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Cheers Kyle.

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Glad you enjoyed it, wasn't to bad for a childrens programe:D

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Came home to be told of some B's on the idiot box the other day:)

Here is the link to the programes website, ABC is our goverment owned TV chanel.


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How much of the house is Ringo "Patroling"?
Is he given access to the beds(does he sleep on it)?
Maybe he's protecting his patch.
Sounds to me(not knowing much but learning) like he thinks your being attacked and is intervening.
Who is "top dog" in the house?
I think any "B" will let you think you are, but they seem to know better;)

The hard bit is not rewarding the bad behavior.
Also not letting him feel like he's being punished when you guys want "quiet time".

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Just reported more:mad:

It's nearly a full time job on the larger forums to keep on top of them.
I found one forum the other day that has been closed due to the spam on every thread:eek:

Well done to the team behind the scenes keeping things going:D

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For curiosity I goggled for a "martingale" and I can see why given time they escape:(
Both our dogs will pull backwards when on colars only and "wosho", not even a good bye:eek:
Hope this link is OK by the rules, It show the harness we use…
I make sure the padding is over the steel adjusting buckles.
Just gives a better veiw of it with out 1 fat dog in the way;)

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Here is a picture of Bella's harness…

We got it in the local pet shop down here so should be avaiable up there.
Never had an issue other then the other dog bitting one of the clips,still works:)

"D" ring for lead ect. and the seat belt goes through the flap(not using it).

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I tried putting Bella in the back seat once, never again.
Put the seat belt through her harness and while driving she turned herself around and got tangled up.
Stoped, fixed it up and off we went only to her yelping 5 min. latter, she nearly broke her leg this time:eek:
So now it's to the back that I wanted to keep clear, she's happy behind her safty cage.
This is her harness..

"Fluff"(Sheba) sits on the rear seat(on a picnic blanket) held by a strap attached to the child anchor point.
In this pic of them I'm using a chain her while working out if it will work(no weight with strap).

Maybe you could try a lead onto the ring, this would allow Pippi to turn around ect. if in a full harness.
How do you folk hold your cages into your vehicles?
There not just sitting on the seats are they(hate for it to move in a accident)?

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They look so comfortable together, almost like they don't know any better.

Happy camping:)

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Thanks for the replies and ideas as to Sheba's breed.
Looks like I have 2 dogs that show their main heritage but both crossed with somthing unknowen.
They seem happier now and Bella has stoped her growling also(read in a thread it might be a fear reaction).
Only time they get aggresive now is at feeding time. We will still feed them at the same time to eliminate favoritisim from us but Sheba will be on her fly.
We have decided to alow Bella to roam the back yard as she always has. She has only got out once with some help.

Some more pics…
Relaxing inside:)

They never show any sign of aggression when inside but always keep an eye on where the other is.

Bella sleeps on the cusion or couch with out any problims while Sheba sleeps on the carpet in the hall outside the open bedroom doors.

Nearly finished the fly run for Sheba, just need to tighten the wire when the concrete sets on the posts.
The idea is simmilar to the runs used for cattle dogs,they usualy just pin the wire to the ground and the conecting chain drags on the ground.
For ours I lifted the wire up off the ground in an attemp to keep some grass for her to run on.

This gives her about 12.5 x 8 mtrs(40 x 26feet) and far eisier to build than a dig proof caged run.
Once we are home we give it about 10 mins and then go say hello to both dogs,at this time Sheba is taken off the run.
The old vegitable patch that never grew anything will now be Sheba's digging patch with any luck(Might bury a bone each week for her to find in it).

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The only time our B has done something like that it was due to a cat outside.
Wouldn't think this would bring on the "curdling scream" but ours will whimper till she is allowed outside.

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