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It is gret to hear from you Anne.

Since the PMing has been diabled, please post here if you are in Orlando and want to meet up. I will have a new meet listed in the events section as well.

I dont believe that I have the only basenjis in Orlando….

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Well the boys loved it. It was like Davis Island and Westpark put together x5. A bit stressful since they were high on crack when we first arrived going opposite directions. I finally got Cairo to calm down and stay close by….

no other basenjis there 😞

I will try again next week.

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Fleet Peeples Dog Park
2000 Lakemont Ave
Winter Park - Orlando FL

I will be there with Caesar and Cairo from 4-7pm if anyone is interested in meeting. My name is Betsey.

Here are the rules of the park:

NOTICE TO A L L PARK USERS: This is a designated dog recreation area.
You will encounter dogs off-leash. Users of this park do so at their own
risk. The City of Winter Park shall not be liable for any injury or damage
caused by any dog in this park. Each dog owner is legally & financially
responsible for their dog’s behavior. Violation of these rules can result in
fines and/or permanent loss of park privileges.
Park Hours: 8:00 am – until sunset
1. Fleet Peeples Park is designated as a “Dog Friendly” park. Upon entering you
agree to abide by the park rules.
2. Dispose of all pet waste and trash in receptacles. You must clean up after your
dog per City Ordinance No.18-44.
3. Dogs are allowed off-leash except weekends & holidays from 10 am until 4 pm.
4. Puppies under 4 months old are prohibited from the park.
5. Dogs must be within voice range and under owner’s control at all times.
6. Dogs may not be tethered, staked, or left unattended at any time.
7. All dogs must have proof of current vaccinations.
8. Aggressive dogs are prohibited from this park and dogs exhibiting aggressive
behavior must be removed from the park immediately. Aggressive Behavior
includes: fighting, biting other dogs or humans, uncontrollable actions or lack
of owner’s ability to control their dog.
9. You are required to give your name, phone number and proof of vaccination to
injured party before leaving park, if your dog inflicts an injury.
10. Dog owners are solely liable for injuries or damage caused by their dogs.
11. Female dogs in heat are prohibited from the park.
12. Dogs must be leashed when entering and leaving the park.
13. No Alcoholic beverages permitted in park.
CALL 407-644-1313

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Well we have settled in and the boys now have a new routine. I have been working 9-10 hour days and the transition has been tough.

I went from a fenced yard house to a condo on the second floor. The boys have a long walk in the morning and eve. we are trying a new dog park every sunday for 3 hours at least.

They were both raised to be in the kennel when I was at work and to sleep at night. The have a huge wire kennel for a large dog.

The condo I am in is a 2br/2ba and the most important part and the seller for me, it is all tile…..everything.

So, with the increase in my hours at the new job I have put up a baby gate in my 2nd bedroom and it is now a basenji room. so they are out all day.

When I used to take the boys to work with me I found that they slept most of the day in their kennel with the door open. They like their bed. Cairo (the pup) wrestles with Caesar all day and Caesar grumps about it. caesar has been giving me a full down the back mohawk every morning now when i go to work which is odd and i think is him upset i am leaving.

I have found a dog park finally that meets my criteria. I think that living in Tampa really spoiled me with the dog park savy owners and quality of the parks. I have been extremely disappointed with one I went to close to my place in Orlando thus far and have high hopes for the one I am going to try today. It is off of Longate (i think) and in an area called Winter park. I did a drive by earlier in the week and a nice guy with greyhounds informed me that it is an entire park fenced which is 13 acres. It has the fence that goes down into the lake for dogs to swim, it also has a pavillion and trails and grills (not sold on that yet?).

I am not sure how Cairo the roamer will do off leash with that much wooded area since he likes to explore off leash, but I guess he was ok at West park with the gang....but he had the pack to stimulate him to come back to home base. We will find out today.

I am hoping that this will be my new Sunday morning haunt. If anyone knows anyone in Orlando I would love to meet up. The boys are starved for socialization and are taunted by rabbits, squirells, cats, ducks and dogs they cant get too on our daily walks.

I would love to get a basenji pack again. They need it. I havent found a way to lure Savannah and Bodhi over here yet, any of the Tampa pack is always welcome to crash at my place in Orlando if ever you are here for vaca or work.

So, I am looking for some new basenjis out there in Orlando. Trying to lure my old basenji friends in and need some advice on indoor at home basenji entertainment while i am at work.

I dont have a tv in that room so that option is out. I can access XM radio in their room if anyone has tips on types of music or programs that stimulate dogs. that is my first basic step i think, they have all of their toys in there and arent damaging any of the furniture....but i am sure i can add more for them...

any ideas????

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i call a basenji party at your house.

I would be very careful about poisoning if they came into your yard and did that. I would have some serious confrontation! I would definately have him supervised all of the time in case they try something again. I think a video camera might do some good as well. Fing aholes in my humble opinion.

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Well Caesar Cairo and I are officially Orlando residents as of Saturday. We are moving from Tampa to Orlando for my job. It is a great opportunity, but I am leaving a fantastic pack of basenjis and owners.

I am looking for Orlando basenji owners that may have some interest in going to the dog park once a week. I dont even know where the dog parks are yet! Anyone out there interested?

My new zip is 32822 and that is near the Orlando Airport.

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I am considering moving options soon and Atlanta is on my list of possibilities. Anyone live there know about a basenji community? Looking for a listing of best fenced dog parks with personal experience other than the search engines.

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My basenjis are crazy, duh that is how they all are! LOL. Cairo is becoming the incredible flying dog. He has picked up his little prance around the house. Trots like he has springs on his feet. Now he runs to the couch, throws his body as high in the air as he can and lands on whatever, LOL. Carfree he bounds off, around the room for round 2,3,4 until Caesar steps in to regulate.

"Cut it out Cairo, you are moving too much and I just want to sit on mom!"

He is so (Cairo) freaking funny. It is his mission every morning when he and Caesar are let out of the kennel, to sneak into Caesar's kennel and grap his Superman pillow and run off with it when it is time to go out to potty. He is so fast I have had to chase him in the back yard at 7am trying to get the pillow back!

Last night as he is running around the house like the crazy boy he is, he decided to bring my the super long floor mat from the kitchen and sit on it on the couch in the other room.

I am an obedience school drop out! 2 jobs and class = no time to practice. A great idea to burn energy, but the dog park will have to do for now.

Cairo is so cute and awesome in his silly boy behaviors. My female basenji passed a year ago and Caesar was very depressed and thus came Cairo. I would say that in the last 2 months Caesar (6yrs) has started to Basenji B500 run in the house again with him. Funny to be glad about that.

I love my boys!! They are so silly!!

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This is typical behavior at this age. I found obedience training helped by using a lot of energy in the basenji but also by teaching me how to communicate what I wanted. It will get better!

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I dont have anything in the crates other than a towel ever.

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