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Yes. I didn’t put out a new pee pad. Fingers crossed

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Hi. I just wanted to thank everyone for the advice. I also wanted to give an update. So far she’s doing great. I’ve been on vacation and able to devote my full attention to her. First 2 days, 1 accident a day. Really proud of her. She gets 3 walks a day (even when I’m working) so she has lots of chances to go outside.
Happy Easter

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I have the pee pads because I work from home and if I have a conference call then I may not be able to get her outside when she needs to go. Work also means that I can’t be outside with her for as long as it takes. Recently I have been putting her outside, then I have to run back to work and then 10 minutes later I go back and get her. I know it’s not ideal. I have a 4 day weekend coming up and hope to work with her more closely

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I do praise her when she goes on walks and pees/poops. I work from home so it’s been hard to watch her like a hawk. I blocked off the steps so she only has 2 rooms to go into. My office and bedroom where the pee pad is. I’ve been trying to take her out after naps, food, and then every hour she’s awake. She’s like a tourist when she’s outside in the yard or on walks. She’s so busy looking around and enjoying the walk that she forgot to go potty! It’s kind of funny if I wasn’t getting so frustrated. Don’t even get me started on going outside when it rains! As we all know that is always a battle 🙂

One other thing that’s funny is when she is outside with my male basenji she is fascinated with watching him pee and poop. In fact, she had gotten so close to the action that he has peed on her head. She forgets to pee herself! I keep hoping that he will teach her the ropes

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Hi. I have a 4 month old 12 pound basenji female. I am having the hardest time potty training her. I have had males in the past and never had this much trouble. I take her out in the morning, after eating and after naps and she still poops and pees indoors. We go for walks and sometimes she does her business and sometimes not. Does it get better? I’m trying not to get frustrated. I take her out in the evening and I swear she saves it and then pees and poops in the house.

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Doesn't look like a basenji to me

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