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I just wish they would build a dog park in my area, even a crappy one… lol. But it does sound like you should put in some complaints or suggestions for the fence issue.

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My female pup barks too… Mostly at her daddy when they are playing. My older female doesn't like barking from other dogs and she just wants them to shut up... lol

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The best thing that yahoo did was putting the "BUZZ" button on there. My wife will get up to go do something and that is when our B's will start to get into trouble, I'll watch for a minute, laughing because I know that they know what their doing and they waited till she was gone. I'll hit that "BUZZ" button and they will scatter and my wife will come running and ask, "What were they doing this time?". I think it's real funny watching them steal her coffee, that's the last thing that 3 Basenji's need, CAFFEINE!!! LOL

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My female get's embarrassed when she does it. I have to coax her into it and tell her how pretty she is. then she covers her face with her paws after she does yodel.

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When do you think you will be able to go home again?
Bless you and the troops for making our country a safe place to live…

I should be home sometime in April. and thank you

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This is my 3rd deployment to Iraq, and I can't tell you just how much I miss my B's… Of course I miss my family too but they don't baroo and meet me at the door when I walk in. This isn't about them anyway. So all I have is my Yahoo Messenger with the web cam and I watch my B's all the time. Sometimes I look and can see my boy just staring at the screen and I wonder if he can see me too. I call my wife's computer from time to time just to talk to my dogs, is that strange? I'll call them by name and they get excited and run around the house looking for me. I learned my lesson after my 1st deployment, if you've read my post "The Day I Got My Heart Broke", and try to let them hear my voice so I won't be a stranger when I get home.

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Thanks Lisa, I don't think I will be home by the beginning of April, I'm scheduled to come home around the middle to the end of April, but perhaps my wife could meet up with you. She can get some pointers and get some great pictures for me…

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Track Racing? I didn't know that was a sport for Basenji's. I had read somewhere, a long time ago, that the Basenji is the fastest breed of it's size rang, so I guess that would make sense to race them… just never heard it done. Are there any places in the central Texas area that I can go see some of these sports in action? I've tried looking online but nothing comes up. I would like to try teaching my pair Lure Coursing. Any training tips on that? What is a good age? And how old is too old?

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in the 1st one Sheba is trying to hid from bath time and the second one is Ramsey as a pup

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Yeah, it was in a hotel room. We snuck them in. shhhhhh…...

I guess you got real lucky they didn't all start to Baroo at the same time… I think someone would have noticed that... lol Great pictures

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