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Those eyes! They tell stories just like my little guy. No idea what you have, but you have a winner!

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The hole in your heart will mend into a giant envelope to hold precious memories

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My 14 month old loves snow and ice on the grass, but rain...

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Whatever she is, she certainly is a keeper! Those eyes go deep into your heart where she has found home. She is a cutie, and the long wisps of hair make me smile.

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She is beautiful! so glad you have her in your home and in your heart!

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She is beautiful no matter what her heritage. So feminine!

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I can't take Prince with me as he gets really upset when in the car -- terrible pooping all over. I have used his crate, and this does not help. If I hold him when someone else drives, he just about tears me apart with his tromping and stomping. I have used "thunder shirts' and anti anxiety OTC pills with no relief. The odor is terrible worse than normal "poop". The vet does not want to give him meds for cars; "Zande" how do you allow your pups to "punish Mom"?

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