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He is adorable. Like giza1 said, you can guess all day, professionals also; but you truly won't know until you do a DNA test. Whatever you decide to do, enjoy him. He looks like he's going to be a whole lot of fun and if he does have "some" basenji in that are in for a time of your life!!! Enjoy.

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Dino is one gorgeous boy.

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Agree with all above. Don't look basenji to me. At first glance I thought a Great Dane puppy. What ever she is (and I also
would like to know the DNA results) she is awfully cute ❤ Enjoy her, she looks like she's going to be alot of fun. If she is a Dane or even part, be sure to raise her bowl up off the floor and also her water bowl. They can get bloat from bending over
to eat or drink. And please tell us, what is her name?

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d.melo............YOU have to show your dog that you are the leader. Otherwise he's going to walk all over you. My Mr.T came to me as his owner's were transferred to Brazil for their job. They bought him as a puppy from a breeder in Arizona where they lived. Apparently this was the first dog they ever had, or else they had NO clue about a Basenji. They never touched his feet, never picked him up.............nothing. He walked all over them. I didn't know that when he came to live with me..........which I found out real quick...............and he found out real quick that I was not going to tolerate his behavior. He hates getting shots, having his temp taken, blood drawn. He will BITE! That includes clipping his nails. Now I have to have a muzzle when he goes to the vet. He's fine getting weighed, but after that, the muzzle goes on. After all is done, muzzle come's off, and the vet and tech assistant both give him a treat so he knows that he gets good things afterwards. I also like and use Gentle Leaders for my dogs. I would walk all 3 (my Jenna crossed at age 17), so now its just the 2 boys with a gentle leader and one leash (coupler). Otherwise they would pull me. NOT a Haltie..............but a Gentle Leader.

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I am so very sorry for your loss. Loosing even 1 furkid is bad enough, but 2 in just one heartbreaking. Finn was probably having troubles long before, and with Roxie crossing, it was just his time to want to go to be with her. They are both at peace and have new bodies. Roxie and Finn no longer have any medical problems. I would like to think that they have met up with my beloved Dannii and his niece Jenna.

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Majority of dog parks do not allow dogs into the park unless they are neutered or spayed. Especially males that are not neutered will act just like yours did, and if its the wrong type of got a full blown fight on your hands. Even though my 2 males are neutered, they do not like male dogs that are not "fixed".

A fight between your dog and another, one or the other, or maybe even both will get severely injured. It will not matter what or whose dog started the fight, another dog gets hurt by your dog YOU will have that dogs owner all over you! You will pay for vet bills and follow up bills and such. If you don't pay, she will take you to court. Like Pat and a few other's have said; do not take your dog to the dog park anymore. You need to seriously think about getting him neutered. If you continue to go and you see your dog start to growl or do something more serious, take him the heck out of the park before all hell breaks loose. You don't want your dog injured, and you don't want another dog to be injured by your dog.

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Athena is adorable. I love that she let you dress her up!
Rescue Remedy that Zande mentioned is good, also a Thunder shirt might help. Probably on Amazon
and it wraps the dog up without restricting moving, kind of like a big hug. They work for some, and not
for others. Doesn't hurt to try. Some dogs are more sensitive to loud noises (fireworks, thunder or what
have you), other's not so much. I live in the country in California and one day I took my youngest b (8.5 yrs)
for a walk with me to the mailbox. Walking back up the drive, it started thundering. Mr.T stopped and
looked up, it thundered again, he turned around and assumed walking home. No bother. Just curious
as to where the noise was coming from.
You never said how old your daughter is. Toddler or a bit older? Toddlers do need to be watched so they
do not pull ears, tail and such. Glad to read that your daughter and Athena have a good relationship right
now. That's very important.

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Love the photos of your pup. You don't need help to love your pup already are. Not sure how long she has been in your home, but give her some time to adjust. Let her know you guys are NOT going to hit her, or lock her up in a
crate. Does she like to cuddle? Give lots of cuddles but NOT against her will. She doesn't want to be held, don't hold her. Lots of long walks, lots of play time, lots of attention on her only when you can. What is your pup's name?

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Welcome. Can you post a pic of your pup, please?

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