• So im staying with my parents due to some very unfortunate circumstances. Most of you know all about Anubis. Well anyways Ive got him with me while staying here. They have 3 inside cats. Whats the best way to teach him to NOT chase the cats? He's always trying to chase them….he gets this "Look" on his face, gets his ridge going, and stalks them. He's been swatted and hissed at and he thinks its a game and still tries to get to them. Ive corrected him and tried to distract him with a toy, making him sit and look at me when the cats walk by, or making him lay down. Sometimes it works over half the time it doesnt. Whats the best way to handle this? I know his behavior is a prey drive. Chasing them when they run. Any ideas are welcomed!!

  • Hi Anubis mummy, we find the best way is a spray bottle of water, we have the pump action types for long range and have a few in strategic places in the house.
    We did start early with this when Malaika was a pup and are using the same method with Kwame but i see no reason why it wouldn't work with Anubis.
    If they mess at all with the cats they get a quick squirt and a "Leave it !" , make sure you get in there before the behaviour realy starts.
    There is a theory that you shouldn't let them see where the water comes from, this is so if you aren't there the Basenji may still think the water will come if they mess with the cats.
    Malaika knows it's us that squirt her and we only need to show her the bottle now to get compliance.
    We don't leave the Basenjis unsupervised with the cats and always make sure the cats have safe places to go.

    Our weapons of Cat defence 😃

  • Some b's can change this behavior some can't. Keeping the cats safe, by having a room they can stay in also works.

  • Kipawa wants to play and lick our cats. However, our cats are not fond of doggie spit! We use a spray bottle quite effectively and sometimes we need to physically break things up. It's so odd because most of the time he will ignore the cats. They do have safe places (as Sharron mentioned) - a very large/tall cat tree (piece of sturdy driftwood) with three sleeping levels.

  • Haha I LOVE the pic Thunderbird! Water bottles are a good idea. I went out and got one at Dollar General today for cheap. Tried it out and WHALA! It works! He shakes his head and runs to the recliner and lays down when he gets squirted. The cats can go in the den or in their Cat tree hideout. They have a multi level tree with little sleeping levels and tube things they can go in. They know he cant get them there. In such a short time he's begun to just STARE at them now when they slink their way into the living room. And he'll look at me a few times to see what Im doing (I think he figured out Im the cause of his getting wet lol).

  • Just be careful when you are not there to "watch"… that is when trouble is likely to happen

  • When I am not watching Anubis is behind a gate in the Hall. The cats cant go in the hall due to the gate. It is a 3 1/2ft tall gate with a door on it so we can walk through. He cant climb it and doesnt try to jump it. We put him in the back Hall behind the gate when we cant watch him and he just chews his bones till we let him out. His crate is in there as well and he is crated when we leave the house.

  • Glad to hear you.ve had some sucess, Anubis's mummy 🙂

  • We have two cats and two Basenji?s, but the basenji?s grew up with the oldest cat.
    They live togehter as a family, but the first meeting between Buana (oldest Basenji) and Spaik (oldest cat) was heavy
    Spaik was so mad at us he went under the bed and didn't show himselfe, when Buana got to close he hit Buana.

    Cats usually need time to get used to them, for you I think you need to watch them the first weeks constantly.
    From their behavior you can see how it's goint between them

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