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@evillemon said in How to start showing:

I guess I should also add I do currently have a basenji! He is a yearish old, two this spring. He is intact (but we are soon clipping him I think)
Thank you for the advice! I will look into the club in my area. Missouri (St Louis area) btw

I assumed she meant neutering

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Looking back to when I got my very first basenji, a pet, the one thing I remember is that she taught us to never let a basenji do something that you are going to disallow in the future. Of course not everything can be planned ahead.

I bough her a pig ear' to chomp, kept it in a lower kitchen cabinet. Not long after, I learned this was NOT a healthy treat so threw it away. Until the day she died, 10-12 years later, she'd sit by that cabinet and whine, until I opened it to show her there were no pig ears in there.
This was really no big deal, but I imagine if it had been a chair that she was not allowed on. They just do not forget. Anything.

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I have found that if a basenji is left alone for long periods, it will FIND something to do, many times not what we would call good dog behavior. In a crate, in my experience, that has been screaming (sometimes I\we wish they would just bark!) One can only imagine how it will find something to do if left alone in a home.

That being said, I think it's FANTASTIC that you are asking this question now. If asked AFTER you got a basenji, it would probably result in an unhappy basenji.

I would not rule out a B forever, but maybe someday your life will accommodate the quirks of the breed better, and you and the B will spend many many, happy years together.

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2 thoughts, just things I thought of while reading this:

What you described (I think) as disorientation, that was what my Gretchen did for a couple of years before she started having real, can't deny it, seizures. When she did have them the first thing I thought of was how she just stood and stared for a few seconds before. I concluded they were related. Nothing like that has happened since she started taking the seizure medicine.

My husband was frying eggs 20 years ago, and I saw him just stand real still, shake for a minute, then fall. It looked like a seizure to me. The EMTs took him to the hospital, the doctors did whatever drs do, and said he had low blood sugar, and nothing like that has happened again.

(totally not basenji related, but gives us a laugh when we think of it now - my son Nick was about 6, was right there and saw it too, and while I was down on the floor said "You think maybe we should turn off the stove?" I had always thought he was born a little adult)

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To me, definitely a basenji mix. I have seen registered basenjis who are not square, 'curvy' topline. She is not as refined as a female basenji but that might be the mix showing up.

The howling noises are very basenji to me.

A few basenji characteristics she may/may not have:
Licks herself when wet, like a cat, does not have a doggy odor when wet, picks a particular time of day, and goes nuts, consistent with the time of day. Has a hard time controlling herself when a small critter, especially a rabbit is near.

Thinking she is part basenji will buy her a few 'oh well, that's the basenji part showing up' when she does something that a regular dog will get reprimanded for. With Lexi, roll up a newspaper and swat YOURSELF for not giving her a baseni proof environment!

Your life with Lexi will never be boring!

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He is completely comfortable, and feels safe to sleep in such a vulnerable position.

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All my basenjis did this, sometimes with chewed up grass included, sometimes just the foam. If that's all they did, I watched for worse things, and they never happened.

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Monica's (my daughter) first Shiba cross was crossed with a Pom. He was about a year old when she got him and just full of energy. She would put him on a leash, stand, and turn in a circle and he'd pace around and around. He had the most beautiful effortless side gait.

Saw the new pics you posted, don't you just love it when they cross their front legs? Makes him look innocent (or guilty????) Have fun!

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@tanza said in Charlie! Basenji mix rescue.:

I would guess maybe a Shiba mix

That's what I was thinking.
Monica has 2 Shiba mixes (rescues) and they look a lot like this boy.

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