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I'm amazed by the quantity of quality information I got on this forum.
Special thanks to kjdonkers and Buddys Pal for the last 2 answers.

The books you guys linked are just awesome. The descriptions of the books are amazing and thats exactly what i need (it's almost like if the author wrote it for me XD )

I didnt know that the eye contact was an ''issue'' , that explains lots of things :p
I have yet to learn MANY THINGS about dogs in general and basenjis in particular.
These books are going to help me considerably.

I want to thank everybody for the time you took to read my extremely long posts and to make the effort to understand my terrible english
That means alot to me.
Me and Lady will never be able to thank you enough.
I will keep you updated on her progress and i'll post pictures when we visit her dog breeder 🙂

Special thanks to agilebasenji, dropit, eeeefarm, kjdonkers, Chealsie508, Buddys Pal
You guys are amazing to take some of your time to help and share your knowledge with people like me who are new to the dog world 🙂

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Shes just about 2 1/2 years old 🙂

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I just wanted to share a few pictures of my beautifull Pure blood Brindle Basenji.
Let me know what you think 🙂

This is the website i use for my mechanic youtube channel so i dont usually have dog pictures on it.
So if you look at the other stuff its not gonna be dog related, the only dog related page is the one you will reach with the link.!dog/c1pyb

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Right, I understand my dog better now with all the help i got on this forum.

I'd love to find a trainer that is used to basenjis , but since these dogs are not common here, i may have to go to another city to find a real trainner. Im thinking that a regular dog trainer won't necessarily be able to deal with Lady. Im I wrong ?
Id also love to visit the place where Lady came from (dog breeder), im guessing they will have some good advices for me and they will be able to hook me up with a good trainner for these dogs.

Lady is really not that bad at all these days.
I used the info i got on this forum and Lady definitely improved in her behavior.
Now when she steals something, i trade it for a toy and shes happy to trade it.
I place my valuable items far away from her reach so thats not a problem anymore.
She still steals some socks and shoes and things, but oh well, not nearly as bad as before.
The owner is part of the problem too i guess.

The only real problem she still has is : When I come back from work, i take her out so she can do her *1 and *2.
If i take her back in and I go back out for a few minutes, i come back with pee on the floor.
I guess that, as many said here, its a anxietie issue.
She thinks im going away or something and her reaction is to pee.

The thing i dont understand is :
If i dont work tomorow and i wake up in the morning, ill take her out for a *1 and *2.
We go for a walk, we go back in and we play for like 2 hours.
After the 2 hours of playing, i go out for any reason for a few minutes, and i come back with no pee on the floor and no damage at all.
She is usually sleeping on the couch.

My understanding of it is :
When shes alone when im at work, shes anxious. I come back from work, shes very happy, we go outside together and then i leave her alone again (just for a few minutes).
She thinks im leaving her and she pees on the floor.
But when we play on a different day, and I go outside, shes not anxious and knows im comming back so she doesnt pee.

The thing is, this dog seems to be incredibly intelligent and emotionally dependent. I guess that she's like that because i'm the only one who take really good care of her since she's born. I'm also the only person in her life who did not abandoned her. And im the only one who give her love.
I'm also with her every day and I play with her every day and we go for walks together every day and she sleeps with me every day.
So I understand the causes of her behaviors now.

She's just an emotionally dependent really clever dog who do everything she can to grab the attention of the only person who love her. A dog that panic and become anxious when she's alone and i'm not with her because she doesn't want me to abandon her.
Very understandable.
Perhaps time is going to show her that my intention is to love her and take good care of her until her last days.

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They are beautifull ! Im actually from Quebec ! We are not that far from each other.
The 1st picture is my favourite

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Thank you very much agilebasenji
Ill definitely try these toys since i think its a good idea and they are quite cheap. Love it.
Unfortunately I dont store Lady's food in the original bag so i dont have the brand of the food, but ill go to the pet shop soon to see whats the brand. Ill take a picture to show you what it is. The pet shop owner told me this was the best food i could get for her. I sure hope so for 80$ a small bag.
Can i see pictures of your basenjis somewhere on this forum ? Lady and I would love to see them.

I plan to visit the dog breeder from where Lady came from in the summer with Lady so she can see her friends.
She doesnt have lots of occasions to see some friends and she didnt see a Basenji since she left the place where she was born.
Do you think its a good idea ? Id love to see her running with her kin .

BTW is there many brindle basenji owners here ? Shes a pure blood but it seems that brindle is more rare ? Is that correct ?

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If you go on this webpage, you will see 10 pictures that i took of Lady.
I couldnt figure out how to upload pictures on this website.

I threw in a picture of my girlfriend and her last dog.

This is my website for my mechanic youtube channel, I dont usually put dog pictures on this website so if you look the other stuff its not gonna be dog related.
The only dog realted page is this one :!dog/c1pyb

Let me know what you think because shes one of the most beautifull Basenji ive seen (i only saw pictures of other basenjis)
BUT you will know if shes beautifull or if she looks normal :p

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Awesome answers.
I was hoping for some good information but you guys are wonderfull.
I love each of your answers.

EEEEEFARM - Thanks for your answer

The previous familly was not really good for Lady. The mother was a university student and she had a full time night job at the same time so she didnt have time to take care of the dog.
The father was working all day.
And there were 2 kids, a 4 year old boy and a 6 year old girl.
The dog was in a cage from 7:30 AM to 17:30 PM. And then again from 21:00 PM to 6:30 AM. Thats not good.
The father told me that he had a golden retriever before and he was expecting Lady to have the same behavior (what a dumb person)
But they wanted a special kind of dog and they paid big money for Lady from a very good dog breeder.
The only thing he was doing with the dog was to watch tv with her…..
I asked if he took her for walks sometimes and he told me that the roads were too dangerous for that.... What an excuse, i guess that his beer and tv were more important.
So the only person playing with the dog was the 2 young kids. They were yonger when they got the puppy, they had her for a year and a haft before they sold her.
The only toys she owned when i got her was : An old shoe, an old glove, a towel, and a freakin piece of wood.

I love your idea to swap the thing that she takes and trade it for one of the toys she now own. I bought her loads of toys. The has about 10 different toys that i bought at the pet shop, she plays with them but she prefers the stuff shes used to : shoes, gloves, socks..... So steels these items and loves to run away with them. As somebody said, she probably dont even know its bad because the previous owner didnt teach her anything, i have to keep that in mind.

Also, when she puts her hands on my arm at the table and i move her away (very gently) and i say NO, i understand now that i shouldnt give up because as you said, its rewarding for her to have persistency because i start playing with her or taking care of her.

I quote ''but I am also very sensitive to the retching that precedes vomiting'' I didnt know how to explain that in english but my dog does exactly that. Unfortunatly sometimes im sleeping with she starts the ''retching'' so i wake up to see my dog vomiting on the bed ahahah
I do not blame her at all, because when i feel sick , i dont feel like jumping on the floor either :p But still, when you wake up and you have to go to work, you have to clean up the entire bed, its not very nice :p But this doesnt really bother me, it does bother my girlfriend because none of her previous dogs did that.

I quote '' When she is not bothering you (even for a minute}, that is the time to say "good girl" and go play with her.'' ill definitly try that, thats sounds really good to me , thanks.

kjdonkers - Thanks for your answer.

I quote ""It's wonderful you took in a dog that her previous owner could't keep.''
Sadly its not that they couldnt keep her, its because she wasnt behaving the way they wanted and they gave up on her. Fortunatly they were smart enough to sell the dog at a costly price to make sure that she was going to a good familly. And fortunately they decided to sell her because they knew they were not treating her right.

She doesnt walk enough, understood. She will walk even more, but sadly its winter here in quebec /canada and there is lots of snow. It doesnt seem to bother Lady very much, but im affraid she will get cold (especially her feet). Shes got a tiny jacket to keep her warm but would it be a good idea to get some slippers as well?
I dont know if Basenjis are supposed to like the cold or not. Lady seems to enjoy the snow.

Shes not alone very long, because im with her from midnight to 15:30 and my girlfriend comes back from work at 16:30
I dont know how my girlfriend treats my dog when im not at home though. Because yes, Lady is MY dog. She was supposed to be OUR dog, but when my girlfriend saw that it was an energetic and sometimes miss-behaved dog, she also gave up on Lady.
Believe me or not, after 1 month of poo and pee on the floors and bed and damaged doors trims and items, she wanted to get RID of Lady.
I said to her : Are you serious that you took this poor dog away from her familly and that you want to get RID of it like if it was a bad car or something ? I said, if you have a baby one day and hes blind of hes not as intelligent, will you get rid of him/her? I said, well from now on , Lady is part of my family, so YOU will walk out of that door before Lady leave, let me tell you that.
She said that if i wanted to keep the dog, i had to pay my part because we had split the 600$ price.
So i took Lady, walked with her to the bank which is about 5 minutes away from my house, took 300$ and went home. Dropped the 300$ on the table and didnt say a word.

Feed her twice a day, got it.

stay CALM when she transgresses, got it. Im always very smooth with her. Im probably very stupid but in my mind, if shes happy im happy, when i take something away from her , i do say NO, but 3 seconds later i'm petting her ...
I do spend lots of time with her, i love to play with her and it might sound wierd but Lady is my best friend. so i dont like stopping her from doing things because i like when shes happy. Its like if a parent want to be the friend of their child , it will never work. Ive got to learn that.

She is indeed very intelligent, i know that because she does things that amazes me. Sometimes she almost look human-like.
For exemple if im petting her and i stop, she will usually sigh to say like : ohhh , why are you going away.. :p

For the vets, i thrust my vet and he loves Lady because Basenji are rare here.
I go for visits to make sure everything is okay regularly. I also trust the owner of one of the big pet shops here who also love Lady because she's special and beautifull. He gives me some good advices on the toys that are good for her and the food also.

dropit - Thanks for your answer.

Im obligated to make sure that she cant grab anything because otherwise she WILL grab anything she can reach.
The cover on the couch is a very good idea and i will try that for SURE.
I quote '' her previous owner who was obviously stupid and not a dog lover. If you are persistent you will continue to make slow improvement''
I agree thanks for your encouragement.

DebraDownSouth - Thanks for your answer.

agilebasenji - Thanks for your answer.

thanks for your encouragement, im happy i got that much usefull answers.
i quote '' she knows when she's done wrong. Well, maybe, but maybe not.'' I agree, sometimes I take for granted that shes intelligent like a human because shes sometimes sooo smart. BUT ive got to understand, perhaps she doesnt have the sense of logic i think she has and i always take for granted that she can use logic... Perhaps the dog is more clever than the owner, oh well, she loves me anyway ahaha :p
I quote '' go get a tasty treat and offer a trade for the not-for-basenji item'' i love that idea, ill try that for sure.
Thanks for the books author , im going to look for them at my local book stores 🙂 I do love to read and i love the PDF you provided, im going to read that tonight.
I quote ''I use a down instead of a sit, but either way, it will teach your dog to relax and chill, while you do things like answer the door, eat dinner, or whatever you need. ''
I love that idea, Lady does sit when i ask her to, (and she looks gorgous when she sits and stares at me , I love her)
So im gonna use that to my adventage and even use some treats to help me.

I quote ''PS, Your English is lovely. I've always admired people who were good with languages''
Thanks a lot, it takes me lots of time to write these posts with my dictionary to make sure that the words are written correctly so that you can barely understand what i mean.

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Im sorry because it looks like my questions are very basic for you and i almost look like a fool, but Lady is my first dog and Basenji's are not easy to deal with , especially as a first dog.

I appreciate your answer but i need more informations if you please.

The vomit thing surprises me because she does eat before she goes to bed because i work from 16 to midnight every day so when i come back from work, she wakes up and wants to eat.

My girlfriend feeds her aroud 17:00 with a small portion and she also eats a small portion at midnight
She also eat when i wake up in the morning. So she eats 3 times a day with small portions.
She also eat some dog cookies that my girlfriend likes to cook and some that i buy at the pet shop.

You are right that she probably dont even think about moving when she has to vomit, but in my mind shes intelligent enough to realize that she shouldnt do that on the bed. I have to remember shes a dog, not a human.

I understand that i have to say no when she puts her hands on my arm at the table or at the computer, but what you have to undertand is that I say no, then i move her away, and she comes back and does the same thing . She can do it dozens of times until i start playing with her or give her my attention. (it hurts because she's holding to my arm with her ''claws'' and she doesnt want to let go at all.

When she finally goes away (it does happen sometimes) she jumps on the couch and starts digging into it like if it was dirt.
Then I say : LADY ! NO!
She takes a look at me, then starts digging again.
Then i get up , she stops digging, looks at me, and when i start moving in her direction she runs away and im not able to catch her.
I guess for her its pretty fun and its a good game, but its not a really good behaviour.

And when i eat at the table sometimes and i ask her to go away, she does and goes on the couch and doesnt do a single noise.
Thats because she's starting to bite the cushions of the couch and she gets rid of the filling of the cushions. After the cushions are empty, she lays down into the filling and sleeps… (she does that in 5 or 10 minutes)

So when i eat, she puts her hands on my arm, i say NO and move her away.
She does that for a couple of times until shes tired of it.
Then she goes away and destroy my couch, so i have to get up to see whats shes doing all the time.
When she sees that im comming to see her, if she did empty the cushions she runs away because she knows its bad.
If she didnt do anything bad, she looks at me and follow me back at the table and she starts over AHAHAH

Kinda anoying, but I love her anyway.

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Thanks for your answer.
you obviously know what you are talking about.
Its been a bit over 1 month since this post.

Now, Lady will ask for the door when she wants to go pee or poo.
But, sometimes when i go outside for a few minutes without her, she will do it on the floor even if she went outside like 1 hour ago.
It looks like she does it because shes scared that i wont come back or something, i dont know shes my first dog.

But when i come back, as you said she's intelligent and she knows she did something wrong, she runs away and i cant catch her.

She doesnt destroy my stuf nearly as much, but she will still destroy smaller objects like computer mouse, headsets, gloves, shoes, etc.

She usually destroys smaller object that she can grab and go away with them now instead of doors and stuff like that… Thats an improvement :p
But its still sad to see that your dog just destroyed your 100$ headset-_-

I have to make sure that she cant reach anything when i leave her alone even for 2 minutes.

I gave up on the idea to go for walks without leachs because it looks impossible to me. We still go walking everyday but with a leach.

I know that she kinda like to do wrong things because she gets my attention, but what should i do when this happens, like if i see that she got one of my glove and shes eating it. I generally run after her until i catch her and take the glove away from her but i dont really do anything to say her its wrong appart from saying her : NO! BAD DOG..

I quote '' My dog takes things off the table to get my attention then jumps up onto the couch and looks at me as if to say....LOOK AT ME! I think this is inherent in most Basenjis eventhough we give her plenty of attention they need to be included in your family and treated as such. You just have to reach an acceptable medium between both of you. Basenjis work for treats and I would start there, plus get a professional trainer to help you. ''

My dog does exactly that. But i give her a lot of attention.
When i want to look at my emails or something she will come and put her hands on my arm and shes like : Hey ! Lets play! But we were playing 1 minute ago !

And if i say : NO! She will grab something like my computer mouse and run away with it and shes like : Try to catch me now you slow human !
Treats work, im able to do things easier with her with treats.

I should really contact a trainer i think.

So she's not as ''bad'' as she was, but she still have some small issues. (in my opinion shes not bad at all but my girlfriend had lots of dogs before and she says Lady doesnt behave right and she says that Basenji are different from the dogs she had because they dont behave the same way and shes not able to train Lady)

The worst thing right now is

  1. that she pee and poo on the floor when i leave her alone for a few minutes even if she did pee and poo outside 1 hour ago.

  2. that when i try to eat at the table or work on my computer she puts her hand on my arm and she tries to play with me even if we played a few minutes ago or even if we went for a walk a few minutes ago.

  3. that she wont leave me alone when i eat even if i dont give her table food. She can smell the food and she wants some and she wont go away until i stop eating. She puts her hands on my arm when i eat and she wont go away watever i do.

Also, a small issue is that sometimes she vomits for some reasons.
She eats very expensive food that i buy at a local pet shop for 80$ for a small bag.
She vomits about 1 time every 2 or 3 weeks.
My girlfriend says its not a big deal and dogs vomit sometimes.
im not so sure so Im gonna talk about it to my Vet on Lady's next visit.

The issue is that she sleeps in my bed.
This will usually happen in the morning, she wakes up and vomits ON the bed...
I consider my dog very intelligent, but i dont understand why she vomits on her own bed when she can easily jump off and vomit elsewhere.
Thats very anoying.

Sorry for my terrible english, it isnt my first language.
Any idea is welcome.

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