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Thanks both of you for your responses. Yes, I was happy to see his UPC went down - the only thing that changed between June and August is that we switched him from his high protein grain free food to the senior diet by recommendation of the Canadian vet. His August tests were also conducted right after his seizure so not exactly his normal state. I talked to his local vet yesterday and we agreed that I'd fully switch him to my homemade diet and recheck his values in a few weeks and see if they come down even more. If not, I will start him on the Benazipril. Fingers crossed!

@flbasenji - I joined that same FB group and posted about lenny a couple times. The first time a couple people told me he had a UTI which is why I got it checked again - but it came back negative. I posted again yesterday and no one responded. 😞 I'd be interested to hear more about what you've done with your B's with kidney issues - what have you fed them? Any supplements?

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Hi Everyone - it's been a LONG time since I've been on these forums - looking for some advice from you experienced basenji owners.

Lenny is 12.5 years old and always been really healthy until about a month he suddenly had a seizure while we were on vacation. We took him to an emergency vet who did some bloodwork and urinalysis and told us he has stage 2 kidney disease. Probably unrelated to the seizure but a side finding. They recommended putting him on a senior diet, as well as a kidney health supplement and 2.5mg of Benazepril per day. We put him on the new food immediately but have not yet started the Benazepril. We came back from vacation and I started researching home made diets for kidney disease, re-joined the yahoo k9kidneydiet group (i was a member years ago when I had Tayda, our Fanconi-afflicted B), and unfortunately they have not been very helpful. I think the moderators have too much going on in their real lives to answer all of the member's questions. Anyway, they did look at his test results and suggested that he probably had a UTI - so last friday I took Lenny to our local vet and they did a urinalysis. It came back negative for bacteria and WBC but I still asked them to do a culture and sensitivity test to be extra sure. That test came back with no bacteria grown. So we are sure there is no UTI. I'm attaching photos of his bloodwork and urinalysis from June and his urinalysis from last friday. Noteworthy values:

June results:
BUN = 37.52
Creatinine = 1.75
Urine Specific Gravity = 1.026
Protein = ++
UPC = 1.4

August Results:
Urine Specific Gravity: 1.033
Protein = 500 mg/dL
UPC ratio = 0.76.

Only difference between June and August is that in June we were feeding him a grain free high protein diet, and in August we switched him to the senior kibble that presumably is lower in protein.


  1. Is it correct to say that he's got Stage 2 kidney disease AND proteinuria? Or are they one in the same?
  2. Anyone else give their B's Benazepril? The emergency vet said to give him 2.5mg but the local vet said 5mg was the right dose. He weighed in a couple pounds different between the two visits so maybe he's right on the cusp?
  3. What side effects can I expect from the Benazepril?
  4. Can anyone advise on a homemade diet for Lenny? Based on materials I'm finding I'm targeting about 25-30 grams of protein per day and less than 400mg of phosphorus per day. The recipe I just made contains: 555 cal/30g protein/381mg phos/136mg calcium. To that recipe I add about 1/2 tsp of ground up eggshells to balance the phosphorus and I'm not adding any additional phosphorus binder since his phosphorus is currently in the normal range.

I think that's in for now! Thanks to anyone who has any advice for me!!!


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Thanks everyone for your input. I'm pretty confident it's not a UTI because when he does pee, he empties his bladder, it's a large volume of pee. Not, small frequent amounts of pee that you see with a UTI. He has had a total of 3 accidents over the past month - possibly 2 months if I think back more specifically. And I actually think one of those incidents was him knocking over his water bowl and soaking his bed. I have been going home at lunch and letting him out mid-day and sometimes he doesn't even seem to want to pee at all. And he has never had an accident when we are home. He usually gets let out at about 5pm and then not again until 7am, and he has had no issues with that long overnight stint.

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Hi Everyone,

Lenny, my 11 year old male brindle has had a couple of accidents in his crate during the day. This has never happened in the 11 years I've had him, and he has not ever peed in the house outside of his crate. It's happened probably 3 times in the last month or so, so not THAT frequent, but it's definitely a change from his normal "camel-like" behavior. He had the Fanconi test done years ago which came back that he was a carrier, so I believe it is not possible for him to start showing symptoms? I'm not positive about that though. I have an appointment with a vet recommended to me that specializes in kidney issues, but couldn't get an appointment for a month. I don't think it's a UTI because when he does pee, he empties his whole bladder - not the typical small amounts here and there that we see with UTIs. Maybe it's just his old age? He still seems to like his crate - goes in there when we are home to get a little quiet time from our kids (lol). And we feed him in there. He doesn't have a problem holding his pee overnight or at other times during the day. We've just come home from work to find his crate wet and him upset a few times. Anyone else have this happen with an older basenji?

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Hi imbj,

Where in the Bay area are you? We live in Foster City with a male brindle B, and we are looking for someone who can look after him when we are out of town. Would you recommend the person that watched yours?


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Oh great! Here is her website if you want more info and her contact information

If you call her - let her know you first found out about her from my thread! She'll get a kick out of that!


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Thanks for the replies - Oh I agree… and my husband, who is an Evolutionary Biologist - agrees 100%. He also contends that dogs are carnivores, not omnivores - based on their teeth/jaw. I know there's some controversy about that as well. I will probably feed mostly raw with some kibble - mainly for our convenience when we have to travel, it will just be easier to feed him kibble if we are out of town and staying with family, or staying in a hotel and don't have access to a fridge or whatever. It wouldn't be that often but I still like the idea of it being an option without upsetting his stomach.

Since the meat I will be buying will be from the grocery store - do I need to worry about salmonella and other bacteria? I never worried about it before ( i fed raw for almost a year before Tayda was diagnosed w/ Fanconi) and never had an issue, but now that I'm re-researching, it's worth asking what other people do. I've heard some people will rinse the meat in vinegar (and then rinse the vinegar of with water) to kill off some of the bacteria. Does anyone do that?

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Hello all - I searched the forum for this but didn't see anything about this aspect of raw feeding….

I'm thinking about putting Lenny back on a raw diet. I had both Tayda and Lenny on raw before Tayda was diagnosed with Fanconi - and now that she has passed on 😞 I'm thinking of starting Lenny back on it again. But now he is 5 years older than before. He just turned 7 a few months ago - which I know is considered "senior" for some dogs. Although I can not get it through my head that he is an "older" dog, he is 7, so I want to make sure I do the right thing for him.

So. one thing I wanted to ask about it is feeding raw is, is it okay for "older" dogs? Is it a myth that older dogs need lower protein foods? Most of the kibble out there for senior dogs has reduced protein so that it is easier on their kidneys. I think the senior diets are around 18-23% protein.... and a chicken leg, for example, has about 18grams of protein per leg which is about 100g. So that would be 18% protein. So.... seems like it's okay? I suppose if many of the grain free foods are up toward 35-40% protein - then that really would be a lot more protein than a raw diet? Maybe I answered my own question here, but I wanted to throw it out to you all....

Also, I am reading that it is okay to feed raw at one meal and kibble at another?

I know many people do many things in terms of raw/kibble and if/how they mix it in their dogs' diets. Just wanted to see if people could share what they do?

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Thank you everyone for your support - It's so helpful to log on and see all these messages. We are doing okay. I miss her and still expect to see her lounging in her favorite places around the house. Lenny is also grieving - he is not being himself, it's quite sad to see. I've been bringing him to work with me so he doesn't have to be alone all day. We have a long weekend coming up so we'll work on leaving him for short periods of time. The good thing is I still feel 100% that it was the right decision - and I feel confident that she did not suffer. The vet stressed ME out, but Tayda did not suffer, and that's all that matters.

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Thanks everyone. It was very hard, but I was sure it was the right thing to do. I loved her enough to let her go with some dignity….. the seizure was just too much. I could not chance that it would happen again without us there.

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