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so I just got back to this forum and began reading through some threads, what was issheforme final decision for getting a basenji?

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Love those reds! very cute cuddle pic!

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Yes, to all of the above. New to a home, they will be standoffish, always let them come to you on their terms in the beginning. If you need to crate train, put high value treats in there. If it is an airline crate fine, or just a wire crate, then put a blanket on it for a 'safe place'. Use common sense about closing the door, don't rush in and slam it, let him get used to it daily, then for a very short time, close it. He'll come around eventually, when he can TRUST you. that means not walking directly to him, staring at him, forcing anything, don't yell for any reason, and as DebraDownSouth mentioned, use those calming signals. If he was under socialized, then you speaking dog to him will gain miles!

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that they are two males, yes, it will happen, but not just because they are males. One may be the 'alpha' but look into Resource Guarding. a resource can be a toy, food, person, couch, a space, bed....anything that one dog deems of high value. and yes, letting them have a hierarchy of who is higher is normal in any pack of animals (humans...hehehe!) great that they don't fight, so leaving them alone is ok. I had a similar problem with the personality conflict between my current B and older male who was here. A behaviorist told me to sing out in a high pitched mini-mouse voice when they would pass each other and whale eye and growl. It worked all the time to distract and redirect them and prevent further escalation. (they never fought either and actually sat close to each other a few months later) You can try this or leave it alone....

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@eeeefarm So sorry to read about Perry. Knowing you only via this forum, I just know that he had a beautiful time while he was with you and your husband in his time. Just like Debra said, one will find her or his way to you when the time is right. Peace to you at this time, never is easy but gets gentler with time....

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Just checked in with the forum and found 'accidententially got a Basenji.' Cosette in a native background is amazing. Did you have trouble 'importing' her through to the US? You didn't mention any behavior problems so I assume she is an awesome dog!(Basenji!) love to see more and hear of her adventures and new culture experiences!

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Yep, he is a curious looking pup for sure! Love the name that definitely reflects his unique tri-color! Baby Basenjis' ears are soooooooooooooo cute! great that he is learning so quickly! congrats!

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Also, in lieu of beginning a new thread under the same heading, I recently found this on petfinder. I will copy what I saw as well as submit the link. I saved it as at the time I found it Basenji Forums was under construction....Daisy, born in Nov. '05, is one of two Basenjis we have in our rescue from the same breeder and both have Fanconi. These two gals are great examples of why you need to DEMAND proof of parental Fanconi testing that is now available before buying a puppy from a breeder. Since Daisy has Fanconi, at best both of her parents are carriers of this serious and expensive hereditary disease that is preventable through careful breeding. Daisy is a product of Mountain Springs Basenjis in Anza which has usurped the name Cambria for years and has a line of Basenjis that, according to knowledgeable Basenji people, is LOADED with Fanconi. Daisy is looking for an angel with a big heart and a big wallet to help her deal with this deadly condition. Her mom is Cambria's Heather of Anza and her dad is Cambria's Ti-An2a Panda Boy. If you purchased a Basenji from Anza, please contact us to share information. [(

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