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"Are basenjis intelligent? Yes, but not in the way you might first think. If basenjis were high school students, they would not be the brainiacs who score high enough on their SATs to go to Harvard on a full scholarship. No, basenjis would be the hoodlums with the smarts to bypass security, break into the principal's office, steal a copy of the test, and sell it for cigarette money." ~ Robin Simmons<<

I agree absolutely with this comment.

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If he had a freckles on his underside (and no, um, male parts) he would look just like my female Gossip. She sits with her head curled like that and sleeps just like that !

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And be sure to take poop bags with you and let her stop and poop - don't force her into a long run without breaks

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Beautiful little girl !

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Using C.L. to rehome a basenji raises red flags for me.

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To deal with the diarhea now, you could try adding some pumpkin (your vet should have suggested that). But changing diets will probably help in the long run.

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The article I refered to was published in the BCOA Bulletin, 2014 vol 49 no. 3.
Cystinuria (particular form of bladder stone formation) can be affected by diet in basenjis per study done at the University of Minnesota and University of Pennsylvania:

"...70% of those dogs [basenjis with cystine stones] were being fed ultra-high protein kibble, conatining 33% protein and up. When diet was altered to a more modest protein level and additional moisture was added to their food, most of these dogs did not block again."

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Sooooo glad you got the pup back

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Even though a brand might say it always has this particular list of ingredients and those ingredients provide a certain health benefit, it's still good to switch around now and then so as to get other ingredients mixed in (in other words, sometimes you feed a salmon-based kibble, other times you feed a lamb-base meal, etc.).
However, I did see an article in the Basenji Club newsletter that serving consistently high-protein (over 32% I believe) kibbles over a long time can cause kidney issues in basenjis. So another reason to switch between brands or flavors.