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The forum has arranged Play Dates in the past. I am sure we could even get a few more Basenji People to partake in a South Bay Basenji Play Date :p

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Hey there!
Such a small world! If we would not of met you would of never known of Basenji Forums. There are a ton of great people here who can offer expert first hand advice!
We should get together and have a Basenji Play Date soon!

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Hello Everyone,
Yes Spring is among us and now comes the sneezing and itchy eyes :eek:
For the first time in our lives we have a dog who recently developed skin allergies. Last week Kiya our 2 year old tri started developing hives all over her body. She couldn't stop itching and you could tell she was in quite a bit of discomfort. We rushed her to the emergency room and the vet gave her a steroid and some anti-biotic to clear up her body. It worked and a few days later we took her to her regular vet for another follow up appt. The vet suggested we take her off the meds since she no longer had hives. A day later they came back!
From process of elimination we have since ruled out a food allergy and now know its not related to the grass outside. Try keeping your B off grass for a few days. Poor girl had to potty on rocks and dirt 😞 She was not a happy camper.
This morning we woke up and the hives came back. I immediately called the vet and he thinks its something in the house 😕 Man this is tough! Our poor girl is obviously having an allergic reaction to something in our house yet we can not for the life of us figure it out! The Temaril-p is working and the vet said to use it as needed so at least we have something.
Now the elimination process begins yet again. 😞

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WoW JazzysMom!
Our two B's would go crazy over all those lovely ornaments. 🙂
You are so lucky!

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We got our gifts package today, but we are not opening them until Christmas eve December 25th. Family tradition, dogs get to open their gifts with everyone else 🙂

Actually the truth….Alex really wanted to open it and I told him NO! 😃

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I thought this would be a funny thread to start.
What do you do in order to "Basenji Proof" your Christmas/New Year?
We baby gate our tree to keep Chance from using it as a toilet and from Kiya drinking the water. :p




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Hello everyone!
It's been quite sometime since I've posted on the forum. With school, work, wedding plans and 2 B's taking up most of my time I have hardly had time to say much on the forum.
Anyhoo…I needed some advice. My 2 year old tri bitch named Kiya has recently started going through some changes. She has become quite more aggressive towards our male Chance. Chance is neutered and Kiya isn't...well that's not quite possible since she is a female :p but anyways...she has become more playful but in a chewing, nipping, chasing kind of way. To the point that one of them usually ends up scratched and bleeding. I know its playing and not full on attack mode but she just will not stop! She went into season early (this past August) and hasn't had another heat. Is this a sign of her about to go into season again? She stands on top of Chance which looks like she is trying to dominate him. She will chew on him and then immediately stand next to him pawing at him. It's a little odd to look at since my male Chance has no clue what she is doing. :rolleyes:
My issue is that the aggressiveness is getting a little too crazy in the house. Its all the time and she just won't leave him or even the cat alone now. She will run around the whole house doing a B-500 knocking down everything in site and launch at either Chance or my cat Maddox. They tolerate it for a few minutes and play with her but then get tired. She of course doesn't and then we have to separate them. Will this stop? I am tired of breaking up fights and nursing wounds. Its not an issue with exercise. My fiance runs with them 2 times a day to exhaust them. She on the other hand always has this energy to harass everything around her. LOL

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Yeah…Most people assumed we were married...Surprise!!! LOL

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Let me clarify…

Chance was not neutered because he is a carrier. He was neutered because we plan on breeding our bitch at a later date and we have no intention on breeding him.

Becky, I don’t feel I need to contact the breeder over every little training issue that arises. Chance has gone to obedience training and we work with him daily and have seen a behaviorist. As for shoving a pill down his throat and not dealing with the issues at hand is something I am well aware of. That is why I am asking questions on this forum. What I was not aware of was that the fact that aggression could be due to a thyroid issue and I was just given this information yesterday which I intend on following through on and getting his blood work done.

I created this forum to talk about issues in the open to allow people to come together and offer advice/support. In no way this should be the only resource to find answers, contacting your breeder is the right thing to do. I had no malice. Kathy Britton knows that I will contact her if there is a problem. She has always offered help when I need it and has always made herself available and given us whatever we needed which we are grateful for.

As for allowing my dogs on furniture, everyone has a difference of opinion on training methods and in our house, our dogs are allowed on furniture when we say it is ok. Certain furniture is off limits and they know that. 🙂

As we are slowly trying to weed out what is going on with our boy, I am learning that many things could be causing this. Yes maybe Kiya our female is going into heat early. If that is the case than we will have to deal with that. It is difficult since Chance’s aggression started sometime ago. This did not just develop over night. Unfortunately we ignored the beginning signs and let it go thinking it was nothing. Now it has become more noticeable, we need to deal with this immediately. Hopefully it is something that we can diagnose quickly and resolve.

We appreciate all the information everyone on the forum has given us. Yes I admit that we should of paid attention to the warning signs earlier and nipped it in the bud sometime ago. You never think that the little things will add up to something bigger in the end. Chance's attitude has changed a little and we need to work even harder at getting him back to the cool cucumber he was before 🙂

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My male would get car sick within a block of being in the car. I was told to try Rescue Remedy which you can pick up from any organic foods store. You can also buy it online. It comes in a a little spray bottle. I would squirt 5 sprays in his mouth about a half an hour before we would go anywhere. It would help calm him down but not make him groggy or tired. Its great for people too who get nervous/anxious.

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