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Oh my, that face! You can almost see the gears turning in that head of hers! She's like a basenji mix to me, but what do I know? At any rate, enjoy her. The mischievousness is going to come out sooner or later, and you will have your hands full.
She is adorable.


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If you are on Facebook, there is a Canine Cognitive Dysfunction support group. Great help. They gave me lots of info
when I was going through this with my Jenna. She was "almost" 17. She ate like there was no tomorrow, but would get
stuck in places and at times couldn't seem to figure out how to get out.
She had a seizure one night before I got home from work, and had found her on the floor (which was not a cause for
concern), but found she had been attacked by my other 2 b's. There was blood, but not bad. Couldn't find any puncture
wounds. I got her in the tub with warm water, very little water, as she HATES water. Got her cleaned up as best as I could.
I think with all that was going on with her, and with the seizure and being attacked, it was just too much for her poor body
to handle. She had crossed the bridge before morning. I know she's at peace now, and has a new whole body. It just
feels strange and weird from going from 3 basenji's, down to 2. Jenna was always under or around my feet. I find myself
still looking for her at times.
Good luck with your pup. He will let you know when its time. He will stop eating and drinking; among other things. My oldest basenji now will be 15 on Nov 30. Semi deaf, eye's are semi cloudy, but can still see. So far he's not showing any
signs of this disease. My youngest b will be 9 in Dec.

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Up until a few months ago, I had 3 Basenji's (2 males/neutered, and 1 female/spayed) plus I had 4 cats, 1 of which never
went outside, 1 was outside with access to kitchen only, other 2 are in and out. My b's and cat's got along. A few months ago, my female crossed the bridge (she was almost 17) and my 2 older cats, 1 was 21 and other was 16 cross within 6 weeks of each other. The female b was the one who would chase and try to kill the cats. It took me quite awhile to get her to accept them, and she more chasing. Now I have 2 male b's and 2 cats, 1 female and 1 male. Yes all my animals are fixed, so you don't need to worry. Mr.T who is going on 9 has taken recently to growling at the cats, especially my male cat, when he walks by. I think the cat may have made a swipe at Mr.T at one time or another, which is why he
now growls at him. Not sure the reason, but he does not chase, does not go beyond the growling.

As eeeefarm mentioned, I would NOT leave the dogs and cats alone together when you are not around. You will never
know what can happen. Chihuahua's .......yappers, and go getter's. They like to instantgate trouble. Sweet dogs for the
most part, but with that "big dog mentality" is also cause for concern. Put a leash on the b and let her drag it throughout
the house, if a chase is to start, you can step on the leash, to stop it, also saying a very firm NO! B's are stubborn and bull
headed and they need to know who the boss of the house is. Don't let it be the basenji or the chihuahua!!! T 0_1567207952956_Mr.T, Peeve, Zak.jpg 0_1567207970825_Mr.T and Girl cat.jpg The first photo Peeve (21 year old cat) is washing Mr.T's face. Second photo is of Mr.T and GurlCat. Can't seem to find the one of Mr.T and Groucho (who is the cat Mr.T will growl cat). But as you can see, they do get long.

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I don't see Basenji in Ely. You can do a DNA test, and it will tell you what kind of dog he is. To me, his face looks
a bit like a pitbull, but that is just to me. I think he is adorable. For one thing, Basenji's ear's do stand up. Some
have one that kind of flops over for one reason or another, but if you look a pics of the basenji, their ears do stand
Like elbrant had said, some dogs take adjusting to a new environment before they become vocal. Right now enjoy
the quiet, and I would probably guess Ely will be vocal when he gets nice and comfortable. Long, long walks make
a dog very tired, and they do no get into trouble (chewing and etc.). "A tired dog, is a good dog." If you do a DNA
please don't hesitate to let us all know what he is..........outside of being adorable.

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Don't know what he's mixed with, but he IS gorgeous! Beautiful markings, love that brindle coloring.

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Where is your basenji puppy coming from? A breeder in Arizona or somewhere else? Please be aware of Valley Fever in Arizona. You may or may not have heard of it, but can be devastating to dog's! My Mr.T's breeder is in Tuscon, Az. She sold a pup to some people and they eventually moved here to Ca; not knowing that the basenji had come down with valley fever. Their job transferred them to Brazil, and they were planning on taking the pup with them since they would be working out of doors, but found out........NO dogs! So, they rehomed him to me. My vet here in northern Ca found the valley fever from a blood test. He is on medication for the rest of his life (he's 8 now, was 1.5 when I got him) and he's doing good. Digging in the dirt, and those wind storms that you guys get down there, will carry the fungus. No vaccine again valley fever as of yet. Be diligent in not letting him or her dig in the dirt, and keep them out of the wind storms! I hope you are up for a whole lot of fun and adventure with your new pup! She/he will almost drive you insane at times, but so worth it in the end........if you don't kill him/her first! jk. When you get him or her, you got to post photos so we can all see him or her. Good luck.

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Be careful with those trainers at Petsmart. They are only employee's. given basic instructors for training a dog. A basenji DOES NOT fall into the category. They don't like a heavy hand and being jerked around. Petsmart will tell you a choke chain (collar) or a prong collar. Walk away. They both cause more harm than good, especially a choke chain, they can ruin the dogs trachea. Search YouTube for dog training your basenji. Have you talked to your breeder and see what they recommend? Yeah, you don't want Lily (my very first basenji was a black and white named MzLili) to be eating any poop! I've never had that problem, except mine love the cat tootsie rolls (as we call them). Still yucky. Good luck. Yes, 10 months is still considered a puppy. You are going to have to show her that you are boss. I have a tri boy who is now 8 yrs old, and he was rehomed to me at 1 1/2yrs of age. People had no idea of how to handle him, and the only way I got him was that their job transferred them to Brazil, and they decided to rehome him. He tried to rough shod me, and i wouldn't put up with it. He now know who's the boss........but I still have to be careful, as he WILL bite! This my Mr.T

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Do you have Jimmy's collar still, or a blanket he used? Anything with his smell still on it? If so, give them to Max, especially when you have him in his crate. Hopefully it will comfort him some. Give him lots of love and attention. He's grieving and doesn't understand why Jimmy is not there any longer. Try leaving a radio on, to soft music. I leave radio on the kLove (its a modern Christian radio station). I listen to it in my car, so I know what my dogs are hearing. I know they sleep most of the time, but at times when they do wake, they hear talking or music. Did he get to smell Jimmy's body by any chance, after he had passed?

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Please keep supervising your dogs with the cat. The cat at some point "may" go after the bird, so please be careful. Many years ago, I've had parrots, cats and dogs (not basenji's), and all 3 got along just great. However, the cats were kittens, and still a bit scared of the birds. The birds ruled the house. I no longer have any birds, but do have 4 cats and 2 basenji's. My 3rd basenji died a few months ago at the age of 17. Cats and the dogs do get along. My youngest dog right now is 8 years old, and for some reason he is starting to do a low growl and kind of charge (run at) the cats. I just yell at him to "leave it". The cats are adult and can stand up for themselves. Your cat is still very young. It will accept your dogs as long as you make sure that there is no "king of the castle" type of response from them. Supervision. When my female was alive, she would go after anything, her prey drive was that strong. At one time, she had gotten loose outside (long story) and she ended up killing a baby goat, a feral cat (wild) and a dozen chickens ALL in one day!! I had to introduce her to the cats while she was on a leash held very tightly, and I have had to use a basket muzzle a few times. I had her in a room with the cats and door closed, so the other 2 dogs could not interfere. It took a long time (several months) for her to accept the cats as "family". So it can be done. Sounds like you are doing a good job, just keep up the supervision, and Please do not let the dogs and cat eat off of the same plate anymore!! That is only asking for trouble somewhere down the road.

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You're so cute, Pippi

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