2 B's or NOT 2 B's…. That is the question!!!!

  • Continuing on the topic of a possible addition to the family, thought it would be cool to here everyones differing opinions on wether 2 are better than 1' .. or not!!!!!:):)

  • 2 are definitely better!

  • Two is better than one.

  • There are many breeds where one is fine. I really think basenjis need another dog. I think your sanity needs 2 dogs.

    Unless they hate each other, then you will wish you had gotten just one. 😞 Up your chances, get opposite sex.

  • Houston

    Two for sure!!!! Double the quirkiness, 2 basenjis do the funniest things

  • That's what I'm thinking….any cons?

  • Once you have more than one you will never get through an entire movie without stopping to laugh at something they have done or are doing. I recommend recording your favorite shows so you can pause and replay things you will miss, or like us give up watching most TV and watching dogs instead 😉
    And for what its worth people who worry their dog will lose interest in them, it actually just give you twice as much love.

  • Houston

    Not much bad, unless u mind a lil wrestle playing n running crazy, and the possibility of one dog doing something the other would never have thought of or tried, and learning it ( can be both good and bad). Some play a little rough buy rest assured it's just play, if u can handle one loon, two is the same in most ways

  • 2 are definitely better than one.

    The only word of warning I can think of is about the B500 indoors. You need to batten down the hatches, furniture, rugs - because it is fast and furious. If you are a neat nick it might be a little disconcerting. Personally, I don't care that I need to replace my pine floor with harder wood - it is so darn entertaining to watch. :o

  • the personalities but I am not sure I would have 2 again.They never really liked each other and the male just tolerates the female.He is jealous and will grab her by te neck and drag her from the room. Maybe if they were introduced at an early age or were litter mates.

  • I think a Basenji needs to have another dog. If one of them has a bad habit though and the other one does not, it will teach the other one. Although I had a BRAT foster who turned out to be a fence climber (no wonder she was a stray and no one was looking for her!) and my Bs never followed her over the fence. I either have lazy Bs or they know what they have is pretty good!

    I presently have 4 Bs-2 males and 2 females-all spayed/neutered, range in age from 4 to 12 years and they get along just fine. The only thing is not to have them too apart in age. An older B will usually not tolerate all the playing a younger one will want to do. I have not had problems bringing in new rescues even if they are intact. I think bringing in a new puppy would cause more problems with my Bs than an older one.


  • We have had up to 5, and at least 2 most of the time. Fortunately I have never had 2 who really didn't like each other. Basenjis are pack-oriented by nature, and they seem to appreciate a 'sibling' that can play at the same speed! Double the vet bill, Heartguard, Frontline and food, but also double the fun and laughter!

  • Some vets give a discount on the visit for multiple dogs brought in at the same time.

    I call two Bs double the trouble!


  • @2baroos:

    the personalities but I am not sure I would have 2 again.They never really liked each other and the male just tolerates the female.He is jealous and will grab her by te neck and drag her from the room. Maybe if they were introduced at an early age or were litter mates.

    Friend of mine has 2 brothers out of the same litter. Around the age of 2 they could drink each-others blood and need to be kept separated all the time when left alone. So litter mates can also go wrong.

    Here 1 Basenji and one other dog (Sheltie) and they just ignore each other.
    Think in the future (Sheltie is 12 now and has heart-problems), I will settle with 1 Basenji and 1 cat. Just as fun to watch as 2 dogs together. Playing all day long with each other…

  • I think I'm leaning towards getting another… I know it will be better for Ayo because he loves to be with other dogs , he loves to play round a lot and he gets really bored unless I play with him often. I am constantly looking for things to do with him to keep him entertained, but.. I don't know if this makes sense or not, but I feel he gets bored with just me... He loves it when people come to visit, he likes to hang out with everyone, and snce I live alone, he doesn't have that often. He cries when my guests leave the house... Literally, he starts pawing at the door and crying!!! My friends joke around that he loves them more!! I don't think that's the case, I think he,s just bored.. I know I would be if I was stuck with me all day!! he is constantly trying to play with the cats, I have two, but theydont much care for him and hide out most of the time. I thick the general feeling I'm getting from everyones comments is a positive on the 2....

  • Make sure they'll get along before making a final decision - some Basenjis take an instant dislike to another. I always recommend male and female but even this doesn't work sometimes. Personally I can't remember ever having only one Basenji but I do know some that only have the one and it works out fine. Basenjis are amazingly adaptable to circumstances!

  • I'm afraid If I do decide to get another I won't have a chance to introduce them beforehand as it Will probably be a puppy I bring from the US.. I doubt there will be a problem since she will be a young puppy…

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