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Wonderful photos, those are also so great, I can't remember if any here in Germany allow any. My favs are the hyenas and the camels (OMG I love camels)

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Oh I wish I could, hopefully before we leave Europe we can go

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Very lovely, thank you for the pictures

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Awe how cute!! They look like good friends.

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There are many things in foods that in one dog can cause allergies and in another nothing. Here's a site full of information and break down of recommended things to avoid in our pets foods

Ingredients to Avoid

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Jack will only eat a tiny bit in the morning, maybe 2 or 3 bites, and usually I have to coax him into it with a treat on top. Then he won't eat until I come home from work, and then he scarfs it down, no treats needed. Sometimes he acts like he is hungry later, so I will feed him a second time at night. Sometimes I wonder if that is okay.

The only reason I might see it could be a problem is the second evening meal might be why he doesn't eat breakfast and why he scarfs down his evening meal.

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Little Efia with auntie Mulan 8 yrs who is the playaunt to all the youngsters .She can be quite stern if they misbehave but forgives them quickly;)

I love this one the most, they are all great but this one is just wonderful

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It's funny. I think I miss my Bs more than I miss my husband…(hope he doesn't read this) I always bring the dogs pineapple cookies and sometimes a new Hawaiian print bandana. Last time I bought dog leis for all of them. Wonder if they make Hawaiian shirts for dogs.......:o)

LOL, I have seen them on some websites, I'm sure you can find them there, and of course if you do you need to share photos

I was in Hawaii a couple years ago and got Reggie a bandana that said "My mom went to Hawaii and all I got was this lousy bandana" LMAO (I did get him other things but I couldn't resist the funny bandana

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All are wonderful, but the last one where your boy has the smirk on his face is adorable

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LOL, my guys love bubbles, laser lights, Tiggy loves the cats toys (especially her refillable catnip mice), playing with the cat, sock, dryer sheets are always a favorite, plastic bottles

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what a wonderful rescue story, we'd love to see pictures, and welcome to the forum (again LOL)

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Hello and welcome to the forum. We have another Captain Jack on the forum here too

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but when she does it she looks like she is really bothered by something, and she bites more than just one foot.

Because I this part it makes me think it might be an allergy. Either to food or enviroment


I have started to notice that she has a lot of anxiety. She will get worked up and it is hard for her to calm down. It goes beyond normal young dog energy and excitement.

can you describe this better, what gets her worked up? What type of training methods are you using to help her calm down?

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Wow, glad your neighbor was there to corral them up. Husbands - can't live with them - can live with out them - but we still keep them around LOL

I have watched a few of the shows it's funny you call your two that, I can see it. I'm glad you got a lock on the gate now, kids often (when little) mean no harm but don't understand their actions can cause it.

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Great job! I really enjoyed the section on Basenji history and the pics were great too!

Thank you! 🙂

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That's great Maya, You should update the blog and mention Tiggys travels…....he sure has gotten around for such a young lad.:D

That is really cool, I like it.:D

I did :p it the first one, it's an all in one update LOL

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Thank you! I teach myself as I go, LOL

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