How Big will My Basenji's Neck get?

When we first got Roo he was 8 weeks old and had a tiny neck. We were fortunate enough to find a small Martingale collar, but the width of that collar is only 3/8". We would like to find a Martingale Collar that is 3/4" in width, but we currently would need it in size 8-12". Roo is getting stronger as he grows, so if any one has any suggestions where we might find one in that size and width we would appreciate it. We would also like to know how big his neck will eventually get so we can go ahead and buy that one in preparation. We figure somewhere between 12 and 16 inches.

Jason and Miranda

I use 1 inch collars by Bison, the 10-16" size works well for all my dogs. I went with the Bison collars because they are the only quick release buckle collar that has been rugged enough for my basenjis. Bison started out as a climbing company so their materials had to be rugged enough for climbers, that quality has also been present in the collars that I have gotten from them.

For martingales and slip leads, I buy from All Hounds Apparel, She does several different widths. I like at least 1 inch for my dogs for any walking collar and prefer the widest I can get for coursing slip leads.

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