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Is there a reason why he is not neutered?

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Any basenji chicks wanna go for a ride with me?

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hi everyone,

Check out the latest (just mailed) BCOA Newsletter.

There is an article in it about Kipawa and the therapy work he does.

Attached is a picture taken today at the GF Strong Rehabilitation Facility in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Kipawa enjoyed a wonderful visit with new friend Wayne.

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They've been together two weeks but its the start of a lifetime for these two young Basenjis.

Boy do they ever look happy together. 🙂 What a joy to see.

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hi eeeefarm - valid comments that are great food for thought. Thanks for your response. That's why this forum is a great place to learn about 'all things basenji'. And yes, those wide hound collars are superb. We got a couple of them a couple of years back and we still use them.

Must say, reading your response comment/signature line, after some time away from the forum, made me smile. How true is that!

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he suggested a prong collar

Prong collars. Oh dear. 😞 I'm not a fan of them. When I see someone walking a dog that wears a prong collar, all I think about is whether the owner is substituting a prong collar for well directed training. 😞 However, in training police dogs, maybe it's a good choice? I just don't know.

Has your basenji had a full medical with full blood work/thyroid check? He seems to be reacting to a number of things, which makes me think that there could be a medical issue.

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… but the training at home has been inconsistent.

In your post, this stood out for me. Training HAS to be consistent. Basenjis require lots of patience when training. Stay calm and do try to get together a consistent training routine. For Kipawa and I, training 5 times a day, for no more than 5 minutes at a time works well (it continues to work well for us).

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They look adorable together. Rescued dogs do so well when there is another dog to guide them. Congratulations on the new addition to your dog family. 😃

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I am so happy to sign in and see you post! Especially with the wonderful pictures and videos. Both of our first basenjis do that to your HAIR when it's wet. I am going to try a wash cloth and see! I am glad your husband is doing better.

Well hello Debra!

It made me smile to see your post - I always enjoyed your comments, whether popular or not, because they were YOUR honest comments. 🙂 I'm a huge fan of honesty.

We are all doing quite well here - still in the Vancouver, BC Canada suburbs. Kipawa is thriving, and he is a big part of our lives. Yes, you should do a video of your basenjis going wild with a wash cloth. My hair is longer and thick, so I think I have to keep Kipawa out of it when it's wet. 😉

As every year goes by it seems I lose a major chunk of my memory. Are you still in the 'south'? Was it Georgia? And your basenjis' names - forgive me, I can't remember them. Boy do I love getting older, NOT!

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Welcome back. Glad to hearfrom you, hopefully you'll stick around

Hello! Life is busy, but I do hope to be able to check the forum out from time to time. Nice to see you are still around!

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