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I agree, the Dodo does have a tendancy to sensationalize, 'tho they do bring some pet health concerns to the attention of Facebook members who might not otherwise be plugged into the dog network. I remember reading that Dodo post myself and thinking "Meh, whatever!" UNTIL I got to the part about dog flu getting to Canada via rescued Soi dogs from asia...Lol, DONALD TRUMP could be tweeting this info and I'd still perk up my ears and do some research 'cuz IMO we really can't afford to ignore animal viruses originating in Asia...

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Welcome Robert,
My name is Alexandra. I'm in Canada & I have 3 male basenjis, all rescues/rehomed. A tri 6 yrs old, a red/white 8 yrs old, and a saddle back red who's 11 yrs old.
Are you on the north or south island? I'm familiar with the Taupo/Rotarua area from visiting friends there...beautiful place!

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I have been wondering how Joey is doing--so glad he's doing well! Did you ever try Clomicalm? Should the need ever arise again, Trazadone is a very benign anti-depressant; It's used in elderly humans with heart conditions and has a pronounced calming/somewhat sedative effect.

For anyone following the thread, Clomicalm is a re-patented version of clomipramine, an old tricyclic antidepressant. It is sold considerably cheaper for humans as Anafranil. It is an old tricyclic anti-depressant, seldom used in humans nowadays because of potential liver toxicity. In my opinion at best it's an ineffective cash grab, at worst it's dangerous. I would steer clear--there are much safer, more modern SSRI's available.

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@giza1 Who are you talking to Joanne, me? Because all of the wonderful breeders you're referring to are doing NOTHING to stop this woman except referring people who ask to other breeders. 3 rescues in less than a year, all with health and temperament problems. Excuse me for being incredibly bitter, but I couldn't save one of her dogs, spent a week going to the ER twice a day for IV antibiotics and needed surgery on my hand because she overbreeds, hasn't got a f*king clue and is irresponsible AND THE REST OF THE BCOC MEMBERS look the other way! There is one canadian basenji breeder I'll recomend, and she's in Vancouver. At this time last year, I spent my Christmas crying over a dog who was under quarantine order, waiting to be released by the County Health Department so I could have him euthanized. You want to talk about our "wonderful canadian breeders" you're part of the problem! They have zero heart and look the other way--as long as they're making money they don't give a sht!

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If you have concerns, contact the BCOC. I've taken 3 of her dogs into rescue in less than a year. I've made a complaint about this particular breeder based on the number of litters, lack of socialisation, health issues and temperament, however I guess they need MULTIPLE complaints before they'll take action of any kind. They essentially told me they couldn't take action and to contact the CKC. This breeder also has a history of selling dogs thru pet stores as recently as 4 yrs ago, which is directly against CKC rules. She has caused me to entirely lose respect for basenji breeders in Canada.

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My tri boy lost hair in spots his first winter with us. I assumed it was a food allergy, but my vet told me most skin problems are caused by environmental sensitivities. Sure enough, I finally realized his problem started in the fall when the furnace came on; His crate was right beside a furnace grate. When I moved his crate, the hair grew back. All of which is to say it'll take some detective work to figure this out.

It does look like a contact dermatitis, 'tho! From the location of the problem, I'd ask if your B spends a lot of time lying on the carpet or his blanket in the "frog" position. If the carpet is wool, has rug shampoo or deodorizer powder residues, a rash could develop in that area. If he "scoots" across the rug on his tummy, it could even be rug burn…If his bedding has accumulated a lot of dust mites or was washed in strong detergents without sufficient rinsing, or a fabric softener was used that could trigger an eczema-like rash, and licking of the area would make it more chapped.

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Wow, what a beautiful boy–he looks like a 5 yr old! His humans obviously take great care of him. What are you feeding?

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Ladybasenji, where are you in Quebec? Montreal? We have a place in Gatineau (Aylmer sector) and one of my dogs might even be related to yours. You're experiences with your girl remind me so much of my first basenji, about 20 years ago–it gets easier, I swear! Let me know if you'd like help with Lady--they're nothing like labs and will never be "obedient" but there are tricks for training them : D

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Try feeding her bran cereal (with NO artificial sweeteners listed in the ingredients!) softened in plenty of water an hour B4 a walk. This has helped me correct crate/indoor pooping issues with several puppy mill fosters by increasing the urge to eliminate; They poop outdoors, giving me a behaviour to reinforce. She might be a shy pooper, too–if you can, find her a screen of tall grass or brush for privacy, don't interupt her with praise or be loud offering it, and never yell or strike her for pooping indoors...many dogs won't potty within sight of their owners for fear of being reprimanded.

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At 1 yr old, I don't consider B's 100% reliably housebroken–there's still a lot of things that can cause accidents: rain or wet grass; the lingering odour of a predator in the area; an upset in routine; travel; food changes etc. My dogs have always been confused by seasonal changes for their first few years--they just get accustomed to pottying on grass in daylight, then overnight it's snow and short days! While I've never found B's to be especially empathetic, it's possible the change in routine or your divided attention caused by the death in your family could affect your dog.

One thing that's always worked for me is what I call a "Bran Bomb": a small amount of very high fibre cereal softened in plenty of water fed just b4 breakfast. It increases the urge to eliminate. It's helped me get a number of fosters on elimination schedules. Just pick a brand low in sugar and with no articicial sweeteners, which are toxic for dogs.

Also, patience is key--many of us are focused on getting to work in the morning, yet some dogs--depending on food--require two bowel movements in the morning.

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