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Mine get RedBarn ChewyBulls - totally digestable - or other dental type chews (never rawhides - I found a 3 inch stick of rawhide in their poop - never understood how it got through without doing damage - never again).
They also have Nyla bones (until the edges get too sharp) and occasionally bully sticks (fat ones only) or regular marrow bones (thick cut).
I used to use antlers until a friend's dog broke several teeth on antler.

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I see both good and bad to raw diets exclusively. As long as you provide a well-balanced diet (vitamins, minerals, veggies, meat and organs) I see no problem. If your dog is healthy why change.
There are also good and bad kibble diets. A great source of kibble evaluation is the February issue of Whole Dog Journal, where they evaluated a large number of kibble diets based on ingredients, protein quality, etc.
My dogs live on kibble with canned food, raw patties (usually pheasant, fish, or venison), or veggies (beans, peas broccolis, carrots, sweet potatoe) added as topping. They also get apples, melon, blueberries as treats along with commercial treats.
If your dog is healthy and teeth are good, then whatever diet you are using is the right one.

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I made fleece coats for my two - but really they don't go outside except to potty when it gets real cold (this winter we often had days below 0).
They never wear booties - don't stay on long enough - by the time I got the last two on, the first two would be pulled off !

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For starters, treats should be good quality and low calorie.
I always used special treats for different activities. For example, treats I used in obedience class had to be high quality to counteract class distractions (often I took cheese) but treats for home practice could be simple Zuke minis. Treats that I use for recall rewards I never give any other time.
Never use the crate as "punishment" - even if it is for "time out" give a treat - always make it a happy place. My dogs get a biscuit for crate time and never get that biscuit for any thing else.
Yes it means I have bags of different treats around (yee gads).
Additionally treats have to be gradually removed with lots of praise substituted. If you do clicker training, this will go a lot easier.
Most importantly, the sudden change in behavior could signal a medical issue. Perhaps a tooth has gone bad. Check with your vet.

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I couldn't reply to anything. But it seems to be resolved now - whatever it was.

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I can login "successfully" and can read topics but I can't reply to any. Something wrong with my settings? Help?

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15 pounds seems a little thin for a 16 inch dog. Talk to your breeder and also your vet. Perhaps she has a digestive issue and is not absorbing enough protein and other nutrients.

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You'll need to be vigilant - any time you see an intact male, toss treats in front of your dog's nose. Not only will this be a distraction, it will also (eventually) turn your dog's attention back to you. "Hey mom, here's an intact dog, can I get my treat now". Once he starts attention back to you, keep doing the treat thing. Eventually he will learn that intact dogs mean good things (treats) happen. The aggression should stop - but it will take time and vigilance on your part

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An excellent breeder nearby (Poynette WI) is Laura Mae Hesse (Laurel kennels)

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How about putting plexiglass on the inside of the rails and tall enough so go from floor to top of rail. That way he could see out but not be able to climb on the rails.

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