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Wonderful photos, those are also so great, I can't remember if any here in Germany allow any. My favs are the hyenas and the camels (OMG I love camels)

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Oh I wish I could, hopefully before we leave Europe we can go

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Very lovely, thank you for the pictures

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Awe how cute!! They look like good friends.

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There are many things in foods that in one dog can cause allergies and in another nothing. Here's a site full of information and break down of recommended things to avoid in our pets foods

Ingredients to Avoid

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Jack will only eat a tiny bit in the morning, maybe 2 or 3 bites, and usually I have to coax him into it with a treat on top. Then he won't eat until I come home from work, and then he scarfs it down, no treats needed. Sometimes he acts like he is hungry later, so I will feed him a second time at night. Sometimes I wonder if that is okay.

The only reason I might see it could be a problem is the second evening meal might be why he doesn't eat breakfast and why he scarfs down his evening meal.

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Little Efia with auntie Mulan 8 yrs who is the playaunt to all the youngsters .She can be quite stern if they misbehave but forgives them quickly;)

I love this one the most, they are all great but this one is just wonderful

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