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I had our dog in daycare a bit when he was a pup, so he could have an outlet for all that energy. now that he's a few yrs old, we simply can't afford it. We have a toddler in full time daycare, and around here, doggy daycare costs about the same, so now we pay a neighbor to come over daily and spend some time w/ him.

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Spray your arm with bitter apple before play.

lol… my dog thought bitter apple was a condiment.

10 wks is young, she'll get it, it takes time to learn. I'm a fan of the yelp & ignore method. it worked for me. (after lots of repetition though!)

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talk to me treat ball was a hit in my house, but it's not B-proof. my dog did eventually dismantle two of them. Another good one (not b-proof) is a Buster Cube. both of these dispense SMALL tidbits of kibble. I like the talk to me treat ball because you can record your own message on it, which is played when the dog moves the ball. they also have some that light up. I paid about $17 for one, but found it was well worth it. it lasted a while before being smashed up and chewed. my dog eventually got the recorder mechanism out of the ball and chewed it up.

I find some of the BEST toys are those that are homemade though. I save paper towel and toilet paper tubes - put a small treat inside, bend the ends inwards to close and LET the dog destroy it. the paper tubes are generally harmless if ingested (my dog just likes to shred them and make a mess). use tubes w/out alot of glue residue on them. I like to use the plastic wrap or aluminum foil cardboard tubes - these are a tougher board than the paper towel or TP tubes.

or put a new toy or 6" bully stick inside a tissue box… let the pup wreck it to get the toy or stick out.

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That is interesting, because the people I know who have gas stoves have to push the knob in, then turn it to a certain point in order for it to first bleed gas…then there is a pop, pop, pop noise indicating the gas is coming out and then just past that the flame lights.

that's how ours is. We have a toddler in the house, so most often we just pull the knobs off and keep them up high, near the stove. this way they can't accidently be turned on.

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from the start, we have frequently taken bones and food away from our dog. it's not really HIS, it's MINE and he's darn lucky I let him have it. therefore, I may take it at ANY given time. I walk right up (very matter of fact like) and just take it. I hold it for a few min's, then give it right back with PRAISE for no attitude when it was taken. if there's a 'tude about it, it's confiscated. he learned there is no reason to fear me taking anything away, he will almost always get it right back.

(If he had an issue w/ this, I'd likely try a drop it-leave it and/or a trade, so not to be sticking my hands in a grumpy dog's mouth)

as for the sleepy grumbles… if he cops a 'tude, he gets booted to the floor. plain and simple. he must EARN and RESPECT the privledge of sharing our bed or couch, if he grumbles, he loses that.

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OMG, that's very scary indeed. but happy to hear your dogs are ok! phew!!

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exercise doesn't always have to be in the form of physical activity. Training the mind is just as exhausting as hiking or running. not to mention, it helps teach, and reinforce manners… so although hogging the bed will probably still happen, it should be easily resolved.

my dog hogs the bed too, but with one snap of my fingers and simply saying the word "kennel" he hops down and snuggles up in his crate (which has a queen sized comforter in it mind you, so it's VERY cozy). He also knows he's not allowed back up unless he is given the "ok". he will literally sit and wait by the bedside until he hears me say "okay". this took months of training, and we practice these skills daily so it's never forgotten.

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I have a giant basenji… lol... oh ok... technically he is a boxenji. but he looks ALOT like the dog in the 2nd pic.

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congrats!! B puppies just make me melt! soooooo adorable!

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Training with treats will work, if you take it slow.
Clicker training works as well.

I was going to say the same thing. I would carry a treat bag with me, and a clicker when out on leash. Use the clicker to mark correct behavior, i.e., sitting calmly while another dog passes. If my dog gets snarky on leash, I promptly stand in front of him, and put him in a sit/wait with a focus on ME (not the other dog). if he persists, I simply become a "goalie" and continue to block his path, get eye contact, and again, get a sit/wait.

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