Baby-Basenji and two big happy labs

Hello. My basenji (3-month) and I live in Moscow. :p

She is brindle

with her 'mom'

Welcome (from USA) to our group. You will find lots of combined experience and tips here to help with health and training and just general information.
Your pup looks a lot like my first basenji - it brings back memories.
The first picture almost looks as if he is saying - "hold on boys this is my basket"

Thank you very much i hope to stay there for a long time

Oh my goodness she is too sweet! I love brindle b's πŸ˜ƒ

Beautiful pup! Such a sweet expression.

I love the labradors too, I have 6 of them myself πŸ˜ƒ They are wonderful basenji companions!

Welcome to the forum! Great pics and lovely pups πŸ™‚

Oh she is beautiful! I love the brindle!

Welcome from Canada - such a lovely pair of dogs. They look like the best of friends. πŸ™‚

Thank You all for your answers!

I have also Great Dane, i'd like to introduce my basenji with πŸ™‚ but a little afraid

Hello and welcome to the forum:D

Welcome to the forum.
She looks like little tiger :D.

Welcome! Your dogs are lovely, especially the basenji (of course).
Anne in Florida (USA)

Welcome to the forum

Our new photos from Eurasia dog show in Moscow (we was not signed in)

She's beautiful, whats her name.
I like the stacked pictures, i try to stack my Pup even though we're not showing her but i'm not very good at it 😞

She is Itury Puzzle Laela Limber (Imba at home)
she didn't want to stand good

She looks very handsome…... πŸ˜ƒ I like her!

she's very cute. my first basenji had a lab.

What a lovely girl. In my experience Basenjis get on with giant dogs and vice versa so I hope she soon merets your Great Dane.

Imba already met Great Dane, it was quite good to see that. The big one thinks that basenji is some kind of dog toy, but plays with it very carefully. I have no photos of that meeting because girls are run everywhere in the house very fast. All photos that i get is too bad.

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