• We all look forward to updates and photos as your new b grows.

  • Congrats on your new baby! I love the name Dolce, it is very pretty. You can still do all of the obedience and agility and everything you want with her. If you do want to show her you will not be able to spay her though. She has some white on her ears that I wonder what will happen to? She is a cutie though, I mean what Basenji puppy is not a cutie?

  • My Nicky has a fairly wide face-stripe that flows into a wide white 'shawl' that ends in a perfect point at her shoulder blades. With a black 'kiss spot' in the middle of her forehead. Way more white than any basenji I had ever had. She was likely "BYB" and is the opposite of good form, but most everyone thinks she is very pretty and comments on "her markings'. Years ago I thought a lot of white was 'bad' but as we see more and more dogs with 'odd' markings, I love them! They are not 'mismarked', they are 'specially marked'!

    Congratulations, she is adorable, and wonderful that you two chose each other.

  • If you do ask, it was the "Xtra" themed litter, you can see many of he dogs on the contender page and grand champions page- if you ask to see litter pictures from then and compare them to the dogs you see on those contender pages its amazing…. Pups change so much as they age. But it is so interesting to see that particular litter from 3 weeks old til now.

  • First Basenji's

    I have been studying pictures of puppies from their birth to 8 weeks and so on and I can def see that the colors grow and get darker and wider or what not so I am curious to see what happens!

    The name took me awhile is has a few meanings.. I heard this phrase in Italian, La dolve vita, meaning the sweet life. Also my brother watched this movie Bruno (not really a great movie) but, the main character kept repeating, "Thats a Dolce" or somthing like that and my bro would just repeat it over and over and over to annoy me but after awhile I got a kick out of it. I was going through different names and it just stuck. Also my brother is going away to Afghanistan in the summer for his first deployment with the national guard so I wanted to do something for him that will always remind me of him when he is away.

  • First Basenji's

    Mac Pack, I just went on your page and saw one of your friends that had a pic of their dog Chico and it is exactly what I was looking for just to see an example of the possible future for my dog. OMG he is soo handsome! I'm in love with his uniqueness.

    Oh also I do not plan on showing. I am saying that in the future one day I may with another B but I want to take it slow right now.. just enjoy a pet

  • Keep in mind that as a B puppy grows the white does not. It stays the same and so if you see a pup with a thin white strip on its face, it will be gone by the time they are 6 months. Same many times with a large white strip that goes across the head into the white collar, by the time them are 6 to 8 months it will develop a break and fill in with the base coat color.

  • Shelia and Pam are great. I was looking for an older B companion for our 15yro male. His sister passed in early December 2011. We have been blessed with Eldorados Zinfandel, or Dell. I felt that getting him a puppy would drive him crazy. The girls agreed and felt that Dell would be a wonderful fit for our family, and she really has been.
    BUT, I should warn you... Basenjis are like potato chips, you just can't take one! I was NOT an animal person, but my husband really needed a connection from a pet. We got our first B 16 years ago. Called the breeder when our pup was about 10 months old to ask if she was producing another litter. We have been a 2 dog home since, and always will be. There is no one word you could use to describe a basenji, and I think that is one of their most appealing traits. Okay, maybe imp might be the word...
    You will find this forum a wealth of information. You have every reason to be extremely excited for your new arrival. Your life will never be the same. Basenjis have a way of touching your heart. I just can't imagine life with any other kind of dog. I am sure you will feel the same way too.

  • Watching 2 basenji play and snuggle will bring a smile to your face every time. These are just the best dogs ever.

  • Hi Vickayx, First let me say Dolce looks adorable. Her white face only makes her look distinguishd. As far as I can determine the only thing mentioned in Basenji Standards is that white should not predominate for her overall appearance and from what you have written you really dont seem to be planning on showing anyway. Years ago I bred Rodesians to show but as I got older I decided that what I wanted most was a little snuggle bug and went to rescue B's. spacicfically those who had had a hard life before me. We now have 2 four legged children who are always rooing to show how happy they are. Enjoy your new baby and remember to try and not let her know she is smarted.

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