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I took my male to one when he was about 2. First went in the small dog area (where there was only one other dog) but the grass was so high I was afraid of ticks. Then went to big dog area and mine just wanted to sniff the fence area until some bullies came along and started to really pester him - he took off for the far corner (thank goodness). Forget the dog park.

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Sorry it took so long - the vet checked her out and she pinched a nerve (apparantly when she tried jumping on the bed). He checked for tick diseases, organ functions, etc etc. All fine but the x-rays did show a bone spur on one of the lower vertebra so that little jump was all it took. She's walking much better now and almost back to normal.

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Just today, I found my 12.5 yr old girl has trouble keeping her balance - her rear legs (one more than the other) can't seem to keep her up for long periods. Friday she was normal, Saturday she seemed to just want to lie on the couch. Today she is aware of her surroundings, can walk very slowly, did eat a little breakfast and most of her dinner. She is having a lump removed this week so not sure if this is related or something due to a tick bite (a week or so ago) or something else altogether. I will be calling the vet first thing in the morning but wondered if anyone else has encountered something like this.

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You said this is your first experience with the breed --- get used to it, more to come (Bwa ha ha ha).

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If you put some kind of salve on (I like Calendula cream) then also put a teeny touch of Tee Tree oil near. The smell of that will keep him from licking for awhile.

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So she's 14 years old, deaf, and visually impaired. Maybe she needs to have her bed closer to yours so she knows you are still there? Maybe close enough so you could put a hand on her to let her know where you are?

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You might also try your local library - ours here often have DVD copies of Nova and other shows to borrow.

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Not sure about basenji, maybe some Shibu Inu in there

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I would say she has a lot of basenji in her. Very pretty.

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Teddy and Gossip hope you all have a Merry Christmas or Happy Hannukah or had a Super Solstice


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