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My two have been quite successful catching those plant eating rabbits in my yard, as well as a few chipmunks, a squirrel now and then, and several small birds. I try to keep on eye on them, however, as I especially don't want them eating the rabbits (which they would do).

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BTW - kong toys come in different sizes - I can see the problem occurring if the wrong size if given to the wrong dog - I have never had any problems with my dogs using these (I would stuff peanut butter plus kibble in them)

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I bathe only when my male's allergies get out of control and then a natural oatmeal based shampoo. I feed both of mine salmon oil every day with their food. This summer (we have had excessive amounts of rain) his allergies caused semi-bare spots to develop on his sides. The vet gave us Gentived spray to use as needed and twice daily vitamin E oil rubbed on his skin. Working wonders. I have also used Dermactin (shea butter based cream) when the allergies cause a rash on his belly. Also wonderful.

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I would like to change my password - have looked in settings and profile but don't see a place to do that.

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My "aging" dogs are fed TasteOfTheWild kibble topped with a bit of wet food (variety of good brands) or a raw medallion (duck or pheasant) and with a fair amount of water so its kind of soupy (vet suggestion). Their weight hasn't changed and my vet is very happy with their condition. He also does a CBC every year on them for monitoring purposes, which I'm happy about.

I'm real skittish now with essential oil usage. A couple of friends who are into that got me started using them on my dogs but mine started having bad reactions (Teddy's allergies went berserk and he scratched off a lot of fur before I got it under control again). I do use a botanical flea/tick spray but even there one has to be very careful - I tried one that had cedar and cinnamon oil in it and it caused weird shedding and scratching.

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@debradownsouth Gossip is definitely a diva - looks pretty when she decides to - ha

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While some veterinarians will allow the use of lavender oil for certain issues; NOT ALL oils are safe for dogs; whether they are diluted or not.
If a dog has sensitive skin, clove oil and cinnamon bark oil have been demonstrated to cause dermal irritation; similarly cedarwood and lemongrass (common ingredients in herbal flea sprays) can cause irritation.
Be careful, particularly if you dog already has allergies, when using essential oils - some have benefit but others don't.
If you want to use essential oils, consult a holistic vet first.

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Congratulations - nice looking pup!

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