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Basenji Malaika
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Hello Dave and Chantelle, this thread was started in 2010. If you are looking for a Basenji, a good place to start would be the breed clubs. Try googling Northern Basenji club, Basenji club of great britain and basenji owner and breeders club. Pups are usualy born in the latter/early part of the year so it would be a good idea to identify breeders and ask to go on their list.

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what a cute little face he has

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alleycat you're thread has certainly made me smile,seems like our Basenjis could all take the title for pickiest pooper,lol
Our two won't go in the garden at all, they did as pups but not anymore, not sure why as sometimes they must be desperate to go but not neccesarily for a walk as it's raining or something.
I know the feeling of walking them when it's freezing cold or you are short of time and you breath a sigh of relief when they circle, you stand poised with the poo bag in hand, holding you're breath in case you cause a distraction…....................then at the last crucial minute something happens to distract and all is lost, and you have to return home empty handed 😉

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Lovely pictures, Jess

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Very sorry to hear about you're loss
Run free little Leki

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Hello, is Hooligan home with you now ?
What a brilliant name for a Basenji, it just about sums them up,lol

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She's beautiful, what does her name mean ?

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hello and welcome.

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Hello and welcome, you're Basenjis look lovely

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