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Are you west of Indy as in Indianapolis IN?
I am in Lebanon if you are.
I adopted from BRAT in Nov of O5 and I was very impressed with them as an organization. They made sure that my basenji and I were a good fit and the people are so nice.
I also ended up with an amazing little boy who I wouldnt trade for anything.
Check on the BRAT website, I know of one that is available to the right home, but there are usually more that are in the process of being posted. Get your home visit scheduled and let them know you and know what kind of B you are looking for and they may be able to find you one.

Hurry up and get yours, its almost "dog park" weather:)

My Squiggy and my sister's Petey love to go to the Eagle creek park. Maybe we will see you there!:)

Yes I am just west of Indy, not too far from Lebanon I guess.
Yes I have already applied and have been intially contacted by BRAT yesterday. I hope to hear back again on the status soon.

I'll keep you updated, cross your fingers !

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I have terrible pet dander allergies..and I own 2 basenjis. My allergies don't act up too bad but we also bath them pretty often & these dogs also keep themselves pretty clean.

However I would not get this kind of dog only because they're good for allergy sufferers. They are SOOOOO much work that the benefits would NOT outweigh the cost 😞

My sister owns two Bichon Frise who also are very good dogs for allergy sufferers & they hardly shed. I do pretty well with them too.

Good luck

Thanks for the insight,. Yes to be clear I am not getting a Basenji based solely on the potential allergy benefit. I've been in love with these guys for along time.

It's just lately that I am able to actually devote enough time to consider adopting one !

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Curious to find out everyone's experience with pet allergies and a basenji.
Anyone hear or someone they know have some pet allergies but have been able to live with basenji's ?
A side question is , has anyone had a chance to use allergy sprays like Allerpet ? And are they affective at all ?

I don't have allergies but my wife has some, just curious, thanks for your insight.

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Ok nevermind I think I was able to find her contact info online.


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Thanks CMD as well. I was not aware there was one nearby in Danville.
If you could provide her info as well, I would be more than apprectiave.

Thanks again .

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Bob, have you talked to Linda Pence of Baruh Basenjis? She is in Westfield. Let me know if you need her phone number.

Ahh Great! No I have not, please pm me her info.

Thank you !

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Well as I said in the welcome thread, I live just west of Indy, and have been wanting a Basenji for a few years, my daughter is finally old enough where it is practical, as well as my schedule will now allow me to invest in one

I am looking to make a Basenji part of our family and and spoil her or him rotten.;)

Due to my wife's allergies we must have a purebred, but I am trying to obtain one at a somewhat "reasonable" price if possible. However I really can't put a price on what he would mean to us. so… let me know !!

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Greetings all.

AC here, I am located in Avon, Indiana. I have been having Basenji on the Brain for the last 6 months trying to locate one, and I am to the point of desperation:p.

Obviously that's how I stumbled upon this fantastic site.
Look forward to seeing all the pics and hearing the stories from all the lucky Basenji Owner's. Hopefully I'll be joining those ranks very soon.

Due to my wife's allergies we must have a purebred, but I am trying to obtain at a somewhat reasonable price.

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Yes I'll be glad to adopt Baroo ASAP !
Let me know, I am desperately looking for a Basenji. 😞

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