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Whatever his DNA says, he certainly is cute and has definitely won over your hearts. Enjoy your little boy for many year to come.

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I wish you well. Eyesight is very precious and so glad yours is coming along.

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My Basenji just turned a year old and he is crate trained for sleep from his first night home. Hi kennel is next to my bed. "Kennel Up" and he goes into the crate awaiting his special kennel treat used only for crating. Never have used the kennel for punishment. He really likes his kennel. I tried to get him to sleep with me and he promptly jumped off the bed and went into his kenned and waited for 2 treats because he went in without being told. I do use the kennel when I leave the house and he has never balked. I have also used a "shower" of treats for special circumstances...sprinkling treats and kibble over him when he has been kenneled from a really good time in life. I have put beds, kennel pads, towels in the kennel, and he promptly chews them to pieces. ...So lays on the plastic tray. That makes me feel bad, but....I have yet to find anything he will not chew up. He will pull it out through the mesh when not kenneled or tear it apart when kenneled when I am not home. He is not the boss and does not get another pad/bed!

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Prince just turned 1 in December. He has started to make a "hissing" sound when one of us humans does something he doesn't like -- example: take him away from the garbage can, pick up him from the sofa, pick him up to take him outside for potty when he doesn't want to go. This has happened with my 12-year old grandson, adult son, and me. Is this aggression? I would assume something to be stopped. How do I handle it? He has been neutered.

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i am sitting here smiling at your little one. So cute. We have the same stuffy for our Basenji, too. I can't wait to hear about your life together.

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All the quite throughout the realm. Queen Mother and Prince T'Challah are snuggling down for their Christmas nap. Sleepy times together are simply Marvelous.!

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Yep. That is why I did not have a tree for Prince's first Christmas. Such a beauty, The tree is also nice.

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She is cute and appears to be a sweetheart.

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I am so sorry. I wish you well as you adapt. I understand not having another special someone in your life. I know for them the bond is lifelong and for me it is also.

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