"A Tired Basenji Is A Happy Basenji"

  • I finally figured it out!!!
    I will share my little secret with everyone :p

    Everytime I would walk our little puppy he just never seemed to get tired. I ended up giving in after a 40 mintute hike/run and then he would just do B-500 sprints throughout the house going after the cat!!!…NOT ANYMORE!!! 😃 😃

    I figured it out...Rollerblades! I do nothing but stand there and he pulls me! hahahaha...Now I have a tired Basenji and no B-500's at 11'oclock at night!:o

  • Vanessa BRAVO 😃 😃 I guess you did figure it out!! I swear by lots of exercise with my Bs. They get early morning runs with me AND a backpack 🙂 that's MY SECRET lol lol 😃

    I tried rollerblades but since my little guy likes to pull AND weave in front of me…I've landed on my face more than once.

  • I have thought about skates… but I'm afraid Hollie would "kill" me!! HA! I would love to do scootering with her. She loves to pull. Now, we just gotta buy a scooter. Anybody else ever do this with their dog? Hollie is bigger than an average b. She's about 32-35 lbs. I have read that people can scooter with 2, 15lb, poodles. Of course, on the scooter, I would get NO exercise, although Hollie would be very TIRED.

  • I never thought of a scooter…I was actually thinking an adult trike (don't laugh!!) because I'm afraid C3 would kill me on a regular bike like he does on rollerblades...

    I would try ANYTHING to tire out my dogs...they are AWESOME when they're tired 😃 😃 😃

  • The trike isn't a bad idea! Here are some links to scootering sites. The first is a group on Yahoo. If you check, there may be a group in your area.



  • I never thought of using a scooter. Ha! Thats even better. I've seen people ride a bike and the dog right next to them…my concern is that my B would just dart in a different direction and I would tumble to the ground. At least on rollerblades I have more control 🙂

  • This type of thread is why I joined this forum - to share what works.
    My secret weapon is the bicycle, but there is a trick to it. I tie a leash to the bottom of my seat (in the springs where it attaches to the seat post) and adjust the leash length so that the dog's nose is not past the center of the front tire. The reason for this attachment is two-fold. First the seat is your center of gravity and it is easy to counter any sideways pull the dog makes. Second, by keeping the leash shorter, the dog can't cross in front of you or turn your wheel. Attaching it to the seat, high on the seat post helps to keep the leash out of your legs. And a third reason is it keeps your hands free to steer. This may seem crazy or impossible, but I regularly run my 22lb basenji and 70lb lab-mix AT THE SAME TIME. Usually they are on either side of me, but it also works if they end up on the same side. Believe it or not I have actually run 4 dogs at a time using this method, 2 puggles and the basenji and lab. I have used this with boxers, Great Danes, rat terriers, jack russels and Australian Shepherds. My basenji gets 2 miles of pulling me (she wears a harness) then we pick up the lab and go for another 2 miles. By the end, we are going at a speed-walking pace and everyone is "smiling". Also, the weather is not a problem as Jenny Basenji loves the bike and wears a sweater when necessary.

  • Wow BillyK! Thats impressive! 2 dogs at the same time…...crazy. 😉

  • I have found the rear triangle of my mnt bike works well. I tried a lead but with squirells running around, I ended up on the street and my Basenjis dragging my bike behind them.

    Solution, a 3 foot length of bungee cord. Available at Home Depot. This gives me time to react and most importantly, stay on my bike. This also allows a softer stop for your Basenji.

  • I would assume you were holding the lead in your hand and that is definitely a recipe for disaster. I hope you and the bike did not sustain any major damage 🙂
    I considered the bungee as a shock absorber, but usually, Jenny is pulling forward and I rarely have to make a quick stop so I can slow her down.

    I also noticed that EVERY time we go for a run, Jenny will want to poop some time during the run, even if she went 20 minutes earlier.

  • I have seen some people use this…any thoughts??

    BillyK-this is sort of the same physics involved with what you were saying.


    I'm not an expert bike rider so hence my hesitation with using this on a regular bike….So I was thining of getting this & using it on an adult trike.

  • What a cool idea. And I ALREADY own a bike!!!

  • Yeah, I have a friend with one of those, but $48 is way more than the cost of a leash and a harness. He says the breakaway release is good if you find that don't pay attention to where your dog is all of the time. I don't know if the breakaway sets the dog free or not, but that would be the end of my basenji (cars are just giant rabbits to her).

  • I strongly believe a tired Basenji is an angelic Basenji. I finally figured out how to strap the backpack on it fits perfectly. I took the weights off my ankle weights and put a 1lbs. weight on each side. Well I'll tell you this makes all the difference. I only use it if I can't run with my B due to weather or if we are just going to go for a 20 min. walk. He comes home still alittle wired but after settling down he is relaxed the rest of the day. This is great.

  • ha ha lol lol 😃 😃 😃 that's GREAT!!! I'm glad u figured out the backpack…it takes a while, I know 😃

  • It's funny to see him wearing it but it's my favorite buy. People make jokes about him carrying his own lunch. But hey it will be great in the summer time, now i have a place to keep the plastic poopie bags and keys.

  • Where did you find the backpack?

  • I went keyed in hounddog packback and i showed me some lists. I will try to look for the link and send it to you.

  • EntirelyPets.com.

    Qty Code Product Name Price

    1 OH00585B The Quick Release Dog BackPacks - BLUE 24.99

    Sub-Total: 24.99
    Tax: 0.00
    Shipping & Handling: 4.45

    TOTAL: 29.44

  • I have found that if I take my B to doggie daycare (even if it's only for half a day), she is ehausted when I bring her home. She will let me do the dishes without any basenji help! She also tends to treat our doggie friends a little nicer when they come around.
    Having a worn out basenji is deifinitely worth the $15!!

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