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I can't even imagine my life without a basenji or two, or three…..

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awwww those are soooo cute! The one on the left looks a little like my Talker. I love the one of them curled up sleeping.

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awwww those are beautiful pictures–all of them and I especially love the last one with the yawn and the curious look on the b's face. I can't believe they don't tear up that nice furry comfty rug they are on. Love the pixs.

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Hey everyone and happy new year. I just wanted to mention that I saw a Meetup posting for Basenji to meet in Laurel Canyon. It just reminded me about trying to get out there again with Savannah. Hope everyone is well and I hope to try to drag her out there–she really doesn't seem to enjoy the whole experience but I love seeing you all and your pups. I'm sure Savannah won't mind tolerating the experience for me.


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She is a cutie pie….looks mostly shep to me. Would you like to do one of those DNA test to be sure?

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Okay, I swear I didn't set this up but I just cracked up when I saw these two. This morning when they went on their walk, they came across the dog that barks at them thru their wooden fence. Usually nothing happens when we pass by but this morning Talker jumped on Savannah and wouldn't get off of her. When he's done this before, he'll just snap at her and I pull him away, but this time it was twice that he went after her. He got a scolding for his behavior.

Well we got home and I started making my candles. Well I took a break and walked pass Quinn's room and here they were with this pillow that somehow got propped up between them.


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Those are really nice. I love their selection. Very cool looking! thanks for sharing the link.

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That's wonderful! I can't wait to see the pixs. You have my email address so please send them. I'd love to see her.

BTW, So Cal 'senji owners I'm planning a June 7th play date at my house in Pasadena. It's a Saturday and it will be at 4:00 p.m. I figure the late afternoon would be nicer than the hot hot weather we had last time. Let me know if anyone is interested and somehow I'll get my address to you.

There use to be a private email messaging capability on this forum but I don't know what happened to it. 😕 Anyhoo, I'll try to get the info to you.


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This photo cracks me up….two basenjis playing with a ball.


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Here's some pixs in my photo bucket of our play date. I hope the link works. I always have trouble posting pixs on the board.

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