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Bart had his Graduation from Beginner Training Class today at PetsMart! He did so well and gosh he picked up on stuff so quick I barely had to practice with him. Here are some pictures 🙂

Bart showing off his down


Unsuccessful grad hat pic lol

Successful Grad Hat Pic! 🙂

Thinking of moving on to intermediate. Its about keeping focus around distractions which is what bart is bad at lol

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I can relate to you. My boyfriend found a basenji mix for me and we named him Bart. I think he is basenji and rat terrier both with very high prey drives. Me and my mother raise and show rabbits. Our cages are all wire and the highest cage floor is almost two feet tall. One is even at 18".
Well when we first brought bart to my parents house He went nuts for the rabbits. I made the mistake of letting him jump up on the sides of the cages. He started trying bite the rabbits feet after I told him to get down. For the next two weeks he would never go outside alone. I learned to use a water bottle (this was a life saver because basenjis usually hate water) and he quickly learned the commands off and leave it. I have since enrolled him in obedience classes and he has done so well. After months of being around the rabbits as they binky and run around the cages he has learned to ignore them. Now he goes after our cats but we are learning slowly.

I will say it took time and patience and not every dog is the same but its not impossible which you have already stated. I would never leave them unattended together even 10 years from now. You can subdue an instinct but you can never erase it.

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no problem 🙂 Ill be there till 6 hopefully. Depends on how the dogs do lol

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I will be going to the dog park off of highway 6 today with my new pup bart and a couple of friends.
Bart is not full Basenji but sure acts like it and has never been able to play with another B. If anyone is free I was going to go around 4-4:30p.m.

Im sure Bart would love to meet a fellow B. Hope to meet yall out there 🙂

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im sorry i misunderstood you. I don't think my mom would go for an underground fence. And the construction would probably freak out the rabbits. I will look around to get ideas for a fence. And keep everyone posted.

Yesterday I came home from class to find him laying on the window sill behind the loveseat! He loves people watching lol. Lately he has been extra mischievous I wish he would get over this kennel cough so I can properly exercise him at the dog park. For now walks will have to do. (Im not much of a runner) He also has a fondness for crawling on the floor he has been doing it more and more. It is just adorable

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That would look gorgeous 🙂 Nayru looks so pretty i bet her doughnut tail went nuts when she saw it 🙂

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Well I do have a shock collar i can borrow if i really need to. Ill try the bitter apple on the bottom of the wire but im not sure how well that will hold since the rabbits will just pee over it. And ill try the spray bottle.

Also for Erics short fence I was thinking wouldnt the Fence Rollers be PERFECT 🙂

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Of course. Here is the pvc hutch me and my dad built. Bart can easily jump on the sides and scare the bunnies

A kind of closer picture showing how the cages hang on the pvc

And these are the hutches on the side of the house. A little higher but he learned to get away by getting as close to the house and nipping from underneath. I had to literally pull him through the poop to get him out from under there. The house is on the left (you can barely see the brown brick through the cage) And our 6ft new wooden fence is on the right

A fence could easily be added on the side of the house if we moved the end cage on the seesaws.

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oh yes i would be devastated also considering some of these rabbits prices vary from 50 to 100 dollars. That is why i must seriously think about what will i do if he can't at least stop nipping.
I knew there was something to do with a Basenji Paw. Does any one have a picture so I can see what yall are explaining

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Update 🙂 Bart visited the Duck Park in town and had much fun but wished if he could only get a little closer too bad mom was worried about him having to explain to Dante how he got his butt kicked by a goose lol.

One of my favorites from his first days that i forgot to put up

He kept trying to jump on a ledge with ducks. they couldnt see him though


I had to get a picture of the wrinkles so yall could see lol

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