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Thanks for all the responses. Trixie also will scratch at her water bowl if it goes empty. I wish I could say she does not beg, but she will actually paw at your arms when we are trying to eat. It is one thing we are trying to work with her on, you know tell her no and push her down. It is not working! LOL! These dogs are so persistent when they decide they want something!!! She has calmed down so much (soon to be 2) but will at times try your patience! Thats why I love her!

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Trixie will be two in December and she is not picky in the least when it comes to shoes. She will chew up any shoe left out. Just ask my three kids who refuse to put shoes away. When she gets one I say sorry but everyone knows how she is. (including me and her dad! shame on us as we have been guilty in the past).

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Quick survey,

Does anyones B let them know when they are hungry? Our little girl will pick up her sisters food bowl (the girls are kept seperate for eating - have had some issues in the past) and run thru the house with it (and it is a big bowl!). The other thing Trixie will do is put her paws in the bowl and dig! It cracks us up! Just curious if anyones else B does these types of things?:)

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Ditto with Trixie! She loves Q-Tips used or not used!

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Again I know I have been away too long but things get so busy! Just wanted to let everyone know that we have hit a milestone with Trixie! She does not need to be locked up any more in her crate during the day!!!!!! We started by leaving her out for just a little while each day and found that nothing was being shredded or destroyed. She is now on her own with her big sister Josie of course all day! Nothing is ever touched (bedroom doors and bathroom doors are always SHUT!!) But things have gotten so much better! She does still have her moments at night when we are all home! SHE IS A BIG ONE FOR ATTENTION! But so far so good!!:)

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Oh how lucky you are! Trixie hides everything on my hubby's bed and mine! Bully sticks, pig snouts you name it. And not just on the bed but often behind our pillows! Gross!!!!! Ha Ha

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When my husband packs to go out of town, he does it behind closed doors. You learn that lesson pretty quickly when you have to rewash your clothes the night before going out of town because your dog pees in your suitcase.

As far as visitors, though, my parents were just in town for a week, and Jack decided he liked them more than us and even started sleeping in their room instead of with us. I think this was mainly because I still had to work the first two days they were here, so they let him out and played with him during the day while I was gone. Can your visitors spend a little bit of time with your dog when they first arrive to let her know that they are a valuable addition to the house- aka…they will pet her (and possibly treat her)?

Thats the problem they are all going to WDW and all of the attractions so they are also not home. Don't get me wrong she loves on anyone that comes in the house - (and tried to get in the suitcases etc.) But I was just thinking it's her way of saying hey this is mine. I guess thats the biggest problem Trixie thinks the entire house is hers!!!

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Soooo, Sorry I have been away so long. We have had another group of visitors (so lucky we live in Florida! Ha!) In the summer we often turn into a Holiday Inn for our family as we live in the middle of the state, close to everything! Anyway - our little girl does not seem to crazy about having all these visitors! Last week we purchased two blow up mattresses for extra places for people to sleep. I made all of the beds in prep. for them being at our house in a couple of hours. Well in a matter of 30 minutes, Trixie jumped up on every freshly made bed and went pee!!!!!!! I could have killed her! I think I understand why she did this (marking her territory?) but I of course had to strip everything and wash and remake beds. Has anyone else ever had this problem? Gotta love her even though she drives me CRAZY!!!!!!!:eek:

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My husband and I went to a Rays baseball game several weeks ago where he actually caught a foul ball! Well we brought the ball home and he was so proud (never caught a ball before) but guess who has had her eyes on it since it came into the house. You guessed it little Ms. Trixie. He had it showing our kids and she actually jumped up onto his lap and tried to take it. We of course have since went out and bought her (I know spoiled rotten) her own baseball and she loves it!

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Yes it is in the backyard, and no it's not fenced 😞
I wished it was. He is fine when we are going on walks, but as soon as he is left alone for more than 5 min he chews it up in a matter of a few minutes! Would a martingale collar work? I think the reason teh harness doesn't work is because he wedges his jaw on the shoulder part of the harness, and I figured that maybe a martinglae collar would work better since he can't get to it. Ahhh why can't he be more like his calm sister Mia lol…

Welcome to the club! Trixie chewed her way thru at least 5 - 6 harnesses and yes also in a matter of minutes. The only time she has a harness on is when she is going for a walk or if we are taking her in the car. She has had her current one for at least 3 months ! It's a miracle, but I feel your pain!

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