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I've been so worried about Karen and Chuck and their kidlets. I don't know if folks realize how many basenjis and basenji mixes those two unbelievable people care for. They have two rather large (very nice) shelter buildings w/ runs that they designed/built on their property for basenji rescue. I got my Tyler and Zoey from them a couple of years ago. I really, really hope they don't have to evacuate and that the fire never reaches them. For those who have donated, believe me–the money can always go to excellent use (and they are a registered non profit--so it is all tax deductable). Caren, Tyler, and Zoey

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Max had to have his glands expressed regularly for years after about the age of 7. It doesn't hurt when it's done properly–that's why I had my vet do it because Max's glands were positioned a little abnormaly which made them harder to express.

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Both your little boys (two legged and four legged) are absolutely adorable!

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I still have two of Max's teeth he lost as a puppy so many years ago–one molar and one fang.

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Upon vet recommendation many years ago, I've always used pepto bismol (1/2 to 1 tablet/twice a day) for mild cases of loose stools, and it always helps improve the situation. You do need to keep in mind though that pepto has a little bit of aspirin in it in case of other health issues (I couldn't use it on Max when his kidneys were failing).

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Max would try to clean up his own pee if he had an accident in my car–but he would try to lap it all up. When he was 15 and starting having incontinence problems and had accidents in the house, I never noticed him trying to lap it up.

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The one time this happened to my german shepherd mix, she had to be put under anesthesia to cut the nail off. I got her to the vet right away, and they took care of it. The nail grew out just fine after that, and we never had another problem.

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I just spoke with Karen Jones of SoCal Basneji Rescue. They desperately need help from someone in the Antioch area. Clint has been seen at two different schools, but Myra needs someone close by who can drive her and her other dog when he is spotted to catch him. If you or someone you know lives in the Antioch area and can help, pls contact Myra. Thank you!

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I pay $600 and get the IV, special anesthesia, etc., like you. I've had it done quite a bit cheaper without the extras. One thing to keep in mind though–is that letting the teeth go can really affect the organs. It's best to keep their teeth in tip top shape (especially when they're older).

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soooo cute!!!!!! I'm sure your hubby will love these.

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