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3. Positive reinforcement training. Working with your puppy in basic obedience helps to build a relationship between you and your dog and makes sure that you are speaking the same the language. By using positive reinforcement, you teach your puppy that when you are around good things happen which is just what you want for bonding.

Don't let your basenji practice behaviors that you don't want. Set your dog up for success.

Hear hear! Remember, Basenji's are a BRILLIANT breed and will look to out-think you. It's all about what is in it for them… so make it "their" idea in the first place and praise like crazy when they do it.

Good luck with your new puppy!

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Never got to do this after Rocky passed, but wanted to give a place for a shou-out to our fantastic vets who love and work with our B's!

Dr. Dominguez at Bethany Animal Hospital… you helped make Rocky's life a full and quality one. Thanks for dealing with me and my never ending questions, as well as my "gut-feelings". And for never thinking I was crazy to own my beloved boy.

Thanks for knowing what breed he was when he walked in the door, what the breed was like, predisposed to, and knowing what Fanconi Syndrome is and how to treat it. We completely lucked out finding you right in our own backyard. Thank you!!!

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All the crtters sleep in our bed… and hubby still doesn't like it! Rocky would become the immovable object and gain 50#'s the minute he feel asleep. he was also a blanket thief… we'd wake up freezing only to find all the blankets curled around him. Lucky pup.

Since he's been gone, our new pup, Titus Pullo (1/2 shepard, rest lab with a smidge of something we can't quite put our finger on) sleeps with us. He, truly, is 50#'s of immovable sleeping dog.

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Rocky ate all beds… including the one I sleep in (which, in turn, he slept in!). Good luck!

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I think it is a personal preference for you, honestly. Your B will learn to acclimate to whatever dog you bring in the house. (Our B fell madly in love with my MIL miniature longhaired doxen.) Just remember your basic doggie intro tactics and go from there. Good luck and let us know what you decided on!

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Rocky really wasn't all that in love with them either. It was more of "I'll SACRIFICE merely to make you think you are doing me a favor". God I miss that dog.

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If you are looking to go for loose leash walking you can look into the Gentle Leader and start from there. It is a head collar and has the same concept as horse halter - where the head goes the body will follow. This is a training tool and make sure you read the book and watch the dvd also, but dogs can do wonderful on the gentle leader when used correctly.

The first step though is always remember PATIENTS and TIME is key especially with hard headed stubborn breeds. Basenjis aren't dumb, they just want to do things their way and you have to find they way to work around their thinking.

I would highly recommend the Gentle Leader (speaking as a prior B owner and a current horse owner/trainer). It is a no-combative and gentle way to help teach your B to walk with you… not 20 leagues ahead of you sprinting left and right every-which-way. HOWEVER, timing is everything. Watch the video (comes with the head collar) and read the information. Just like clicker training, your timing has to be spot-on or they learn to pull against it also.

Keep up the patient work and remember, you can convince a B to work with you and not against you. Although in their mind, the "against you" is much more entertaining for them. grin

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Hardy har har! I think you should go ask to claim the "stray dog"! Before you hand her a check though, talk to your insurance agent. If a claim was filed with your insurance in regards to this whole mess, it needs to go thru your insurance, or risk negating your policy or any further claims assistance from your policy (sorry… insurance agent in me speaking up here). Best of luck!

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Well, I got the results back yesterday, and they say that Medjai is "PROBABLY AFFECTED WITH FANCONI SYNDROME". So, now I get about one more year of little worry before I start strip testing and waiting for the inevitable.

Hang in there. It is a tough road ahead. neither you nor your dog will understand the changes that can happen so suddenly… but know that it is not with malicious intent that they pee and pee and pee. There are so many supporting groups and people out there to help you and your B thru this. You can have a good life even with this sentence hanging over you.

Best of luck. Enjoy your B as they are today... don't worry about tomorrow. I'll keep you and your Medjai in my thoughts.

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The Chicago Tribune did an article once about the most (and least) trainable dogs. Smartest article heading ever… IMO. And yes, Basenji's topped the least as one of the least trainable. But it is the only article where Basenji's were stated as often being too smart for their owners.

Oh how true. Let's keep this breed an unknown. At least then we know we have responsible breeders who are here to promote a healthy breed... and not in it for the fashionable money making aspects of this mis-understood dog.

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