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I'm with kjdonkers, try the Healing Touch for Animals. You may want to try a chiropractor as well. Sounds dumb, but if a nerve is placed wrong, they may be able to help. and yes, I am a breeder, I've had very limited experience with seizures though.

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John Donald has been around for years, but I'm not sure he is breeding anymore. You can send him a line. Last I heard he was on Hiatus from breeding and was ballroom dancing.

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Yes, Jean is about 4 hrs from you. But worth it. But you should at least contact her. don't know if she had puppies this year, but you could ask her. She is Hounds of Timar-you can google her.

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Welcome Sonny and Sonnysdad!

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Where in NY are you from. There are breeders in NY. 8 weeks is way, way too young. And Pat is right about the Fanconi, who has been DNA tested?

Agilebasenji is also correct in that living away from them, it probably will not be 'your' dog. And, unless it's your parents wanting the dog, it's not fair to them either.

Some basenji's shed more than others and some are more vocal than others. I have some that are very, very vocal and then I have some who don't utter anything. Just depends.

Allergies are not usually a problem.

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I do know where Big Pine Key is. I've actually stayed on the Island. But that would be a long drive for me. If I do go down, I will be in painting classes from 9-5.

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Robyn is near Atlanta, GA and will be going to New Smyrna, with side trips to Orlando, and surrounding area. I've travelled extensively through the US, especially FL, so am familiar with a lot of places down there. Strangely enough, I've never been to New Smyrna though! Been down through the keys (which I hated, so commercialized, reminded me of Niagara Falls, On, CA) and all the way up through the middle with side trips down the coasts.

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I'm actually hoping to take a trip down this year to both see Robyn and to take some painting classes. So, you might see me! LOL

Videos and other pics are on my FB page-Dogo Habari Basenjis

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Happy birthday Binti!!

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Ahh, thanks for the encouragement. Sometimes that's the way the cookie crumbles. You just never know what to expect. The vet's receptionist asked me if I was done with breeding after Zina. I told her no, life happens. Zina wasn't supposed to live in the first place.

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