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I found another toy that she loves and it's mess free, part of the nyla bone family…

What's great about it is that there are treats on both ends that are hard to get to so they start to chew the nylabone right away. I know some dogs take a while to show interest but this gets them into it right away. And once there are chew marks all over it they seem to chew on it more often.

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They are funny little dogs. When my boyfriend and I are messing around Alani will do a really loud short Baroo to him. She's always on my side it's awsome.

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With ANY breed you'll find the "common" characteristics which all are stated above but the same goes, that with ANY breed you'll have your randoms too.

I know I've read in here that many B owners have or had a B that didn't like to cuddle hardly at all but would lay close at night time when it was time for bed. Mine does, however love to cuddle (thankfully).

Also, my girl would need to be washed once a week if we didn't want to smell any odor. She doesn't get the typical dog smell but she does get stinky and I have yet to see her bathe herself like a cat. The only thing she does is roll around on the floor after she eats something or gets something on her (not a very effective bath).

My B is very good with kids and when she sees a cat she pays no attention but we don't have one so I'm not really sure how she'd be with one in the house.

She had one period where she was shedding quite a bit but I think it was right before spring and it was probably a seasonal thing otherwise I hardly ever see any fur.

And I'm not sure if I saw anything about this in the above threads however you should definately be warned they (I'm pretty sure ALL) LOVE to chew. You constantly have to have chew toys or everything becomes a toy.

And there you have my two cents.

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Senji doesn't really like toys. He has a ball that he will retrieve ONCE, and then he's not interested anymore. He doesn't bolt anymore either, since he knows he'll get walked. He used to bolt all the time when he lived with my brother and his family, because they hardly ever walked him. They just kept him tied out on a long leash. He isn't destructive any more. Once in a while, he'll tear up some papers if he gets frustrated. My grandma used to keep tissues up her sleeve, and it was hilarious to watch Senji poking his snout up her sleeve to snatch the tissues. I don't know if this is a basenji trait, but he likes to pee and poop on an incline…the steeper the hill the better! Sometimes I think he's part mountain goat!

This doen't really have any relevance (I already posted my non-basenji traits) but I had to laugh at this comment. My grandma does the same thing, I always thought that was a little funny. And my B also likes to pee and poop on hills. It makes it a little tough to get to especially when the grass is wet.

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I used to play games with mine like hide and seek. You throw something to they chase it then go ditch them. Chase each other around the house. Ringo used to love running by me really fast and I'd touch him like I was trying to get him. He loved it!

That's so funny, I play both of those games with Alani and she absolutely loves it. Hide and seek is my favorite, I'll hide and call her name in a low voice and she'll look in the room, leave and search another room and I'll call her again and then usually after 3 or 4 times she'll find me and just like when you're little she'll get a little scream from the anticipation from me which she thinks is pretty funny.

And of course she love to play tug of war/fetch.

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Well for those who have never seen one. I myself was unfamiliar but I can definately see how someone might of a rat terrier when trying to figure out what our dogs are.

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however I know every day there is a risk that they will chew up something. Like opening a closet door, pulling out all the dirty laundry and making it unnecessary to bother washing.

😃 lol Easy way to cut back on the laundry. Alani figured out how to open our linen closet one night…but it gave me a valid reason to redecorate the bathroom 😉

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Hmm, lets see Alani lacks many traits that are strong B qualities. She also does not bolt through the door unless it's one of us leaving and even then she just bolts out and then stands there and waits like 'ok lets go…where we going?'. She also LOVES people, we're trying to get her to not jump up which is difficult becuase she gets so excited when she sees someone. She licks more than I thought she would. She still doesn't lick as much as other dogs and her licks aren't wet at all, which is nice. I guess the last thing would be that she doesn't over exhert herself to get into things. Unless it's right out there in the open for her to get into she doesn't bother with it. Oh yeah, and the only time she does the B-500 is when she gets yelled at for something.

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Alani too knows when she has done something and tries to get forgiveness. When we play around and she bites to hard there's always an 'OWE' then I'll stop playing. She knows she's hurt me and will get in my face and lick me until I pet her and tell her it's ok. But she's very persistant with it, I've tried pushing her away (sorry, I was upset..felt bad later) but she'll jump right back up and get in my face until I forgive her. It's really hard to stay mad when she does this.

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Although this treat is definitely a conversation piece, we do not suggest that you bring it with you on a first date. It has been known to cause severe blushing. This is one of the most popular treats in the pet world and it is no secret that dogs love it. This 12” bully stick boasts that bigger is better and is made right here in America. You can have the peace of mind that they were manufactured under our country’s regulations and standards.

That definately makes you lean (heavily) towards which tendon it's coming from :eek: . But in any case because I have such a spoiled little girl I'll have to pick some up, sounds like it's a favorite for many B's.

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