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I'm so sorry for your loss -- I've had my lil' guy for only 1.5 years now, and on the rare occasion I'm away from him for a day or two, I still flinch and react as if he were there. I can only hope to have as long a run as you had - it sounded so fun and rewarding! My deepest condolences.

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Hi there,
Funny enough, my guy is from a breeder in Pembroke - just down the road from Ottawa! They've had litters on and off over the years, but I'm not sure whether they're active at the moment (last I heard, one of the moms was in a "false heat" and they might try again with her in the summer). In any event, it's easiest to politely contact whatever active breeders you can find in Ont/QC, and I find they're very nice and often able to refer you to others should their bookings be full. That's how I did it. Best of luck!!

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He woke up today completely frisky and happy to eat his kibble. Went to the vet, and they said all blood/electrolyte samples were normal and that his intestines felt fine. We are going to take a wait-and-see approach for now, and he'll be given some gastrointestinal friendly food over the weekend. The theory is that he was likely dealing with a virus/flu-like bug for 4-5 days. I'm tired from all the drama, but extremely grateful for everyone's help and suggestions -- I'm a very vigilant dog-walker, and yet I'm always surprised at how quickly he can snap something up whilst on a 6-ft leash!

Again, I'm extremely, extremely grateful for the suggestions and comments!! I'm sending out all the most positive vibes I can to you & your dogs, and I'll post a few pics of my Grady in the photo section so you can see what an iron-stomached crazy boy looks like 🙂

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Yeah, there isn't much I can do living in an urban environment - there will be the odd food wrapper or napkin everywhere. The vet appointment is tomorrow, and he's resting comfortably right now after having had boiled chicken (phew). But I kid you not -- on the walk beforehand, everything went well for ~45 minutes, and then he gobbled up something "furry" (like a cat's full tail? 2 blocks later, there's a missing poster for a cat not seen in a long while - this was no piece of rodent, I can assure you). Anyways, I can't believe my bad luck - and his mischievousness - but I'm definitely opting for an xray tomorrow....

I'm grateful for the comments, and I'll keep you all posted!

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Thanks very much! I'm also concerned about his very recent habit of wanting to eat "trash" - it's made it extremely difficult to walk with him this last week. I'll need to get to the bottom of that behavior soon enough too!

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Thanks very much for the reply! We're going to the vet later tonight. Having normal poops and still being energetic is a bit of a puzzle to me, but that'll be for the expert to figure out. In the meantime, I'm going to try some boiled chicken for him to taste. Fingers crossed!

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Hello! My lil' guy is 1.5 yrs old, very hardy, and very adventurous. Problem is, he also has a little naughty streak -- a few days back, he thought it would be fun to eat garbage along our regular walk (discarded kleenex, food wrappers, we know the type). He threw it all up later that day, but would not eat his food (kibble). After 24+ hours of trying to convince him it was ok, I got another bag (different "flavour"). He ate a couple meals, before throwing up again this morning - now he won't eat the new food!

Does anyone have suggestions as to what to do? I've been told to wait 24-48 hours, at which point he'd start eating again - which I'm happy to try. Here's the curious thing: his energy levels are high as usual, and his pooping is fine/regular too!

Thanks for any help you can provide 🙂

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