• Hey there! Does anyone else have a B that clean the eyes, ears and mouth of other dogs?? My Sugar will hold the other dogs down to clean inside their mouths-absolutely disgusting!:eek:

  • It is kind of yuckie but still sweet…I'd like to see a pic if u get the chance.

  • Actually there's another thread about this somewhere. I think it was either BBoy or Quercus who had the same question for us.

    Seems like a few Bs are not only particular about their own cleanliness but those around them too!! Say aaaaahhhhhh….LOL 😃 😃 😃

  • Well, it wasn't me 😉 But we do have a couple Bs that will clean ears, and faces of the others. Bella will occasionally try to lick inside a human mouth, though 😶

  • Max would curl his lip (like Elvis) if he smelled something he didn't like. Sometimes people (my friends, a vet, etc.) would breathe on him, and I didn't have the nerve to tell them he was curling his lip because they had bad breath….he came in handy for a quick check before going out 🙂 But my german shepherd mix would clean his you know what after he went out to do his business (just #1). He would actually come in from outside and go stand in front of her to wait for his little bath!

  • Whenever we've had two dogs {of any breed}, which has been most of the last 17 yrs, they've always cleaned one another's eyes and ears. They've also cleaned the cats ears.

    I don't let them "clean" one another in any more, er, personal place. When they start that, I tell them "leave it" and they do. Just too gross for me!

  • Monty was obsessed with cleaning eyes and Blue is obsessed with cleaning ears. The other two just have to take it or else! Monty used to sit for 10 minutes nibbling away at the shoulder seam of my t-shirt. Once he held Merle down to cleanse a specific wound on his nose, it was amazing!


  • Topaz & C3PO must have been reading over my shoulder!! Last night Topaz starting cleaning C3's ears :eek: :eek:

    Luv the pic!! 😃

  • Eyes, ears, teeth….........it's very charming.:D

    Greetings from Basenji Park!

  • love the pics they r so cute

  • Oh yes, now Sugar has moved on to licking the Boxer all over. Her legs, ears, eyes, mouth and now-ta da her feet too! Gross, absolutely gross. Well, at least she'd be a clean mother!

  • If I am petting my cat, goober will come and start to lick him.

  • That's just the taste test before the real meal!!

  • I usually get the grooming done to my arms and legs in the evening when we all settle in on the couch…..

  • Until last night which THIS IS REALLY GROSS…..

    Cairo expressed his anal glands as he relaxed on the couch. Ceasar began licking his bottom to clean him.....I mean, GROSS....

    I suppose we have a visit due to the anal gland fairy....

    And I was getting my bath right before that!! thank god it wasnt after:eek:

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