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When she is wet, does she have a doggy odor, or smell like a wet wool blanket?

Every basenji I've met, (and smelled) did not have a doggy odor.

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As my vet explained, he can't recommend a 3 year DHPP unless the MANUFACTURER has done whatever testing is necessary to recommended every 3 years for that particular vaccine. It's the same vaccine, but they have to do the testing to show that 3 years is ok. He now only gives one from the manufacturer that says it is ok to wait 3 years.
I don't know how many can now recommend every 3 years.

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A story I base my opinion on:
My niece, 3, had a handful of M & Ms.We watched as she handed one to my son, 1 1/2, and ate 2-3. Then, handed him one, and she ate ate 2-3.
It seemed so unfair to their Grandma, she told her no, give half to your cousin. So she did. Immediately, my son started crying. He was HAPPY with the way it was being done originally.
Lesson learned - don't interfere, if they're happy, we're happy.

So I kept the same attitude with the basenjis (I was told in the very beginning they are like perpetual 2 yr olds)

If the dogs work out how to deal with each other, without hurting each other, I let them go. In any group of dogs, wolves, etc., there's going to be a pecking order. I remember reading many years ago, a dog is happiest if it knows it's spot in the pecking order, trouble happens when they are not sure of where they are in that order.

That is the reason my dogs are fed in their crates. If not, those lower on the pecking order list wouldn't eat without causing fights.

My husband has developed a system for when he lets the dogs 'lick his plate' (one of their most favorite things to do). He has 3 dogs sitting in front of him. He says a dog's name and lets that dog lick. The others wait patiently because they know their turn is coming. Then, he says the name of another, and lets that one lick. The others wait patiently. He always starts and stops with the 'alpha,' and it's amazing to see them waiting for their turn. They are not like kids, they don't think "Hey, he got more than me"

It also shows that HE is the supreme alpha!
It's funny, when they feel it is mealtime and 'mom' is not showing any signs of getting their food, they go over and bother HIM, after trying to tell Mom, because they know a lot of times if he says something to me, I will probably leave what I'm doing and feed them.

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Last summer we got our kitchen remodeled, and the company that installed the counters, work all over northwest Ohio. When they first got here, a couple of dogs met them at the door, and as usual, I had to explain the breed.

One of the guys said "Hey, the house we were at yesterday had one of those!"
I asked him where and when he told me the town, about 2 hour from here, I looked up the address of a puppy from me that lived in that town. I asked if he was at (that address), he said yes, and I told him "That dog came from here!"

I have not bred a litter in 11 years and after the puppy is a year old I only have contact with the people if they contact me.
(Except, I remember emailing folks to let them know the DNA fanconi status of their dog's parents and what that meant for their dog. )

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I have a girl that is almost 15, no apparent problems. She has become 'picky' in her old age, and too skinny for my liking. 6 months ago she had a dental, and I always do an 'old dog' workup before anesthesia, so I know she is medically healthy. (plus, she just acts healthy)

I started cooking chicken breasts in the crock pot, let it cool to skim off the little fat there, and chop the breast really small.
Promise gets a tablespoon of this on her food at each meal (well stirred because if not, she picks out the chicken)

She's not getting much at each meal, she eats her dog food because of it, and like I've told her, she is my oldest dog - she has seniority! I put a spoonful in a muffin tin, freeze it, and put the frozen chunks in a bag - makes it easy to grab in the am for the day.

It's working, she's not so skinny.

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I had one female that barooed, and any dog I kept that had her in their background, barooed.
I had another that made no sound, and any dog I kept that had her in their background, were also silent.
They seem to be living until 15-16, and this never changed.

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If you were walking with someone, who you recently met, and you came to a fork in the road. Neither of you knows which is the way to go to get to your destination -
2 things can happen:

  1. The other person is obviously unsure which way to go, seems like he might even be a little scared of making the wrong decision

2 . The other person says, let's go left, and acts like he knows where he's going.

In which scenario are you going to feel more confident about trusting the other person?

IME, our basenjis are the same way. They feel more confident when you exhibit confidence. I've even used a 'happy' voice and have seen results.

Once, the vet tech was taking my dog, on leash, to the back without me. She used a quiet voice, trying to convince the dog to come with her. I showed her what he needed, he needed for HER to act like it's the most normal thing in the world for him to come with her, that she knew where she was going.
His demeanor changed immediately.

I have a dog that is very sensitive to voice tones. I never use and 'angry' voice with her, she immediately shuts down. A 'happy' voice is what she needs. I have 2 lines of basenjis, totally different. One is more sensitive and I've had to use a 'happier' tone with them - I think it's in their DNA, which determines how they react to the world around them.
Your puppy just might be a little more sensitive

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Our first basenji, if she could get access to a bowl, would lie with it in front of the tv and just stare. It was the cutest thing!
I have no trouble with them in the spring, but in the fall I use the month before to gradually change their internal clock. It works, but it's very gradual.

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My Gretchen's seizure story, if there's anything here that might help:

Last year she was 13, and had a seizure every 4 days or so. The third time I took her to the vet.
The choice of meds was

  1. phenobarbitol (sp?) - after doing a little research, it seemed to have some danger and neede periodic bloodwork to test her liver???.
  2. Levetiracetam - for basenjis, because they are under 30 lbs, they have to be given the pill every 8 hours. My life allows me to do that, so that's what she got. It needs no periodic bloodwork like the pheno. She has been on it for 6 mos, and has had 1 seizure, so I'm thinking this is the one.
    I buy it at Costco and it is about $30 per month. (I found out one does not have to be a member of Costco to use their pharmacy)
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With that description, and that photo, I'd say definitely a BASENJI mix.
Addie is very fortunate she gets to live with you!

Does she smell like a dog when wet? If not, that's some basenji DNA making its appearance.

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