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She was lovely, I'm so sorry for your loss and pain. It sounds like you had a wonderful life together. Not sure how many breeders are still on Forum, but there is a BCOA Facebook page, if you are on facebook, you might contact someone that way. OR go to the Basenji Club of America web site for a list of breeders in your area. My sympathy on your loss, and hopefully you can find another 'monster baby' to help fill the hole in your heart again!

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I hope your pup is better soon. I do know that it can take a long time to treat pneumonia, and a 'tracheal wash' with cultures can point you to the correct antibiotic if puppy doesn't improve. Years ago our young dog had pneumonia and we went through 3 antibiotics with poor success, the cultures showed an unusual organism and we switched antibiotics and he was on them for another 3 months but recovered and lived to be 15. If you are not comfortable with your vet, go to a specialty group for a second opinion. We often go straight to our local specialists, saves time and money in the long run.

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Two of mine won't go out if it is even misty, the other will walk with no problem in light rain. Eddie is our 'weatherman' if he says no to a walk, it will usually rain within a half hour!

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I'm sorry your girl has issues with other basenjis, we have a weekly meet up in Tampa, and I know of another one in the Palm Beach area. All our basenjis are friendly and very social and do well with new basenjis, even cranky ones (my newest adoptee is a bi**h). Three dogs is actually a good number. Your dogs are still young and likely will be more tolerant of a puppy now, than if you wait till they are old and cranky. And puppies do have "puppy license" for about 6 months when he adults are very tolerant.

As for kids, no personal experience but several friends have had to work through issues when their baby became a toddler and was moving quickly, grabbing, etc. Their sweetest dog had to resort to growling and even snapping and nipping the 'aggressive' toddler, one friend even wanted to rehome one of her dogs…fortunately they kept him and a year later things are much better. Similar situation with another friend right now as their baby is crawling and grabbing, it is her most easygoing dog who feels threatened by this wild baby. A dear friend raised 2 boys with basenjis.

You can't always predict how they will react, you just have to be calm and ready to do a lot of separation for many months till the human kid is able to learn how to relate to the dog. You protect each from the other for awhile!

I once worked with a rescue person who wouldn't let a dog go to either a lawyer (they worked for lawyers and felt they were 'too busy' and didn't have time for dogs) or a young couple who will be starting a family (many basenjis end up in rescue due to this rough adjustment period when the baby is between 6 months and 2-3 years) so you would be a double strike out for her, haha.

It's good that you are looking at all eventualities, but it is possible to overthink this issue. Some dogs are more jealous of a baby than others, some more afraid, and hard to know in advance. Be prepared for at least one stressful year (as if having a new baby isn't stressful enough!). Good socialization and ongoing 'training' keep the dogs aware that you are the leader, basenjis who think they are the boss are much harder to manage, and schedule plenty of dog time after the baby comes.

Good luck to you! If you are in the Tampa area and want to give meet and greet another chance, just let me know.

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Great photos, love the one of you with the dogs and the beautiful Italian countryside in the background. They look like great travelers.

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Robyn Dubbert is in north Georgia outside Atlanta, she may have an available basenji. She has very nice dogs! You can find her on Facebook, Sherwood Basenjis. IF you are in south Ga, Gale Whitehurst is in Thomasville Ga, also has lovely dogs. BRAT (Basenji Rescue and transport) is of course in every state and often has many more dogs than on their website . Good luck, whatever color you end up with, you will love, I promise.

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I'm so very sorry, I can only imagine how devastating this is for you, losing him so suddenly, so young. You and your husband did the right thing, sparing him any pain and misery. And "tincture of time" is the only way to get through it. Lots of tears and memories. Maybe make a photo album, with lots of notes about all the special things he did. If you haven't read the poems about 'The Rainbow Bridge', Google and read, all our dogs who have gone before us are waiting for us there. I'm really sorry.

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Waking up bored and alone, and having to pee a bit, is more 'demanding' than waking up, ignoring the need to pee and snuggling deeper into the human under the covers. Just saying.

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A good friend worked her way through school cleaning homes with a 'Merry Maid' sort of company. You do need a car for that but as a bonus she learned how to clean her house completely in under 2 hours! Dog walking/sitting is good too, again, you may need your car for that. Best of luck to you.

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I feed based on the calorie count of each food, there is great variability! Anywhere from 350 to 600 calories per cup. A 'better' quality food often requires less volume as it is nutrient-dense. It may not be on the bag, you may have to go to the website and search for that info. I found several charts for recommended calories per day for dogs and I use that as a guide. All mine are on the 'normal to weight loss, older, low activity' scale so they don't get much to eat!

We switched to Fromms last year and all 3 of mine are doing well on it, but I think BB Wilderness is a good quality food as well.

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