did not want to give up on. It is STILL heartbreaking.”

You were given good advice, you made the decision to return the pup, which I believe is the right decision. Yet you state you didn’t want to give up even though you decided to.

“It was a horrible day and it broke our hearts that we were not allowed to say goodbye”

So now you are saying that they took the pup unexpectedly after you knew they were taking the pup?

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“I think the one problem is my vets philosophy is to take her in a separate room from where I am.”

Honestly, find a new vet. I can appreciate some vets like to do this and it’s fine it it works. However if you have to sedate the dog, it is not working.

I took my dog a couple of weeks ago to the vets for his annual check up and bloodwork. (Everything came back excellent) :). The vet tech took him back to get bloodwork, two minutes later four of them brought him back in the room and asked if I could get a muzzle on him. We used to muzzle Suzy in the waiting room and even that was hard as she would bite the muzzle or your hand if you weren’t carful before the basket muzzle. It was all I could do not to laugh at them, never mind aggression lol, he is all upset and sulks if I scold him, which happens maybe once a year. I held him without the muzzle on and they took the blood sample without a problem. They were all amazed and said from now on they will have me hold him lol. He has never shown any signs of aggression, but he must have panicked going back there on his own.

I had another vet tech tell me with a prior dog that they “had” to take my dog back there to get a sample. For some reason I didn’t feel she was trustworthy from her manner. I changed the vets the week after. If they won’t work with you and don’t have the dogs interest at heart, then you need a new vet.

My first Basenji was prone to pancreatitis and during an outbreak one of the vets diagnosed it as a back problem. I brought him back as it was not improving, the vet stuck obstinately to his diagnosis. It took several visits before I got another vet, who then realized the problem and gave him Baytril, he got better within a day but after a week of suffering his pancreas was damaged and he became diabetic. Don’t risk your dogs health on an incompetent vet, some are amazingly good, others should not be practicing. You are your dogs advocate, using unnecessary drugs to get bloodwork is unacceptable.

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@weedtrek Possibly Basenji mix, nose looks a bit wider and the eyes are less oval. Could well be a Basenji mix though.

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@chrisf My Suzy hated the muzzle and would try to bite it when you went to put it on. I got her a basket muzzle and even though she still didn’t like it much, it was easy to put on. Far safer and better for the dog to use a muzzle than sedating in my opinion.

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@chrisf Why does she need sedation? They just take the blood, unless the dogs is aggressive, in which case I muzzle.

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@wyldepaws Sounds like you are doing a great job. So long as he makes steady slow progress, you don’t need to worry unless he shows signs of aggression or doesn’t improve over time.

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@ashley33 You’re doing really well! My first boy got diabetes at 6, then passed at 11 from cancer. My second girl had liver enzyme problems from 5 yrs old and passed at 12 from complications of that. I gather I have been somewhat unlucky as there are many that live to 18/19/20+ years. My current boy will be 7 this year, just had his check up and full bloodwork. He is very healthy, so I am hopeful he will live a long life.

I think it really depends on genetics, good food, good care and some luck. Sounds like you are doing everything right!

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@wyldepaws it’s worth a thought too that he has been bounced around a bit. So in his mind he may well believe he will be somewhere else soon. Once he realizes that he is with you for keeps, he will trust you more.

Mine was with the breeder, then the purchaser, then the co breeder because of logistics. Then at nine months he came with me. I know he was upset and anxious when we picked him up from the co breeder. We stopped at a rest area shortly after picking him up so he could see the co breeder was not there anymore. It took some time for him to realize and adjust, which is an anxious time for them.

When introducing a new dog to the house, the existing dog is usually not too bothered. It’s “hey a play date” lol. Then a few days later it hits them that the new dog is here to stay, so you have to be aware and cautious for a while. The more time goes past and the more he bonds with you, the less anxious he should be.

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@wyldepaws Sounds like you have a good grasp of things. Keeping moving forwards is a great tactic. What you describe is typical of some Basenjis, they just need to build confidence over time.

Plus some things spook out every basenji on occasion. It’s the “what the heck is that” moment. My first Basenji was supremely confident and very rarely spooked. However one day we parked the car down the side of the house / in the back yard because of driveway maintenance. I let him out and he immediately stopped and stiffened, didn’t like it at all lol. He then stealthy crept slowly across the garden watching it very closely.

I got some garden stands for growing tomatoes one time and assembled them in the kitchen. My second Basenji came racing around the corner, skidded to a stop when she saw them and shot off lol.

They are very clever and observant dogs and notice even small changes.

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@wyldepaws Just to add, when I got my current basenji he was a return. The prior owner said he was aggressive lol, nothing could be further from the truth.

However looking back he did have some problems, he doesn’t like loud noises although that has become better with time. He was nine months when I got him and is six years old now. It took time with the nail clipping as he would panic and struggle. I lay him on his back in a chair on my left side / lap. Then I do them with a Dremmel on low speed, he doesn’t like it but he doesn’t freak out. When he gets agitated, which is usually the third paw, I take a break and talk to him calmly / soothing, but I don’t let him go. He also knows a special food reward is coming after they are done. In fact he licks my face sometimes which distracts him lol. We have got to the stage where he doesn’t like it but it’s not a big deal anymore.

When he freaked about a loud noise I would ignore it and try to distract him. Also I would speak in a curious voice or happy voice to him and laugh, which helped. It’s counter intuitive I know but it lets him know that I am not worried about things. The less I reacted and made it no big deal, the more tolerant he became to noise.

A really good way to gauge the fear is the eyes and ears. If he is very fearful his pupils will be dilated and be huge, the ears will be back or down.

It is good that he reacts by running away, some dogs react with aggression and that is far harder to deal with.

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You sound like you may be up to the job, he sounds fearful which may well be because of his prior experiences. A thunder shirt might help and is at least worth trying.

Exercise will help but obviously sounds like you will need to limit and be careful with it. A short leash and let him know that you lead and are in control.

“It breaks my heart to see him suddenly look so terrified”

Don’t let it, he will feed off your emotion. If you anticipate something it will likely happen and you will have a feedback loop. I know it’s very easy to say this and much harder to achieve it.

The treats will work but not when he is in a high state of anxiety or excitement. When they are like that the #1 thing that helps is distraction.

The longer you have him, the more he will look to you for leadership and trust you. It’s likely to take a while.

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@jeannettemcgarr A real sweetheart, lesson #1 at the Basenji school of learning, determination lol.

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@zande “The new home this pup is destined for is one I would pick for a puppy I had bred.”

Indeed, I hope so as this is the only important thing. The only things that matters here is the pup.

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@tanza “I disagree that if you don't know both sides of the situation you can't make comments good or bad.”

There is no both sides in this thread, there is only one side. Given the statements made, if true, there is only one conclusion.

“The fact that this breeder had a contract and was ready/willing to take this pup back says volumes.”

It says that the “breeder” is prepared to take the pup back. Which although indicative that the “breeder” accepts some responsibility for the pup. Nothing more and nothing less.

As I said before, if the original poster is a liar, then naturally the breeder would be blameless. For all I know it might be a great breeder and a bunch of lies.

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@jublie The other side of the story is irrelevant. You can explain all day to me how there are two sides to hitting a Basenji, but the argument is futile. Just because someone believes hitting their dog is fine and justified, does not make it fine and justified.

If what the poster says is true, then the “breeder” encourages people to hit their basenjis with rolled up newspapers. Along with not observing how long the pups were weaned, allowed the pup to stay with the others after the pup had bite marks on its face at six weeks and bred to a dog that has a tick born disease.

One of these alone would make the “breeder” irresponsible. Taken together, if true, this breeder is far from responsible.

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@jublie What does that have to do with anything? If the original poster is a liar and made all that stuff up, then the breeder might be a responsible breeder. However if the original poster is telling the truth then that is not the case.

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@jublie “ 'Breeder' stated she did not know how long before she weaned the puppies.” “Runt had bite marks on face at 6 weeks” “the 11 year old sire with a tick born disease”.

So many red flags, the argument that the breeder is responsible or knowledgeable is ridiculous, other than if the original poster is a liar.

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@jublie Whoever the breeder is, they are far from a responsible breeder. The original post stated “We love her, and never follow our breeders suggestions, like smack with a rolled up newspaper or other lousy ideas.”

No way can you make the argument that this is a responsible breeder in any way, to attempt to do so insults responsible breeders. Hitting a Basenji with a rolled up newspaper will only damage the dogs respect for you and encourage aggression.

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@kembe The ears look right and so does the tail, but the nose is too square at the tip instead of tapering. For sure could be a mix though.

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