B's & Horror Movies Don't Go Together!!!!

  • I was just watching a horror movie (alone and in the dark of course)… right at a prime scary moment I heard a horrible noise behind me! :eek: I almost fell off of my couch! Silly Sophie! She thought that would be a perfect moment to snark at Stick. I'm sure y'all know the noise, it sounds like it comes from the depths of hell! :o Just thought I'd share so others can laugh at how stupid I am!

  • I would have freaked myself, I watched the movie, Wronge Turn 2 the other night and if my B, Sahara, had screamed I know I would have jumped to the ceiling. haha!!!!!

  • Last night, about 2am, Cody decided to Sing, in his sleep.
    He never did wake up.
    I put my hand on him and he decreased the volume, but by then, hubby and I were AWAKE.
    Shasta, his basenji companion, slept through it as well.
    Must be a basenji thing!

  • That is so funny! Tayda and Lenny have snarked at each other out of the blue scaring the bejesus out of me before!

  • Oh that would scare me too lol! What horror movie were you watching I love those movies.
    To youngandtired I liked wrong turn 1, fun movie if you like those you might like the new "The Hills Have Eyes".

  • We used to have a male cat that sounded like he was possessed by demon at night when other cats came to the window-scary

    My scariest animal was our tri when he must have been having a bad dream and screamed in the middle of the night, a blood curdling scream that sounded like a man being stabbed to death.

    I'll never forget that scream-just primal and LOUD!

  • That reminds me of a morning that Conal and I were running late. Sophie was in the yard and was not pleased at being ignored so she started screaming. Conal and I didn't think much of it until a little boy (about 8 or 9) showed up in our yard obviously looking scared. When Conal went out to check on him the boy kept asking "Where's the lady? I heard a lady screaming! We need to help her!" Conal managed to stop laughing long enough to point to our innocent looking basenji and explain that the "lady" was fine, she just didn't like being ignored! 😃

  • The first time one of the B's screamed in their sleep, hubby and I got up and sat up for hrs, thinking something was wrong with them…
    They didn't even wake up...
    but we were ready to run them to the vet Em room!
    Laugh...funny dogs these!

  • Oh, when Sugar gets startled or hears something when sound asleep-the BIGGEST YODEL/BAROO/SCREAM cross you every heard. Scares the whole house! WHAT WAS THAT! is the general consensus.

  • When I first move into my new house with my basenji, I don't know if it was unfamiliar environment or what the reason was she started screaming in my back yard. I know having a basenj it is nothing new. Us being new in the neighborhood my neighbors didn't know what to think. About a day or so later my door bell rang, I answer to find animal control standing there. She asked me if she could see my pets. I let her in my home and proudly showed her my pets. She kept looking at me like I had done some thing wrong. Finally I asked her if there was a problem. She said that there was a complaint of animal abuse, that some one heard an animal screaming in pain from my back yard. I started laughing and she got really up set with me. She said "miss, animal abuse is nothing to laugh at" only making me laugh harder because I then knew why she was at my home. I explained that weezie was a basenji and some times when she wasn't happy she would scream to get my attention and I agreed with her that animal abuse isn't any thing to laugh at. She still seemed unconvinced that there was nothing happening here. So I said watch, I put weezie in her crate and she started having a fit. She said Oh, that is what you were talking about laughing. After she left I took weezie to every house on my street and introduced her and myself to the neighbors. I explained to them what kind of dog she was and that what they had heard was her angry about one thing or another and said that I was sorry for any inconvience or unneeded upsets. Basenjis are not that comon my neck of the woods. All I can say about it is that it was a real ice breaker with my new neighbors 🙂 Almost three years later either she doesn't scream as much or my neighbors have got used to her loud noises!

  • Just Wondering If Anyones Else B Makes The Most Horrible Sounds When She Gets Upset (usually Over Food Or When She Is Tired) We Think It Sounds Like Devil Talk Its Almost Like She's Talking. Scarry But It Makes Me Laugh


    It Sounds Like Devil Talk Its Almost Like She's Talking.

    HaHa That's Sophie to a tee! If you try to force her to do something she doesn't want to (like making her go in her crate at bedtime before SHE is ready) then we get a "talking" to. 😃 Conal and I think it's hysterical!

  • I think I saw Sophie on a b video website and I was so glad that someone else's B made that noise I showed it to my husband and daughter. Thanks for posting that video because as a new B owner we thought we had some kind of devel dog!!! She does it the most to our oldest dog Josie. There are nights she even does it from under our covers in bed when she hears Josie moving out in the living room. Too Funny!!!!

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