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HA! I don 't know, Shannon- Jack chases snowflakes outside like they are prey….lol

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Thanks so much! It is really interesting to read the opinion and thought that goes in to all of your breeding plans.

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I recently gott a squirt bottle, mainly because he has a terrible counter surfing habit. Now, when I a baking cookies, all I have to do it say his name, grab the squirt bottle, and he gets downs, no squirting needed. Praise, treat, finish cookies.

My friend had a squirt bottle with her dog (not a b) apparently it stopped working when the dog saw the squirt coming and just opened her mouth to catch the water.

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Just out of curiosity….is temperament figured into a "line"? Or is that not something that is genetically handed down?

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Where are you in PA? I got Jack from a puppy-mill rescue shelter in OH, while i was living in Pittsburgh. Apparently there is an Amish farm in the area with a couple of basenjis and the woman was able to rescue one from two consecutive litters that had both had their ears nibbled on. I found her on petfinder, so maybe you can find one through her as well….her shelter is called something like my young and old furbabies.

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OH!!! She is so cute! That is so adorable!

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I want to say that, from a purely selfish point of view, that people that leave their dogs tied outside make it harder for those of us that walk our dogs. There is a house down the street with a pom that is always tied outside, and everytime Jack and I walk by, the dog goes nuts barking and jumping around, and i have a hard time keeping Jack focused.

Me personally, Jack has pulled up the stake that his tie out is attached to more than once while I was outside (once while I was in my jammies…you should have seen me running down the street in my slippers, but I digress) so I won't leave him out there alone. Even on a nice quiet street like ours, there is too much at stake....pardon the pun...

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That picture is soooooooo cute! It makes me giggle! Congrats!

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YES!!!!!!!!!!!! I think it is time that a basenji came to the oval office. It is high time we stopped the scotties and labs from having control of the doggie issues. I fully support the motion of putting a basenji in the white house. Who do I write to?!?!?!

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Hey- if you do end up coming up to Tufts, let me know, I work right down the street, and there is a dog park not far, if you want to grab a coffee before the drive home and tire the kids out a bit 🙂

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