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Even the heat in Ohio has been a killer. Last weekend, a charity dog show was scheduled in one of our local parks. All dogs were welcome to participate, even those who are not purebreds. The dogs could win prizes, and all of the money raised was supposed to go to animal charities. Well, the temperature ended up being over 90 degrees, and no one showed up for the event. That is uncharacteristically hot for Ohio this early in June. I felt really bad that this nice event was ruined by the heat. I guess everyone thought that it was too hot for their dogs.

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Great pictures. I am impressed that you got your B to wear hats!

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Cyrus snuck a little lick of some wasabi while Cale and I were eating Japanese food recently. He hated it! He started sneezing and wiping his paws over his snout. Cale and I secretly hoped that would be a lesson to him about stealing food.

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We had Cyrus neutered through laser surgery last year. Our vet prefers laser surgery for a variety of reasons, including easy and quick healing. Cyrus did fine and healed perfectly.

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We have actually been really lucky in this regard. Our backyard is enclosed by a picket fence reinforced with chicken wire around the bottom. It was here when we moved in last year. Cyrus has never tried to dig or climb out of the fence at all. We are actually hoping to replace our fencing with vinyl this year, so it will be even more secure. Cyrus does not have access to the outdoors when we are not home, however. He is too clever for his own good, and we worry about what he would do if left to his own devices!

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Cyrus sleeps in bed with us. All our boys actually sleep in bed. Cyrus tunnels under the covers or curls up with Hemi, his best friend. When Oscar touches him in the night, or if I startle him, he lets out this snarky growl. He will even open his mouth and put it on the offender, but he won't bite down.

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Cale and I are currently in the process of adopting a senior dachshund through Almost Home Dachshund Rescue. Oscar is 11 years old and has a heart murmur. He has a little white "frosting" around his mouth, and he is lumpy. We meet the foster mom to pick him up this Saturday. This will be my first senior rescue, although it will be our fourth (and last for now) dog. This will also be our second dachshund named Oscar, but we think it is too late in life to change his name. Now we will have the Oscars.

I am actually really inspired by this little old man. Think about it - he doesn't know he is old, doesn't know he has a heart condition, and doesn't know that he might not last much longer. He lives every day to the fullest, which I wish I did more often. I am really happy that Cale and I can give a loving, safe home to a little old man who deserves it. I think he can teach us all a little something.

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How do others coax their Bs to baroo? Cyrus is nearly one and a half year old, and I have never heard him baroo. Cale heard a baroo when he was working outside and Cyrus was shut inside, but Cyrus was pretty young then. Sort of a baroo of desparation. We don't have other Bs, so Cyrus has no role model to teach him to baroo. Any ideas to coax it out of him? I would love to hear it.

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I realize this is probably old news, but has everyone read Marley and Me? It is the story of a man and his wife who adopt a puppy, a yellow lab, who grows to be enormous and unruly. The book tells of Marley's antics, and over time he becomes a cherished member of the family. I cried at the end of the book, but it was a great book for any dog lover, regardless of your favorite breed.

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Welcome Jarod! Piper is absolutely adorable. What a sweet little face she has!

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