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If you leave a message on our South Coast Basenji Fanciers FB page, I can message you a list of our current breeders. As stated above the bitches only (usually) go into heat once a year and puppies aren't born until late fall/early winter. Now is the time to get in touch with breeders and find one that may be the right fit for you.
There are not many breeders in So Cal, so you may have to branch out looking into other areas.

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I'm so very sorry for your loss. I am glad that you and Tayda had a wonderful last day..I wish things had gone better at the vet. Hold on to those precious last memories, the wonderful years you had and the knowledge that you did so much for her.

Having a Fanconi dog is such an emotional roller coaster…I can only hope that when Apache's time comes, I have the courage you did.

Run Free Tayda.......

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I don't get on here much and forgot how to post pics…so I'm glad you did!

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There was a male found roaming the streets and taken to a shelter in Moreno Valley, Ca. on 6/21. He is now safely in the hands of Basenji Rescue in Action, Ca. He is the SWEETEST boy. He is approx. 5 years old, neutered, has his dewclaws and was very well fed. Contact Karen Jones at Basenji Rescue.

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I always miss mine terribly when I'm gone. When I have to leave them alone with my hubby he knows he's in for a rough couple days. I bet your hubby won't want you to be going anywhere else soon!

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Love watching the dogs do agility! Tillo did great…..I guess in that first one he just thought the course should be set up a little different ;-).

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So sorry to hear about Chipley and I hope he heals quickly both physically and mentally.

While I don't take my dogs to dog parks, I know many that do and don't have problems. I think any time you take your dog off your property you run a risk of something happening, no matter where you go. We have bought huge walking sticks to take with us when we walk our dogs because of all the loose dogs we have here.

I do think the owners of the other dog should be held responsible for the vet bills and hopefully are smart enough to never take that dog back to the dog park.

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WOW, those are amazing..what a find!! I hope the restoration goes well…enjoy them!!!

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HURRAY! Glad you got your boy back safe!

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