For those of you who like to dress your B's

  • I was in the market for a sweater for Baroo since he gets cold so easily, so I checked Ebay. I typed in "dog clothing" and I have to say, I was very amused with what came up! There is everything from overalls to hoodies, pajamas, costumes, party dresses, kimonos, robes, designer clothes, hats, booties, scarves, and even a leather Harley jacket. There are some great looking sweaters and coats too. I got him a green argyle one. I know I have seen many of you posting about looking for sweaters. I don't know if anyone has checked here, but it is worth a look, if nothing else just to see some of the things that people are dressing their dogs in! I was cracking up looking through it all!

    Here are a few examples:

    Does your dog wear thermal pajamas?

    You should get some… lol!

    How about a fur trimmed satin robe:

    Every dog should have one!

    Or a hat and scarf for the posh doggie:

    This would be shredded in 2 minutes!

    This is actually fitting for a B though:

    How true!

    Check it out for yourself if you need a good laugh! :p

  • hahaha… I think Lexi needs the satin robe!! 😉

  • So cute! Dallas has been shivering in the AM when I take him out to potty. I should get him a sweater! I feel so bad that I have been putting him inside my jacket to carry him back into the house. :p

  • I'll have to find the dropout coat for EL D – he does his class exercises just perfectly at home but in class he acts like the stupidest one there. 🙂

  • @BDawg:

    hahaha… I think Lexi needs the satin robe!! 😉

    I thought of Lexi when I saw that picture! She would say something like, "Daaahling Miles, fetch me some champange, would you?"

  • hahahahahah… Awesome! 😉

  • I have the Sally Wallis sweaters for the dogs when it cold outside, or in the house.
    My old dogs used to live in them…to help keep them warm in the winter.
    They are wonderful.
    I have shared the site and will be happy to do this again, if anyone wants it.
    I can do this privately.
    We also have rain jackets for walking in the PNW weather.
    But as far as just having clothes for dressing them, nope, the dogs live to go around the house commando style.

  • The first thing I thought of when looking at those doggie clothes was the scene in the beginning of 101 Dalmations where Pongo is watching the various pairs of dogs and their humans walking along. I was amused by that association. I don't think any of the dogs in that scene had clothes on, but they very well could have - particularly the poodle. If there is such thing as a doggie runway strut she had it down pat.

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