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Congrats! How exciting!

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Which park is that? Has she grown since I last saw her?
Twice a day!!!!! How fun!

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Welcome to the forum! I was born and raised on Maui but live in Atlanta. There is a member named "Captain Jack" who lives on Oahu. Which island do you live on? How did you get into basenjis?

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Would you say boxers are a dominant breed? These are things I don't know too much about, but ought too. More often than not Riley doesn't get along with boxers. One time a female boxer flopped on the ground and showed Riley her belly at the park. He went "Ok" and walked away, and he was fine after that. I wish they all would do that!

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Gosh Janneke I'm soooo sorry to hear this. I have similar problems with Riley, although honestly when things go bad he's the attacker and not the attackee, so he's more like the Sharpei in that sense. It's nearly impossible to anticipate when he and another male dog won't agree, although sometimes it is breed specific. And it's very day and night. He can have a very positive dog park experience one day and the next we have to leave after 10 minutes because there's a dog there that Riley will not get along with. I'm getting very good at recognizing the signs and getting out of there before anything serious happens.
It tears me up to have the positive running, playing, barooing fun negated by a dog fight. And I wonder how he came to be this way.

Best of luck to you on getting into a class without the Sharpei. I hope Tillo heals up quickly.

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Yikes. Were there 3 FCh on Sunday? Because if so that yellow dog ran with Riley and Zuri I think.

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A couple basic thoughts on puppy training:

Never let the pup out of your sight. If you miss the moment when the oops happens, you're too late for even "No!!!" If you catch him in the moment take him outside. Over and over.

I don't think a pup would "get" the message you're trying to send by picking up the poop and taking it outside. Like Sharron said, lots of praise for going outside.

Regarding the sitting at your feet he's probably just trying to be close to you, wants attention. And maybe he thinks that the leash thing is a game? Is that a possibility?

As far as stairs go, try luring him up them on at a time, with treats. And lots of praise.

How much do you know about your pup's life up to this point? As in how many people, sounds, smells, things has he been exposed to through strategic socialization? There is definitely so much to think about as far as giving them a well rounded experience. Like my girl Zip is iffy on anything resembling live drums and music. She gets really stressed. We've had to leave a great park more than once because of something she's heard that freaks her out, like music coming from the restaurant across the street. Maybe spend some time thinking about the kinds of things you want to do with your pup and the places you want to go and start introducing those things to him. It's definitely a good time to do that.

Good luck!

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Niiiiiiiiiice! I love the subject line. Liz cleaned up the rabbit fatality we had our first few days in GA. I was actually quite impressed with Zip after I got over the scream the poor thing let out when she grabbed it by the leg. It appeared that she and Riley ate up all the good parts, and neither ended up with any worms.

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Yay another GA member!! Welcome! We're in Atlanta and have a tri boy and a brindle girl. They love lure coursing and we are at most local trials. My bff Carrie (member name "Andrew") has two darling brindle girls in Savannah and she is often up here for coursing and shows. We hope to see you at a trial sometime! Again, Welcome!

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