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if you dwell in it you learn nothing and will repeat your mistakes over and over.

Well said!

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So we now joke that Stick thinks he is a person now. When I allow him to get in bed with me he will crawl under, shimmy around, and carefully crawl back out so his head is the only thing sticking out from under the covers. Not only that, he lays his head on the pillow! It's one thing if he did it once or even twice, but over the last week I've seen him do it a dozen times! Silly dog/cat/person :rolleyes: !

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Sorry about this rant but I just need to get it off my chest….

My parents threw me a going away BBQ yesterday with lots of friends, family, and neighbors in attendance. My two B's and my parent's Jack Russell, Scottie, were running around (not a problem, my 'rents have a huge fenced in back yard). One of their new neighbors (who I've only met a hand full of times) came over. During the evening he kept making snarky comments about my parent's dog (about how annoying he is, that he barks all the time, that he seems stupid- yes I actually heard him say that!!!). Later, while his wife was walking her dog on the other side of the fence, I saw him kick at Scottie because he was barking and jumping up and down. He thought no one was looking. He didn't actually make contact but :mad: GRRRRRRRR.

I am now ashamed of myself for not confronting him. Unfortunately I was raised with the southern attitude of grit your teeth and don't rock the boat. Now I wished I had rocked the boat and tipped it over! I wish I were one of those witty people that scathing zingers just roll off my tongue!

What is wrong with non-dog lovers? Why would he even bother to come over if he hates our dog so much? Evil petty man. Funny part (or not so funny), his wife has a lovely Sheppard that he seems to hate too!

Okay. Whew. Sorry about that. Just really needed to get it off my chest.

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Sophie, Stick, Conal and I are all so sorry for your loss. Jack was always a wonderful thing to see running at the park. He will be missed greatly.


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When Stick last blew his coat it took so long I started to get worried. A friend of mine suggested giving him Missing Link and it worked miracles!!!! After two weeks he lost his "moth eaten rug" look and went back to being the shiny sleek boy that we all know and love. đŸ™‚

Here's a link if you're interested:

Good luck!

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the most effective training solution does not involve encouraging the dog to practice the behavior.

We tried using methods that were non-evasive but they were not effective at all. Keep in mind since all dogs are different, typical training methods sometimes don't work and new ideas need to be used. If it doesn't work then it is not effective.

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Bought from a roadside stand? Are you kidding me? WHY would you ever do that and then be shocked when the papers from a "vet" may be false and your puppy is sick?

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So I searched this site for posts relating to flea/tick medicine but still haven't found the answer to a question that I have. I just moved down to NC where the fleas are supposed to be really bad in the summer. I am really concerned about putting a topical medicine on my B's necks. They play rough and have a tendency to grab each other by the back of the neck when playing (don't worry, it sounds worse then it is!). I'm worried about them getting toxins in their mouth. Sounds like most people use a topical solution, has anyone had any problems occur because of this? Maybe I'm being an overprotective worry-wort. :o I just want to do what's best for my furkids.

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I know I'm in the minority, but my boyfriend and I think this video is hilarious. The reason we do is beacuse it was a relief to see another B that makes those same noises. We got Sophie three years ago from a shelter and she had clearly been abused. She looked and sounded like Niles any time she was touched while she was curled up and relaxing. She even bit my boyfriend once when he tried to move her from the couch. It has taken years of "pushing her buttons" (and by this I mean talking to her while touching/ nudging her while she is curled up) but we now rarely get the attitude, and she is much safer for kids to be around. I can understand it looks disturbing to those who have never had to deal with it, but sometimes IMO pushing them a little past their comfort zone is really the best thing for them.

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I just got laughed at in my office because I was Oooing and Ahhing over your baby! He's so handsome! Great job!

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