Is she a Basenji?

16 week old pup. 17 lbs. Got her as a rescue and trying to determine what breed she is. I’m waiting on the DNA kit to come.

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Well. I don't think that she is Basenji. First time I glanced at her picture I thought "Great Dane", but I think she is too small to be a Dane. She is cute though, I like her look. Interested to know what DNA sez.

I agree with Giza1. No need for me to go into why I don't think she's a basenji, but she's awfully cute. Enjoy her and let us know what the DNA test says.

Agree with all above. Don't look basenji to me. At first glance I thought a Great Dane puppy. What ever she is (and I also
would like to know the DNA results) she is awfully cute ❤ Enjoy her, she looks like she's going to be alot of fun. If she is a Dane or even part, be sure to raise her bowl up off the floor and also her water bowl. They can get bloat from bending over
to eat or drink. And please tell us, what is her name?

Her name is Mazzy (originally daisy but we made a slight change). The person I got her from said that she was told she was a rat terrier but she got bigger than expected which is why she surrendered her. I brought her to the pet store and one of the employees was thinking she was a Doberman mix but I don’t really see it. I was looking at Portuguese Podengo‘s and she has some characteristics but they seem to be smaller in size.
My girls and I were in love with her at first sight. Regardless of what breed she is, she will be well cared for and loved. I will update everyone when the results are in. Thanks for all of your input.

::: If she is a Dane or even part, be sure to raise her bowl up off the floor and also her water bowl. They can get bloat from bending over to eat or drink. :::

Resesrch has pretty much proven this isn't accurate and in fact can be very bad.

The Elevated Feeder Controversy – The Glickman Study
Contrary to previous beliefs, the study concluded that feeding dogs from elevated feeders, combined with other factors such as chest size and diets with high fat or citric acids, increased their risk for developing bloat. › raised-dog-bowl
The Ups & Downs of Great Dane Raised Dog Bowls - Great Dane Care

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I thought Dane too - certainly no sign (to my eye) of Basenji.

And the advice is only too correct - Danes are susceptible to bloat so feed bowl up high.

She's obviously landed squarely on her feet - so enjoy whateversheis !

She is really cute and looks like she has someone who loves her very much...that is what is important.

Something interesting popped up on my google news feed this morning... a Basenji Shepherd mix in need of a forever home. The colors aren’t anywhere close, but those ears... I was looking at those ears thinking “I’ve seen those recently. Where did I see those? Then it hit me. Mazzy! 👊

Newton the Basenji Shepherd

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@jengosmonkey OK, yes, the ears certainly but not the rest of the face.

It will be interesting to see what a DNA test comes up with.

I tend to agree with you, @Zande. Face is different. His snout is thicker. From the bridge of the nose back is a little interesting though. The shape of the eyes and I’m definitely seeing a few wrinkles. Still, the tail. There’s no curl in that tail at all.

@melduff, having a rescue is always a puzzle that comes with missing pieces. We were always confident that our rescue pup was in fact a Basenji, so we tested for Fanconi and PRA, but not for breed. Our missing pieces were we never knew what his life was like before we got him, and that drove us nuts! He became the topic of many speculative conversations.

DNA test results should be fun!

She is a beauty, no matter what she is! Keep us posted on what her DNA results are! You are going to have SO much fun with her!! Congratulations

Results say she's
37.5% Staffordshire
12.5% Chow Chow
12.5% Lab
12.5% Rottweiler
12.5% Russell Terrier
12.5% Siberian Husky

Such a fun mix

Well well well - you certain have a bundle of characteristics to blame when she's naughty !!

@melduff I for one think this is FANTASTIC news! You guys are so lucky! You have a one of kind super dog with the papers to prove it. Walks around the neighborhood and trips to the dog park are going to be very much fun...

Friendly neighbor: Oh, she's so cute! What kind of dog is she?

You: Thanks you so much. Why, she's a Staffy Chow Lab Rott Russell Husky. (Ya haff ta memorize that) 😁 👍

Thanks a bunch for letting us know. Very much enjoyed your thread.

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